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½ April 13, 2018
explosive set-pieces often verge on the senseless (except the brilliant first chase), but it knows what you want - fast cars, fistfights, insane stunts and women - and knows what it is. the acting also feels spontaneous and instantly likeable, giving the quieter moments a more grounded feel. but it could have aimed to be higher than just another sequel.
April 3, 2018
The last good Fast and Furious film
February 24, 2018
Furious Frenzy;

My mind almost exploded many times throughout this movie. Myself as well as most of the folks at Universal I'm sure are surprised this franchise has made it to the sixth installment. There is now a huge ensemble of characters from various films to keep track of as well as new ones being introduced, so it comes as a huge compliment to say I was never confused throughout 'Furious 6' (the opening title). I have not been this giddy while watching a movie in theatres since 'Transformers'. It's probably Tyrese.

Granted, these are two franchises who have hardly ever tried to court realism. This movie is so Ludicrous that the audience I was with was laughing at what was being portrayed on screen. 'To think this series used to centre around street racing', I thought as a cargo plane is coming down on a military base rife with explosions.

Vin Diesel is passable, Paul Walker is the same as usual (kinda boring). The screen time is well divided among the entire cast with everyone getting their own moments. Tyrese has become the series comic relief which I don't mind. The fights, chases and races are superbly choreographed, top notch and the best part is the movie seems pretty self-aware. It irks me to find out that the next installment will be without its main director (Justin Lin, on board since the third).

There are a few faults with the movie of course as no movie is without them. The decisions made by some of the characters make almost no sense. The plausibility angle is stretched beyond breaking point, even for the series. It wasn't revealed what the McGuffin that was driving the plot was until the last 30 minutes. I imagine the writers getting so far ahead of themselves that they resorted to one upmanship handing over the script of the last scene trying to screw each other over.

This is just me nitpicking though, because in a way I found it all just so confounding what was happening onscreen that I couldn't help but be engaged. A series that is able to get this far while standing on its shaky and genre shifting pillars deserves to be commended. See it in theatres!

Rating: +3
½ January 8, 2018
3 Things:
1) This movie features a runway over 28 miles long
2) The Rock and Vin Diesel use excessive Vasoline
3) An AN225 can not be brought down by a muscle car.
January 7, 2018
This was the turning point for the series for me, this was no longer about racing.
½ December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original. 7.0

No tan genial como su predecesora, pero con impactantes escenas de acción que te inyectarán la adrenalina necesaria para justificar tu entrada al cine.
November 30, 2017
I think the true enjoyment of Fast & Furious 6 depends on an emotional investment with the characters that I just don't have, even after watching all of the previous movies. The story was convoluted, the acting was wooden and the car chases felt lackluster. I can see why others may like it, but I didn't. Although that could just be because this film featured WAY too much Letty. Who knows?
November 25, 2017
If this film had been made when I was a kid, I doubt I would have wanted any other career than race car driver. These films are supposed to be a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Summer Saturday. They aren't striving to stand beside Shakespeare. If you like the genre, then you will like this movie.
½ November 24, 2017
Initially i was a lil skeptical about watching this one. No matter how strong the cast of this is and especially all the previous racers and characters coming together, it was a SEQUEL and usually they are disappointing. But this one i bet is one of the best sequels ever.. Keeps up to the name it definitely is fast, almost throughout there is no dull moment and you just can't afford to even blink your eye! Justin lin has sketched each character so magnificently, that you just can't avoid it. Great storyline and full of past paced action, Lin keeps you guessing in this one. The action sequences look for real and impressive. Though all the previous stars are back in this one, every single one of them has an important role to play, and every single one of them looks good. But YET they all look ohh so fresh.. The background score keeps you alive, and execution spellbound. Especially the 1st introduction seen of Shaw and the car chase on Spanish highway.. But the showstopper is the finale, the climax on the military base. Every actor has looked impressive, Vin diesel is impressive love struck leader out to save his girl, Dwayne Johnson as high on muscle supercop (resembles the role of Roadblock from GI Joe), Tyrese impresses with his comic timing and paul walker is good.. Sung kang and Ludicrous are great too in the performances, but What impresses me most are Michelle Rodriguez and Luke evans as the ultimate antagonist. He looks stylish amazing and absolutely classy in his role. Probably the best he has looked so far. Overall, the movie keeps you stuck on the seat, and yes there is a bit of a surprise element by the end of this one and i am sure you would be waiting for the next installment after that.. So make sure you do watch till the closing numbers start!!! Fast was this and made surely someone else furious for 7!!I almost laugh at commenters who give this movie 1 Star. One person referred to people as "morons", one said that having a seemingly dead character dead wasn't original, and another didn't even see 3,4,5. Went to go see the movie last night and it seemed to be much better than 5 in my opinion.

Similar to Fast 5, The Team(Diesel, Walker, Luda, Gibson, Kang, Gadot, and Rock) is back, excluding the other two guys. While amnesia is not the most clever and original idea out there, it is not something seen in most films and gives writers a reason for Diesel to take the job. If it were any other criminal, Diesel would probably refuse. The amount of destruction, the customized drag racing cars, the fights, it just goes to show how much The Fast series has evolved.

Fast 5 did have the rest of the cast helping out in the mission, but it was just some small stuff. Undercover work, opening safe, helping during the chase. Really, the everyone else wasn't that significant to the mission. This time, EVERYONE has a major part in this. You have Gadot with gun, Kang and Gibson get their ***es whooped and help more during the tank chase, Rocky is seen beside Diesel, and then there's Ludicrous standing on the sidelines. The members of the team seem more important this time around.

What some people do complain about, and I understand, is that this movie is less about Fast Driving and more about fighting. I get it; its easy to feel this way. While very slightly sad about that, 6 seems to have much more comedy and humoric jokes. They might mostly revolve around Tyrese Gibson, but nonetheless the jokes are still funny. Taking snacks out of the vending machine, foul mouth during the tank scene, the grappling hook, BIG FOREHEAD. So while less about the fast street racing like in the original, it has added a few more jokes and fighting which isn't that much worse.

What does impress me most is the progression of the Fast Movies. First the main ant was an Asian gang with Uzi's and motorcycles. 2 was a white guy with 2 Spanish henchmen, 3 was a Japanese teenager, 4 was(I actually never fully saw 4. lol), 5 was a corrupt Spanish police force, and this time involved guys from the same breed. As mentioned, these are not cops, these are the best criminals in Europe; they are fast and deadly. They have their own set of custom cars that are faster to begin with and have ramps on their hood. They have advanced and modified weapons like the chips. Last importantly, "They Got a Tank". The series went from something as small and minor as guys on motorcycles to extreme drivers with a tank and drag cars.

I do honestly enjoy this movie much more than 5, though watching this in a theater did hurt my eyes from all of the explosions and bright lights. The engagement of supporting characters is a good feature for the first time also, along with the twist near end. Can't wait until this comes out on DVD. D.Nice opening title by the way...

FF6 have everything that a summer movie should. Fast packed action, interlude comedy that makes us laugh, consistency, steady acting, and not that many plot holes that could ruin the movie.

First of all, after the movie started (about 10 minutes), my mind kept thinking about this movie should have a sequel. The action scenes of FF6 have a nice varieties and also an excellent climax graphic, cause its going up all the way along with the movie plot (seriously, i think the tank scene is great and after that it could be an anticlimax, but i was wrong because the plane scene is absolutely amazing). And of course besides the car showdown, there was this nice fighting scene all over the place.

For the comedy side, This movie have quite a nice jokes that serve their purpose (as an intermission between action scene), and classy one too. Take example at the skyline-charger joke, that's my favorite one (since FF1). Also, Roman Pierce's stupidity, and few other jokes that go well for the tone of the movie.

What makes FF6 even greater is the consistency factor, and not just to the scenes of this movie, but also to the prequel ones. Fast & Furious 6 shows that all of 5 movies before this one matters (yes, including FF Tokyo Drift). They don't dump away people and proves that they still exist in this saga's timeline (like Elena, and even Braga).

Plot holes... yea, this movie has some. A little this and a little that, but in my opinion, it doesn't matter. What did you expect should be a blowing mindless (sort of) action movie, and you got that while watching this movie. Sure it gets kinda boring in the middle, but i assure you that it'll all paid off once you get to the peak of this movie.

To sum up, Fast & Furious 6 proves me something. After i watched Fast5 (where the post credit scene shows the picture of letty) and there's a rumor that there'll be a sequel after this, part of me cannot help to thinking skeptical. How the hell are they gonna make a movie that gonna top this one (action-wise), and they just did. So, applause for this movie cause it makes me happy... 8 of 10.
I don't think many other franchises has been as turbulent and uneven as The Fast and the Furious films. Things started off pretty earnestly with Rob Cohen's first film, but quickly careened into odd directions, with the ever-cheesy 2 Fast 2 Furious taking off and running with one main character while leaving the other in the dust, and with Tokyo Drift drifting away with totally different characters altogether. Thankfully, Fast & Furious realigned the series with its roots. But it wasn't until Fast Five when I really began to give a darn about this series. Granted that all films have had their fun moments, the fifth film magically tied in every single strand from every single film, and made every single character relevant. Best of all, it did so with a great sense of fun: it had great pacing, amusing comedy, great action, and it made the characters stand out as a collectively outstanding cast.

So now Fast & Furious 6 has come out, reuniting the entire gang once more to take on bigger stakes. The spectacle in this film tries its best to be even bigger, more absurd, and more awesome than before: the film is effectively book-ended with two massive action setpieces. The first involves a decently destructive car chase in London, where the villain effectively uses his custom-built ride to launch other cars all over the place. The film's final act features a really crazy sequence in which a tank roars across a highway, crushing other cars and blowing up bridges. This all culminates with all the muscle cars banding together to bring down a massive cargo plane in a fiery blaze of glory. In between, the film slows down a bit, but there's frequent fist-fights and pursuits, a few scenes of witty comedy, and there's one decent car-racing scene.

Whether or not you really dig this film may depend on how well you dig the characters and all their dynamics. It definitely helps to watch and understand the events of the first five films, because at this point, they've all been through so much and changed so much; for a late-comer like me, who never was invested in the characters until the last film, it can be confusing to remember who was who and what their history was. Fortunately, the film does insert some flashbacks and reminders for the audience's benefit. If you are keeping up with things, then the film will reward you with a cast of endearing and heartfelt characters, and the film's plot generally revolves around their continuing struggles. As far as the actual plot goes, it's pretty brainless and absurd action-movie fodder, and there are plot holes to be found. However, the film does have the merit of presenting a cast of villains to directly oppose the cast of heroes, and the story pulls out a few surprising twists.

The film generally looks good, but many of the action scenes are hectically shot and edited, and it can be hard to tell what's going on in certain scenes. What you can see is awesome, but sometimes, it's just aggravating. Acting is generally fun and enjoyable from the whole cast. Writing gets the job done well enough. This production uses a plethora of quality sets, props, and costumes, with loads of flashy cars at its disposal, and some okay-looking special effects. This film uses some cool hip rap and techno music, while the music score is pretty cool (sounds a lot like Brian Tyler's work from Tokyo Drift, which was one of my favorite soundtracks).

Best recommended to fans of the series, especially if you've been following the last few movies.

4/5 (Entertainment: Good | Story: Pretty Good | Film: Pretty Good)
*P.S. you might want to re-watch FF Tokyo Drift after watching this movie
November 15, 2017
kill my favorite characters.
October 15, 2017
Since Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian's (Paul Walker) heist in Rio left them and their crew very rich people, they've scattered across the globe; however, they must still live as fugitives, unable to return home to their families. Meanwhile, Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has been tracking a gang of lethally skilled mercenary drivers whose second-in-command is someone Dom knows. Unable to take them down himself, Hobbs asks Dom and his crew for help in exchange for full pardons for everyone.

Despite its obvious plot holes and unrealistic stunts it is actually a decent story.
September 24, 2017
Having rewatched the previous movies far too many times I can easily say I prefer this to all but the original.
September 19, 2017
In terms of high thrills action and violence, "Fast 6" follows its predecessor pretty well for fun entertainment. However, it does not improve its poor dialogue and weak acting performances notably from Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.
September 8, 2017
The sixth film in the series is not quite as good as the fifth, but still a cracking good time. This film continues the series Hegelian dialectic of opposition and synthesis by having The Rock become a friend when he was once a foe of Vin Diesel ... just as Paul Walker would before him and Jason Statham would after. Plus it's got a slew of really smashing action sequences.
September 8, 2017
Better than the original.
September 3, 2017
The Fast and Furious movies have been better since the first four movies. The cast has been better and the plot is more developed. Great action and special effects.
August 29, 2017
A soup opera with no regard for the laws of Physics.
½ August 14, 2017
It doesn't reach the high bar set by Fast Five, but this film is fantastic in its own right.
½ August 13, 2017
Following the critical success of the previous entry, this is decent follow up. A nice twist at the end plus some conventional stunts are enough to maintain interests. However, much worse is the impossibility of what the series wants to make possible. Some of the cheesy stunts were a bit clunky
August 6, 2017
Not as good as Fast Five, Fast & furious 6 is still a fun action flick to watch with your family and friends.
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