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September 23, 2013
The movie starts well enough, and the make-belief story didn't make me uncomfortable enough to enjoy the strategy making process!! The humor played a significant role there (why so serious), I guess. But come second half of the flick, and the suspension of disbelief becomes sort of a challenge to overcome. (No loose ends!!!) It simply keeps descending thereafter, with the end hitting the nail to the coffin. Besides, the performances too were terrible. Having said that, it's a tolerable one (maybe specifically on a fine day) that doesn't call for repeated viewings.
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September 6, 2010
An okay action thriller movie, I saw it a long time ago on TV, so maybe I should see it again, but I wasn't too impressed with it the first time.
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February 19, 2007
This one is an easy watching, layed back and don't think about it too much type of film. I think Bryan Brown has great character about and most definitely makes the film. The concept is certainly a novel idea.

VERDICT: Don't buy or rent, but worth a look if it comes on tv
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August 3, 2007
Cool concept for a movie. I like the insight into how some of the movie effects are created. There are some nice plot developments here.
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March 20, 2007
An SFX expert is duped into committing murder, and has to use all his skills to bring the real criminals to justice in a workmanlike thriller that looks as cheap and unconvincing as Brian Browns rubber monsters.
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½ January 8, 2007
Good Film
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September 13, 2006
Good suspense movie with use special effects.
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½ December 28, 2011
F/X is entertaining on a base level thanks to a few clever twists, but it's also laughably implausible too much of the time and embraces an inconsistent tone that tries to find balance between bloody violence and silly, prop-related stunts to middling effect.
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October 6, 2007
I was blown away by this film the first time I saw it on video back in the 80's. Great twists and turns that makes you sit on the edge of your seat all the way to the end. Great performences all around. A real gem!
November 28, 2015
Esta peli arrasó entre la chiquillería de los 80 al desvelar el ilimitado poder de los efectos especiales.
October 26, 2015
I did like F/X a film where bryan brown plays a special effects man who is hired by the justice department to fake an assassination of a mobster played by jerry orbach who about to join witness protection program but after brown does his job a justice department employee tries to knock him off after they ends up knocking of his lady friend played by Diana Verona by mistake brown ends up taking on the entire justice department .brian dennehy gives a good performance a NYPD detective trying to find the truth
May 6, 2015
Divertida y sin pretensiones. Un thriller algo naive, pero que gracias a la particularidad de su protagonista, como especialista en efectos, hace que sea más fresco que los de la época. Eso sí, es difícil tomarse en serio la trama y prácticamente todo los personajes que aparecen.

Puro disfrute.
February 6, 2015
No parking after ten o'clock!

A special effects director is approached about staging a kill scene to help the police sneak someone into protective custody. The goal is to make the man look dead with real life witnesses; the problem, after the job is executed the police involved are gunned down, the guy going into protective custody is kidnapped, and the director is believed to be responsible. Can the director stay out of the cop's investigation and clear his name?

"Have a look in the crotch."

Robert Mandel, director of The Substitute, Perfect Whiteness, Touch and Go, Independence Day (1983), School Ties, A Season on the Brink, and The Secret Life of Zoey, delivers F/X. The storyline for this picture is okay and did have a strong 80s feel to it. The action and drama was well done but not outstanding. The acting was fairly good and the cast includes Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy, Diane Venora, Mason Adams, and Martha Gehman.

"Nobody dies like you."

I grabbed this off HBOGO because I have historically heard so many good things about it. Unfortunately, I felt this was pretty average. I honestly think they would have been better off getting Michael Caine to play the lead role. Nevertheless, this was an entertaining film that had some clever twists and a worthwhile conclusion. This is far from a classic, but worth a viewing.

"No loose ends!"

Grade: C+
September 17, 2014
Time has not been kind, but there is still some life in this movie.
½ September 12, 2014
For a film about special effects, this one is more than meets the eye. The film's premise, which revolves around a special effects wizard who's hired to stage a real assassination, immediately seemed like an interesting concept, and to my surprise, it actually works quite well. The characters perform quite well, and they all work within the setting as best as they can. The plot of this movie constantly gets better, as the main character begins to fear for his life to the point of paranoia, and the film doesn't appear to have a lot pacing problems. Of course, a movie called "F/X" is inevitably going to focus on special effects, and for once, this actually makes sense within the context of the story. This film has quite a few stand-out set pieces made specifically for this movie, and they're used quite effectively. There are a few scenes that showcase SFX work being done as part of the plot, and those scenes are among the most immersive that the film has to offer. Overall, this is a movie that lives up to its name, but is also really entertaining in its own right.
June 15, 2014
A smart script handled expertly by a confident director and starring two charismatic and desperately underrated actors, F/X was a hit but, excepting a mediocre sequel, nobody involved seemed to benefit greatly from it. One of the best films of it's type.
½ August 6, 2013
A memorable film of my childhood, reminds me of a lot Mcguyver.
½ May 9, 2013
A movie geek favorite thriller, F/X is highly entertaining with its curious special effects approach. Brown is an interesting screen presence.
July 6, 2007
It was pretty cool for its time. Forget the sequel though!
November 18, 2012
a nice little thriller with plenty of tricks to pull and an enjoyable roster of characters
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