Gangs of New York Reviews

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January 6, 2021
The production design itself is exquisite in its own right.
October 25, 2019
Martin Scorsese's Les Miserables.
June 27, 2019
Gangs of New York is to Fernando Wood's Manhattan what Fellini's Satyricon is to Nero's Rome, with a touch of Monty Python filth on the faces and clothes.
March 16, 2019
You simply have to applaud the magnitude and ambition of Scorsese's vision - it really is New York conceived of on a grand scale.
January 4, 2019
One of the most provocative films from Hollywood in recent times.
October 31, 2018
Gangs of New York is one of those haunting failures. I can't get over it; it still gives me a pang every time I think of it. It seemed so filled with potential.
April 10, 2018
It's a punishing piece of work, this Gangs of New York. Spectacular, brilliant, but punishing-basically, one long brawl...
January 2, 2018
The visuals are strong, while the central narrative is weak (a disastrous combination for a long movie). Worst of all, Gangs of New York achieves far too little while trying much too hard.
March 2, 2012
Scorsese scores some fine political points along the way and demonstrates the mastery of his craft in every scene, but the underlying theme of brutal revenge at any cost loses its way too early on...
December 24, 2010
Brilliant but devastating. High schoolers and up.
November 23, 2010
One of Scorsese's weakest films, a wannabe historical epic that's essentially a formulaic revenge saga, lacking unified vision and style. The only reason to see it is Daniel Day-Lewis' vividly compelling performance as Bill the Butcher.
February 3, 2010
[A] flawed masterpiece.
February 18, 2009
The whole may not add up to the sum of its parts, but it's difficult to dismiss the brilliance of those parts.
October 18, 2008
It's a story of such relevance to New York, to America and even to the rest of the world, that just had to be told on film with as much impact as a filmmaker can muster. And Martin Scorsese musters much.
June 30, 2008
The impact is all in the broad strokes of Scorsese's design: the corresponding coming-of-age stories of three confused and violent adolescents: Amsterdam Vallon, New York City, and America. [Blu-Ray]
February 13, 2008
Why did Scorsese spend three decades thirsting to make this movie? It's nowhere clear on the screen.
July 14, 2007
Gangs becomes a standard revenge opus. And a long one at that.
November 29, 2006
It's a story of violence, revenge, racial intolerance and class struggle, and it's a story told extremely well.
May 26, 2006
Martin Scorseses dream project finally explodes on the screen after years of planning and another year of delays.
February 9, 2006
It's never less than compelling, driven by an overwhelming, larger than life performance from Day-Lewis and by Scorsese's grandiose historical imagination.
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