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September 21, 2017
I Can't Even Fucking Believe That Film Got Critically Panned.
½ September 19, 2017
Terrible cgi
Terrible plot
Terrible creature
Terrible idea
Ok soundtrack
August 10, 2017
Great VFX. The trailers were impressive back in the day.
½ July 28, 2017
Some might call it a mixed bag. But let me tell you what kind of mixed bag. It's a trash bag that's had a bad day. Like, say your mom cleans out the cat litter. Fresh and stale doody pebbles go right in the bottom of the bag. And then your sister throws out her used tampons, and where do they go? In the same bag. And then your brother comes home, drunk, just upchucks, pukes right into the bag. Now, I'm not trying to be disgusting, but that is a realistic situation, and what it all comes down to, THAT'S A NASTY BAG.
July 14, 2017
its just a fun block buster
½ May 2, 2017
What a stupid movie! If you want to see dinosaurs chasing people then watch "Jurassic Park".
½ April 16, 2017
I like what they tried to do, but this wasn't Godzilla and didn't represent the character in any way.
April 12, 2017
NOT even a Godzilla movie. Looks NOTHING like Godzilla. Maybe if they named it something else, it would have been better. like Zilla. Its not worthy of "God."
April 1, 2017
The Best Godzilla movie, by far! A little corn thrown in, purposely. Fun!
½ March 24, 2017
Since the original godzilla is waaay before my time, I'm pretty loyal to the '98 version. I loved this movie and despite the terrible lighting (its horribly dark throughout the movie :( ) i think this godzilla is much better than the original. The japanese original was cheesy and unappealing to me. I couldnt even get through 10 minutes of the original. Instead of looking like a mutated lizard looks more like a fat guy in a mutant teddy bear suit. I know its from the 50s though. I think the 90s godzilla was more believable and more appealing. I know the original has one hell of a cult following and thats why most people were not open to it but i still love the '98 godzilla. I think to say it was complete crap is unfair especially considering that the 90s version does have a following as well. I think its good that someone improved on the design, but if someone thinks its crap their welcome to go back to the original
½ March 19, 2017
The Godzilla looked like a overgrown T-REX , but everything else like dialogues and performances from actors were good.
½ March 17, 2017
this movie is shit. don't watch it.
Super Reviewer
½ March 13, 2017
Not as good as it should been, Very little to remember but a few nice shots of New York destruction, The cast were boring and Godzilla wasn't as fierce as it should of been, And it was too predictable that it was hard to really enjoy.
½ February 19, 2017
As creative as it is unenjoyable-- for better or worse.
February 12, 2017
October 2012
February 2017
February 10, 2017
start my weekend by rewatch this again. un-ironically, this is the first "godzilla" movie i ever seen back in the day. yes, sure it is not a "godzilla" movie. but, as a standalone monster movie it still has its own merits.
The first 30 minutes is entertaining and the rest of it just a Jurassic Park/ Independence Day knockoff.
January 30, 2017
viewed on 19/8/04 (Thurs)

I really enjoy the parts when Godzilla goes on a rampage. It is pure entertainment and I want to see more of that, like a kid keep asking for more candies. The movie does not disappoint in this aspect. It is less talk and more SFX. Already I like this more than ID4 and The Day After Tomorrow.

I don't really buy the idea of Godzilla trapped under the cables at the bridge. How will they know the cables will trap it? The bridge doesn't collapse given the sheer size of it? It even jumped.

Nah, looking for loopholes in this kind of SFX blockbuster is really spoiling the fun of watching it. We should not take it so seriously so must the movie. I think that is why B-grade horror films always has a huge base of fans. A movie like this serve better with more visual thrills. Pump money in the SFX department and go all out to entertain. The only way to blow it is to insert some human drama. The actors and their stories are not at the centrestage. We pay money to see Godzilla only so omit the cheesy happy ending. I will cheer when Godzilla is dead but never for the characters' coming-of-age.

I also don't like them making fun of my beloved Uncle Ebert too. It makes them look more like sore losers.

The hint of a sequel is laughable, now that we know so many hated this movie so much that they scrapped the idea.

I think I will like this movie more, and maybe many others, if the movie takes itself less seriously and just enthrall us with those awesome awesome visual effects.

Rating: B-
½ December 15, 2016
i really did like this movie
December 9, 2016
Absolute shit. Almost ruined Godzilla (thank god for Godzilla 2000). Acting is poor and bland, plot is meh, Godzilla (sorry its just ZILLA, not worthy of GOD) doesn't even represent himself here. Its just eye-candy thats boring, forgettable and almost raped Godzilla and Toho! What an absolute anal atom bomb of a film!
November 14, 2016
this is not a bad movie it a fun,action movie.this movie get hated on to much
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