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May 5, 2017
This film is so old, the main character is a fan of the St. Louis Browns baseball team! Long winded film about a new priest that manages to connect with the local youths, raise enough funds to rebuild the burned-down old church and really connect with the community before being transferred to another parish in trouble. Crosby well cast here and won an Oscar. Just too long and too dated to earn a high-enough rating.
February 28, 2017
A criminally overlooked classic staring Bing Crosby at his very best.
October 16, 2016
Delightful, but overly.
½ August 31, 2016
In diesem Stück der Geschichte, geht es um einen jungen Kaplan, der in einer Vorstadtgemeinde, den Dienst antritt. Mit seiner neumodischen Ideen und frischen Art, kommt er anfangs nicht unbedingt gut an, beim mürrischen Kaplan Fitzgibbon. Doch schon bald nimmt die Gemeinde den jungen Kaplan wahr und besuchen auch wieder die Kirche. Selbst eine junge Teenager Clique kommen zur Kirche und singen sogar im Kirchenchor mit.
Die Geschichte ist eigentlich simple gestrickt. Und da die Amerikaner sowieso die Religion hochpreisen und sehr gläubig sind, hatte der Film guten Erfolg gehabt. Und da es noch gegen Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges abspielt, sind die Amerikaner eher noch gläubiger gewesen.
Der Film gewann im Jahre 1945 sieben Oscars. Einer für den jungen Kaplan, Bing Crosby, der nicht nur predigen kann, sondern auch noch dabei singt. Barry Fitzgerald bekam einen Oscar für den besten Nebendarsteller. Wie er den veralteten Kaplan mimt, ist einfach göttlich. Regisseur Leo McCarey bekam gleich zwei Oscars. Für die beste Regie und zusätzlich für die beste Geschichte. Auch für das beste Drehbuch bekam man den Preis. Weil es schon, wie gesagt, dieser Film im Krieg spielt, war der Oscar für den besten Film schon gesichert. Weil man dabei noch gesungen wurde und recht tiefgründige Texte gab, gab es einen Oscar noch, für die beste Musik.
Wie schon beschrieben, ist dieser Film, eine einfache Geschichte. Weil diese Zeit ein dunkles Kapitel der Geschichte war, durfte man den Glauben nicht verlieren. Da wird die Geschichte perfekt, wenn ein junger Kaplan die Kirche übernimmt und den Leuten wieder Hoffnungen macht.
Fazit: Es ist eine schöne Story, wie es im Leben wirklich gibt. Nur das mit der Religion und Kirche, halte ich es für überflüssig!
May 14, 2016
Going My Way. 1944 film

The film starts of with Bing Crosby doing things not typically associated with being a priest such as Baseball, jumping over bushes, load, good musical voice, hanging out with children, talking with an atheist, playing golf.

Old fashioned vs. young.

Bing Crosby is supposed to Straiten out Saint Dominic since the church is in trouble.

Then they eat stolen turkeys.

Love response Bing Crosby gives to boys who stole the turkeys and join me for Baseball games.

Instead of put emotion in hands but put emotion in the voice.

O'Malley take us to baseball game and not rat out kids for stealing turkeys.

I love the body language of Bing Crosby and can automatically tell what he is thinking based on eyes, hands, facial expression.

Started a boys choir out of all the boys who went to the Baseball game. A way to get the boys out of trouble.

There is a big thing where body language is used in this film to emphasis and tell the story.

I like how while Bing Crosby sings the song Going My Way to the young romantic couple all three actors express different emotions and expressions while Bing Crosby is singing rather than the same emotion. And even as the song continues their expressions change but nothing is said but it becomes obvious that their state of mind changes.

Then there is fire at the church parish.

45 years and church burns.
½ February 29, 2016
A very pleasant and happy movie for its time! Bing Crosby at his finest!
February 28, 2016
best pic Oscar 4 1944 & one of my mom's fave movies I still remember watching it with her on TV
December 13, 2015
I remember viewing this movie during World War II... when the world could use an overdose of sweetness.
Super Reviewer
December 10, 2015
Cool performance by Bing Crosby in an otherwise slow film.
September 3, 2015
Really hokey and hasn't aged well. One of the weakest Best Picture Oscar winners. Nothing really happens, especially nothing that justifies its 2 hour running time. Just weak material.
July 25, 2015
A huge moneymaker in 1944, this Oscar winner for Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actor , Director, Screenplay and Song ("Swingin' on a Star") has remained popular through the years, mostly as a Christmastime staple. A sentimental delight.
½ May 11, 2015
Going My Way is fine, but it won Best Picture over Double Indemnity, which seems odd. On the other hand, Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald are delightful to watch. Plus, it's an enjoyable film, even if a few of the musical numbers are nothing more than filler to showcase talent. Surprisingly though, the title song is the most forgettable one. This is a film worth watching, even if it may not have been the best movie of 1944.
August 29, 2014
Newly assigned young priest wins over the establishment and the congregation of a debt-ridden church with charm and ease. Bing Crosby carries the lead with an understated but definite presence. Too long for such a simple story, possibly a couple musical numbers could have been shaved. Winner of seven Academy Awards.
July 30, 2014
(First and only viewing - 2/15/2011)
½ July 11, 2014
This is a very Irish film, which wouldn't be worth mentioning if you could never say that about any modern American film. I was not to familiar with Bing Crosby as a singer (or actor) before this film. He has a great smooth crooner tone in his songs that carry over to every line he speaks, a trait that for example Frank Sinatra doesn't have. Just the sound of his voice is effortlessly calming. This is very much a musical but one where the song are worked in to realistic times they would be sung. There are some recognizable songs if you have some knowledge of music (Ave Maria and Habanera from the opera Carmen). Many other songs then went on to become hits at the time but none that i cared for, even the title song. Jean Heather who was only in a handful of films is in one of her larger roles and i think she is a delight and very talented. She is one of the best looking black and white era actresses i have seen, beautiful eyes and dimples for days! I enjoyed the beginning of this film the most as Crosby playing the young modern Father Chuck O'Malley is transferred to a new church run by the out of touch buy kindly Father Fitzgibbon played by Barry Fitzgerald. The clash a little at first but quickly the old father realizes O'Malley's new style is better for the church and acquiesces. This is a very sweet harmless crowd pleasing movie with just enough humor.
½ June 7, 2014
perhaps the sweetest movie ever made
April 11, 2014
While some may find this Best Picture winning classic to be excessively sweet, it's nearly impossible to overtly dislike "Going My Way," an emotionally resonant, compellingly structured picture with a characteristically cool performance from Bing Crosby.
½ March 18, 2014
I heard about Going My Way because I discovered that for some reason Barry Fitzgerald got nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Supporting actor for the exact same role.

Of course, Going My Way is a dated film
Going My Way is interesting in the way it touches upon the relationship between Father Chuck O'Malley and Father Fitzgibbon because I takes a meaningful look at the generation gap and the changing times in the context of priesthood, but much of the rest of the story simply doesn't have the same kind of interest to it that the relationship between the protagonists has. Going My Way doesn't go into much depth about what it presents at the beginning, instead going off into various subplots without ever sticking to much of a path and so it ends up as a very scattered film.
There are a lot of characters in Going My Way that come and go with little making any consistent impact on the story, and the film itself shifts its focus between the relationship between its protagonists and how they engage with the surrounding characters. However, this means it is shifting between an interesting plot and what is essentially a series of extras in distracting story dynamics. It look little time before my interest in Going My Way faded because it simply feels like a rather basic film. It has the appeal of its lead actors and musical numbers, but underneath that its fairly generic. It would have to be less generic back in 1944, but 70 years later it no longer has the same effect.
Going My Way is an example of a film which was basic back in the day, but had enough charm to overshadow it. But today it is easier to see that its story is a thin one. It relies more on its characters but the focus shifts in and out of the interesting characters, the two protagonists. There isn't much to take away from the story that isn't from the relationship between Father Chuck O'Malley and Father Fitzgibbon, so it has some interesting aspects and some good scenes, but as a whole it is rather dull, long and rudimentary.
The film has a certain sentimental charm to it and it's a light one so it's easy to watch, but eventually it becomes a bit overloaded with sentimental sweetness. It's touching at times, but overall Going My Way is an overly optimistic film which prevents the nature of the drama setting in most of the time. It tries to be a comedy-drama, but ends up being more of an excessively light drama. Really, the nature of the film is too sweet and therefore too afraid to go into emotional territory, so it's not the thought provoking film you might hope for it to be.
Going My Way, to put it simply, is very dated. It's hard for me to appreciate it because in the age we live in it just doesn't have any surprises. Back in 1944 there would have been less to compare it to so it would have been refreshing, but it's obvious today. It's themes have been covered better in many other comedies and dramas, and covered with more depth and substance. It seems to be an area that films in that age simply couldn't understand that well, and that seems clear from Leo McCarey's story which simply missed out on expressing much meaning and depth when it became a lighthearted feature. Director Leo McCarey simply fails to emphasise the dramatic elements of the film that well and when he tries it seems melodramatic amidst a lighthearted feature, and so the effect of it was not something I felt.
I can say that the film was worth seeing for the nature of its story and that it had a lot of good scenery and appealing visual qualities captured by the fine cinematography, but it lacks much substance. The eyes of the viewer get captured by the entertaining musical numbers and the charm of the lead actors, but when you look beneath it you won't find too much. Really, Going My Way is a good attempt to step forward for Leo McCarey and serves as a front for some of the finest work by Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald, but its ambitions don't really go anywhere. I didn't hate Going My Way, but I wasn't entertained by it and found that it lacked enough quality to earn so many Academy Awards, including Best Picture.
Most of the enjoyment I found in Going My Way came from the performances of the two lead actors, Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald.
Bing Crosby who is known in entertainment as a very charming man puts all that into his lead performance in Going My Way to ensure that the lighthearted nature of the story feels bearable and not too senselessly optimistic. Bing Crosby brings the story in Going My Way to life and makes a charming lead actor alongside Barry Fitzgerald with whom he shares a very strong chemistry. Bing Crosby ius immensely likable for his lead role in Coming My Way, and he makes the film watchable from start to finish.
Barry Fitzgerald also gives a great performance. He, like Bing Crosby, is very likable because as a priest he has to have a constant positive nature to him which he consistently hold as he takes on the story. And while the story isn't refreshing, his performance is. He is a charming screen presence with a distinct Irish accent, and seeing him go at it up against a star like Bing Crosby is great. Both actors prove themselves to be equally talented in Going My Way, even though Barry Fitzgerald was the one to somehow get nominated for two Academy Awards for his performance. But it is safe to say that both actors deserved their wins.

So Going My Way has a good setup and a talented cast, but it is scared to truly look into the dramatic nature of its story and keeps things on an excessively lighthearted and pessimistic level, refusing to show viewers where the importance in it lies.
February 22, 2014
They movie strays from its core too long. Whilst Bing Crosby and Barry Fitzgerald may carry the movie, there is some poor direction from McCarey. The pacing is a flaw as well as the editing, the movie runs itself too long. Despite all of that, the movie has enough funny, sweet moments to keep it a good movie. The ending though, is enough to cement its place a wonderful piece of sentiment.
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