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October 14, 2017
It's alright. Nothing special.
½ October 11, 2017
Disappointing, I was expecting better
September 29, 2017
Shallow but decent film that just kind of happens. Nothing wrong with it but it's kind of just there.
September 21, 2017
Another solid performance by Matthew McConaughey. It is worth to watch for one time.
September 9, 2017
I have no clue why this guy does not get picked for Oscars .... Dallas Cowboys and now this .... the reviews DO NOT do justice .... Great work Matt !
September 6, 2017
Wasn't too much there. Difficult to hear the dialogue as well. Characters and plot dull.
September 5, 2017
What could have been a fascinating film about one of the greatest precious metals scandals of modern times was deeply scarred by countless obscene interjections (Seriously, does ANYONE use the F-bomb that much? Not in my living room, they don't!) and way too many scenes of McConaughey's barely covered (or not) buttocks. With all of that, there was simple not time left to tell the real story.
September 4, 2017
If it wasn't for Matthew McConaughey, would be a horrible movie.
½ September 4, 2017
I have to disagree with the negative reviews on this site. This was a very good film and MM deserved at least a nomination -- I am not much of a fan but he really surprised me in this film. Have seen it 2x on Netflix. It is very good and an excellent story.
½ September 3, 2017
Better than it's rated an interesting story.
August 31, 2017
A very good movie that has a plot twist at the end that really improves the movie and makes it more enjoyable. The story has a lot going on and all of it is interesting. It is paced well, it has good dialouge and good characters. You get to see inner workings of wall street and the little known industry of prospecting. Easily holds your attention throughout. Good movie.
August 26, 2017
2017-08-26 much better than expected
½ August 26, 2017
Super entertaining and had a surprise ending I didn't see coming!
August 26, 2017
Stellar performances and a great story which unfortunately drags on at times. Overall 3 stars
August 23, 2017
I enjoyed the early scenes in Indonesia. That's about it though.
½ August 19, 2017
I felt like it dragged on. But i still kind of liked it. Good story. Its cool that it is a true story too.
½ August 13, 2017
Gold Is a film by Oscar winning screen writer Stephen Gaghan in his directorial debut. The film stars Matthew McConaughey (Kenny Wells) and Édgar Ramírez (Michael Acosta) as prospectors in Indonesia. The film has very good acting from both McConaughey and Ramírez. However, the film has a convoluted plot that seems to be reaching to the Academy for a nomination. The film is not bad however, just not what is to be expected from the level of talent involved.
½ August 12, 2017
Mcconaughey delivered a solid performance, but the overall script and plot could have been condensed/reworked a little. I loved the idea, but the execution did not convey the emotion it implied. I wanted more of the little guy versus corporate America (duck Drumph). I don't even understand why I didn't like it as little as I did. I partially feel that I could have reacted differently to this movie, but the focus on corporate America in the middle of the movie removes the viewer and I couldn't get back on side. Interesting political maneuvering after that point. Overall not bad, just be aware of over dramatization.
August 11, 2017
this film was awesome and I can't believe this was a true story
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