Apr 15, 2020
A so interesting film that intelligently draws a thorny terrain, that of mixing tragedy, based on a real dramatic event such as a great war, and fable. [Full Review in Spanish]
Mar 28, 2020
..a mixture of farce, tragedy, and boredom in the face of a vague, unknowable existential threat.
Mar 4, 2019
Nostalgic look at London during WWII has sex, mature themes.
Jul 25, 2015
The precision of the characters and the performances that John Boorman draws out of his actors make this a pleasure even when when it's a bit pokey and aimless.
Jul 28, 2008
The Blitz as a comedy: Director John Boorman offers a warmly nostalgic view of his childhood in a London suburb during WWII.
May 4, 2008
Aug 17, 2006
Touching World War II remembrance of Blitz-torn London
May 17, 2004
Jan 8, 2004
Nov 29, 2003
A wonderful and touching story about life during wartime.
Oct 9, 2003
Jul 30, 2003
Jul 20, 2003
Jun 16, 2003
One of Boorman's best, most personal films.
Nov 1, 2002
A classic chronicle of civilian life during wartime
Jul 26, 2002
Mar 5, 2002
Sep 26, 2001
Jun 8, 2001
The antics of the colorful characters and its fast-paced story line give Hope and Glory all the spontaneity of a child at play.