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½ May 18, 2019
Após descobrir que o filme à (C) uma crítica atravà (C)s de metáforas da sociedade espanhola, confesso que o enredo ganha um pouco mais de sentido. Ainda assim, achei o humor pouco envolvente (apenas momentos singelos ele parece que vai evoluir, mas aí para). Em todo caso, vale ver (caso seja um admirador do trabalho de Almodóvar). Acho que a melhor característica do diretor nesse filme são as cores envolventes da fotografia e tambà (C)m os contos de histórias diversos dos personagens.
May 7, 2018
Loved it..l laughed so hard. one needs to understand the dark humour behind the seriousness off the spanish culture.Pedro Almodovar is legendary. This is typical of his movies. Enjoyed every moment of it.
½ February 21, 2018
not Almodovar's best but it can be a good film to watch if turn off your brain:)
½ December 25, 2017


[Pedro Almodóvar]
September 2, 2017
A fantastically hysterically bizarre film!!!!
January 26, 2017
LOS AMANTES PASAJEROS Es una peli escrita y dirigida por Pedro Almodóvar. Una disparatada comedia que se desarrolla en torno a un avión cuya falla técnica pone en peligro la vida de toda la tripulación y todos al ver su vida en peligro van revelando sus secretos más íntimos y exponiéndose ante el grupo. Atendidos por un trío de sobrecargos homosexuales que deciden alcoholizarse, el resto de pasarejos irá poco a poco contando sus secretos. Una vidente que es virgen a su edad adulta, un asesino a sueldo, una mujer que lleva una doble vida como actriz y scort, un empresario corrupto, una pareja recién casada totalmente drogada, y un actor venido a menos, junto al capitán de la tripulación, bisexual y un copiloto homosexual reprimido, serán los protagonistas de este vuelo. No de lo mejor de Almodóvar, creo que es una película que quiso hacer, pero que ofrece menos calidad de la que nos tiene acostumbrados en sus últimas. producciones. Con las actuaciones de Antonio de la Torre, Cecilia Roth, Paz Vega, Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Lola Dueñas, Raul Arévalo.
½ January 20, 2017
This is not the best movie Almodovar has made, A story is not that really special, but there are a lot of twisted and funny lines. That's why I love his movies. I simply enjoyed it.
December 11, 2016
I agree it's silly especially by the standard of Pedro Almodóvar. But don't people love films like Airplane! for the same reason?
Super Reviewer
½ December 5, 2016
This is Almodóvar's pit stop back to his light comedies, but, even if mildly amusing, the film lacks in structure and ends up looking ironically like the airplane where the story takes place, drifting aimlessly around and around without knowing where to go.
½ April 6, 2016
Pedro, you've lost me I'm afraid.. Some nice camp humour, here and there, but largely it's childish and a bit daft. Relying heavily on drugs and sex for amusement, with the satire very light touch by British standards - perhaps hard-hitting in a Spanish milieu? Or perhaps not. Almodovar's earlier films were challenging and complex. Alas, no more.
½ March 23, 2016
After a couple of well known cameos to begin with, there's a bunch of actors probably only Spanish people will know, but they do a good job of what could be a stage play mainly about sexual repression. It's quite upbeat despite the premise but as it's a comedy it's supposed to be. It's colourful, but doesn't feel 'feature' quality.
March 6, 2016
Aldomovar lite. Fun.
½ January 2, 2016
Not bad enough to be good ... but still ... watching this disaster was quite pleasurable! Really!
November 8, 2015
Pedro Almodovar, GENIOUS!
October 20, 2015
It was fun seeing a lot of his usual cast but this whole movie fell flat and was a little too vulgar for my taste.
September 12, 2015
Volviendo a su estilo irreverente y ligero de sus primeros años, esta es una película disfrutable si eres un fan de Almodóvar.
July 3, 2015
All though not that funny the film gives us 90 minutes of pure enjoyment from beginning till end. Wonderful script.
½ June 2, 2015
I like the complex dramas/thrillers of Pedro Almodóvar more than his comedies. I'm So Excited! is light and entertaining, but it just feels so pointless by the end. It's a little creepy, too, watching a woman rape a man who's been drugged on an airplane....
½ March 28, 2015
We rarely see a mediocre screenplay of Almodovar, unfortunately here is one. I can't say that it isn't a fun movie at times, but a story that offers as the main resource of comedy the homosexuality during the whole movie, doesn't work at all. 5/10
½ March 16, 2015
Started off interesting and the characters were fun to discover...at first. Then it all descended into a substance-less mess.
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