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½ July 11, 2017
The vulgar humor, the nudity, and the stupidity put me off it. Seeing the outcome of the vacuous pointless stunts in the weirdest circumstances regretfully kept me watching as long as I did.
½ July 10, 2017
Obviously a bit too far at times, but still quite hilarious.
June 21, 2017
Had sex to this film
May 14, 2017
Easily the franchise best, Jackass Number Two boasts hilariously crude stunts.
½ February 2, 2017
Stupid things can make you laugh
December 28, 2016
OMG I really want to see this. the first 1 was great so this on should bew too!
December 12, 2016
Bigger budget than the first so they can do more but it's still more of the same.
½ November 25, 2016
Jackass Number Two is directed by Jeff Tremaine, and it stars the same crew from the first one about bigger stunts that they just hurt themselves for the viewers' amusement. So with the first one being a success, they make another one, and with those money to create stunts that probably wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the first film, and it really pays off. The stunts are more expensive, and they give off to hilarious moments. They do the same things as before, and it just never gets old. The old make up on the crew is better than the first one that I kept forgetting that the people they're playing are under that heavy make-up. Of course there's disgusting moments in there, and it always just a delight to watch, making me almost throw up too from watching those stunts. It does make it feel like a movie, and it's fine as it has the same kind of feel that I think, "Yeah, the Jackass crew would think of something like that that has that kind of movie quality to it." It has the same flaw as the first one that it's not consistently hilarious, but it's probably more towards the taste of that stunt, whether it's funny or not to people. Jackass Number Two is a very dumb sequel that I'm glad that they made another one so I can watch and laugh at them.
½ September 22, 2016
One of the better sequels to have been released to the public.
July 30, 2016
It was definitely entertaining but it kind of just feels like a long YouTube video.
June 16, 2016
Love jack ass so much
½ June 14, 2016
The funniest of the franchise. Watch your favorite hooligans go at it again.
½ May 22, 2016
Without the original rawness of the original but still as gutsy and crazy. Hard to resist.
March 8, 2016
Great. Highly recommend.
Super Reviewer
½ January 30, 2016
Another good Jackass film, Better than the first thanks to some gross and very silly stunts.
½ January 16, 2016
Funny even if you haven't seen the show and it's people getting hurt by doing stupid things
½ November 11, 2015
After being successful to the first installment " Jackass Number 2 is a triumph and it delivers the funny and the stupidity this people do. Some parts were gross and some were just insane. I look it as a nice comedy documentary that made you laugh. So for this being a great second installment and just being pure stupid, I give " Jackass Number 2 " a B-.
September 21, 2015
The best of the bunch an a lot funnier than it should have been.
September 18, 2015
Much funnier than the first movie, it's painful and cringe worthy stunts and hilarious pranks are what make this movie comedy GOLD! A+
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