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July 24, 2016
The movie that made me obsessed with film, Jaws is scary no matter the size of the screen.
July 22, 2016
One of the best horror films I've ever seen. It is a well-crafted story with great cinema moments.
July 21, 2016
The event film that changed cinema history! If it weren't for Jaws, summer Hollywood Blockbusters wouldn't be what they are today. Jaws is a film about a shark that terrorizes a small coastal town and then a group of men hunting it. Pretty simple story but incredibly powerful. What this film does is it takes audiences in, takes something the audience loves, and then turns it into something they fear and hate.
July 18, 2016
If I could give this 10 stars I would.
July 15, 2016
Greatest thriller ever made.
July 15, 2016
Following a first act that happens to produce only one despicable character - that dumbass town mayor - the longtime chase with pent up tension develops into a hilarious middle aged brofest. They start drinking, singing, and telling stories that make you want to be a part of it. That is, until the film stops teasing and we finally see the shark. The terror is not in what we see, but what we hear. You barely see the shark, but the quotes from our favorite hunters and John Williams' score is enough to leave you in suspense. Steven Spielberg's greatest blockbuster seems to pull out all the stops in terms of twisting a genuine thriller out of what might have been a shlocky B film, and we will always have a reason to be scared when either going into the water or watching this movie at our home theaters.
½ July 14, 2016
When a young woman is killed by a shark, the mayor and chief Brody but heads about whether to close the beaches, but when more attacks occur Brody must team up with Hooper and captain Quint to hunt and kill the shark. Jaws has terrific suspense, characters and direction making it one of the most memorable movies of all time.
July 13, 2016
Very entertaining and good development, this thriller is great
July 12, 2016
Years later and the shark is still working. This is Steven Spielberg at his absolute best and where he showed the world what his skills as a filmmaker and as a storyteller could deliver. A perfectly crafted and completely unforgettable experience, which is not just an incredibly effective thriller but also a wonderfully compelling character drama with a solid, extremely well written story at its centre. Roy Schieder, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss... All three of them are perfect in their roles and all three of them are perfect together. What can I say? The film is perfect. A timeless classic, the film that created the term "blockbuster", and that showed us just how much of a genius John Williams really is. Two musical notes and you have your worst nightmare. Many attempts have tried to top this film, none have even come close to it. This is not just the definitive shark film, this is the definitive film. See it before you go swimming.
½ July 11, 2016
Filled with dread and full of tension, one of Spielberg's masterpieces is indeed a standard for thrillers, combining three strong leads together with great camerawork and John Williams's perfect score.
July 10, 2016
Jaws is one of the best thrillers of all time. Everything about this film is perfect! This is why I can't swim in my swimming pool alone without thinking about John William's daunting score!
July 10, 2016
This is a fantastic classic that revolutionized the movie industry, so many shark movies rip off this classic but they still fail.
½ July 10, 2016
Iconic. One of my favourite movies, it will never get old no matter how many times I see it.
July 9, 2016
Jaws did exactly what Psycho did. Play with the audience until the heart-stopping finale.
July 9, 2016
Oh Jaws how do i count the ways, Chrissie Watkins late night swim, The Kintner boy, "A WHAAAAAAT"?, the dinner table scene, Ben Gardners head, "Your gonna need a bigger boat", the shooting star, the scar comparison, the Indianapolis monologue, the cage, the gas tank, "Smile you son a bitch!!". The magic moments in this movie, the goose bump inducing, chilling, terrifying, thrilling, truly funny, dark, jumpy, dramatic, magical scenes of pure brilliance are almost too many. The perfect movie. If you dont like it then you dont fully work as a human being quite frankly.
July 5, 2016
I can't believe I still haven't seen Jaws.
July 5, 2016
Welcome To Amityville.
July 4, 2016
Jaws provides a flawless story, realistic characters and a genuine sense of tension which has allowed the film to retain it's status as legendary
July 4, 2016
This is my favorite movie of all time and I can finally cross this one off my list to see it on the big screen.
July 4, 2016
One of my top 5 favorite movie of all time!!!
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