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Cinematographer Ernest R. Dickerson directed and co-wrote this crime drama about a group of friends who get involved in a robbery. Bishop (Tupac Shakur), Q (Omar Epps), Raheem (Khalil Kain), and Steel (Jermaine Hopkins) are four Harlem friends who spend their days skipping school, getting in fights, and casually shoplifting. The only member of the group who has plans for the future is Q, who dreams of becoming a deejay. But one day Bishop happens to see James Cagney in White Heat and the film inspires him to buy a gun. His plan is to rob a corner store and split the money. Everyone goes along with the plan except for Q, who is competing that night in a deejay contest. At the club, Q is a rousing success, but he spies the stern faces of his friends through the cheering crowd and realizes that he has to go along with the robbery, which goes completely wrong.


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  • Poised halfway between the action conventions of New Jack City and the personal grit of Straight Out of Brooklyn, Juice doesn't have the pizzaz or the insight, to satisfy as either exploitation or art.

    Feb 6, 2018 | Full Review…

    David Ansen

    Top Critic
  • Dickerson and co-writer Gerard Brown exhibit a sharp ear for dialog and have some real finds in their largely unknown cast...

    Mar 26, 2009 | Full Review…

    Variety Staff

    Top Critic
  • Stylishly shot, it works well as a thriller; the result is energetic and entertaining, without the feeling of difficult truths being forgotten.

    Feb 9, 2006 | Full Review…
    Time Out
    Top Critic
  • Mr. Dickerson, whose cinematography has been the reason Spike Lee's films look so good, has a terrific eye and some juice of his own.

    May 20, 2003 | Rating: 3.5/5
  • I'm sure Dickerson has strong feelings about inner-city problems, but if he does he can't convey them.

    Jan 1, 2000 | Full Review…
  • The movie generates a real tension in its closing passages, as it shows its characters trapped in a plot that seems to be unfolding according to its own merciless logic.

    Jan 1, 2000 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…

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  • Dec 23, 2012
    Bishop: You gotta snap some collars and let them motherfuckers know you here to take them out anytime you feel like it! You gotta get the ground beneath your feet, partner, get the wind behind your back and go out in a blaze if you got to! Otherwise you ain't shit! You might as well be dead your damn self!  "Power. Respect. Juice. How far will you go to get it? There's an understated sociological aspect at work here and it works because the film doesn't beat us over the head with it. Juice is a "hood" film that has a lot to say. It's not about senseless killing, but the motivation behind the senseless killing. In order to live in the hood, some young black men believe you have to have the power, or the juice. Tupac's character, Bishop, is the prime example of that in this film, while Omar Epps' character, Q, can see through the need for power and "respect."  Juice really took me by surprise. There's a lot of honesty in the story, sure, but what really surprised me was just how well made the movie was. Some of the acting by the supporting cast left a lot to be desired, but the main characters were extremely well played. Tupac and Epps were both fantastic and I believe their performances will surprise you. The movie hits a level of a power that it couldn't without them giving these type of performances.  Juice is about four friends who live in the hood. They have been friends for a long time and spend their time together listening to music, skipping class, watching tv, and hanging out at the local pool hall. They aren't what you'd call hardcore criminals. Sure they'll occasionally shoplift some records, but there's no power in that. Bishop gets the idea to hold up a local store and gets his three friends to go along with it. Q is especially against it, but the pressure of his life long friend ship gets to him. This is one of the main themes at work throughout. The difference between two friends, Q and Bishop. I'm not going to go any further into the plot aspect of the film, but from there it gets even more interesting as things play out. Overall, I was very surprised by the power of this movie. It has an honesty to it that Boyz N' The Hood and Friday had, while still being its own movie. I know this doesn't sound like it could be as good as I am saying it is, but you must give it a chance. I can almost guarantee you'll be as surprised by it as I was. It has its problems just like any other urban movie about violence does, but the pros of the film definitely outweigh the cons by a landslide. Juice is a movie worth seeing at least one time. 
    Melvin W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 17, 2012
    Another 'Boyz N the Hood' type film it has to be said although this film is almost as well known with a cult following in the genre. Nothing too surprising about the plot, every aspect is predictable and cliched these days, I personally enjoyed the start of the film as the young teens get ready for school showing classic early 90's styles which also harked back to the 80's. I found the film enjoyable to watch as a trip down memory lane in terms of clothing, ways of speech, age of the stars (Shakur with hair!) seeing a certain early 'Street Fighter' video game being played in an old arcade hehe I like things like that. As the plot moves forward it does get pretty obvious, Shakur being yet another gun totting hoodie and really giving himself a bad screen image in my view, Epps never was a decent actor really and doesn't really impress here, much the same as other cast members, nothing too stand out. A film of its time for sure, a bit funny to watch now but I'm sure fans of the genre will enjoy, anyone else don't expect too much but I'm sure most would have guessed that right from the start.
    Phil H Super Reviewer
  • Nov 27, 2011
    A compelling story about 4 teenagers that get caught up in a bad situation. The film's first half is similar to Boyz in the Hood, but the second half is a more refined, sleek, and dark film of its own originality. It features top-notch acting performances from Omar Epps and the late, Tupac Shakur. It is an underrated film that shows how hanging with the wrong crowd can lead to the end of you. In the end, it's a good film that centers around friendship and social issues that plague troubled youths.
    Suneel J Super Reviewer
  • May 09, 2010
    Good film. Dickerson who was Spike Lee's cinematographer worked up the ranks and is now a filmmaker, his debut film feels at home I admired the characters specially Omar Epps character who is into turntables and DJ'ing. The music is great. I felt like I knew the NYC culture and the cast.
    Brian R Super Reviewer

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