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April 7, 2016
This movie is about choices, no matter how many times the parents say they didn't have a choice. These people have it so backwards. they leave where it is beautiful and live where it is ugly. the mom and dad showed nothing but shame and critical judgement towards their kids. the daughter longs for what she has no idea she needs, something her parents never gave her, while they ironically did what they thought was best by abandoning her and sending nothing but money and guilty messages. the rural country is so beautiful, yet this whole situation is so sad. such a brainwashed and overpopulated world they live in.
April 3, 2016
beautifully pictured...
½ July 8, 2015
A rare glimpse into the lives of a group of people long exploited and mistreated. The sad thing it seems to still be their highest standard of living ever. Their family dynamic is interesting and sad. The doc is even more revealing in what the subjects aren't saying, it's all just below the surface, just like many families. The modernization of China may be rapidly expanding in its major cities, but still seems to have not spread at all to the country villages/small towns. It reminds me a little of reading about the beginnings of the original Industrial Revolution and the changes it brought to everyone.
April 12, 2015
A masterful closer look into the consequences of China booming economy.
October 1, 2014
Very good and very interesting but incredibly depressing
September 13, 2014
Think twice before buying something made in China.
½ June 7, 2014
This documentary feature really open my eyes. Jaw-dropping spectacular shot with some atmosphere and moody feeling that capture China in modern era.
November 23, 2013
Lixin captures the Chinese migration tragedy in an impressive way that it evokes poignant feelings from the viewer, from me at least. This documentary is an eye opener to real life struggle and it's heartbreaking.
½ November 22, 2013
A multi-faceted film. There is the story of a family that is dependent on migrant labour for its survival, but also broken by it. There is a beautiful picture of rural China, held in stark contrast to its sprawling, claustrophobic cities. Finally, there is a taste of the culture and atmosphere of China, which is very interesting in itself.
September 30, 2013
depict one side of Marx's product well, the film got the value added in the end, thanks to them
½ September 16, 2013
I am fascinated by and in total adoration of the Peoples Republic of China. Last Train Home is a fantastic, dramatic, raw portrayal of the difficult lives of the members of a small family, their relationships infinitely strained and complicated by the circumstances of their world. In the beginning, you'll meet them, and by the end, they will fall apart. I felt like they had become my siblings - and I was worried for their futures long after the credits rolled.
½ August 12, 2013
A remarkable real documentary of a migrant worker family from Sichuan, China. "Last Train Home" opens the westerner's eyes to something most could probably never comprehend. 4-1/2 stars only because I wanted to see more of a resolution with the daughter, Qin.
July 26, 2013
Potentially the saddest thing ive ever seen. My thoughts will be with that family for years. Plus I think I want to marry Qin a little. She was so brave, I admired her intensely.
½ March 24, 2013
Surprisingly good documentary of a family in China in which the parents have the left daughter with the grandparents to pursue work in the city. They take the overcrowded train from a rural, desolate area of the country to Guangzhou, China. The daughter works on the family plantation, although grows weary of this and pursues work as well in the city. This does not impress her family and the relationship between her and her loved ones becomes very strained. What a unique film. I had never known that 100,000 million people travelled by train to get to the city to work and for that matter, only travelled back once a year to Chinese New Year (as indicated in the movie, when the system has mechanical issues, it becomes total chaos). Very well-made and compelling!
½ March 18, 2013
Will change the way you read "Made in China".
½ March 10, 2013
Un documental que cuenta la historia de una familia, la cual es separada cuando los padres se ven obligados a conseguir un trabajo lejos de casa y la única oportunidad en el año de reencontrarse es para el año nuevo chino, donde ocurre la migración más grande del mundo, y millones de familias se encuentran en la misma situación que ellos.
Es desgarrador ver todas las dificultades con las cuales se encuentran estas personas, donde son obligadas de separarse de sus hijos, para poder brindarles una vida mejor. Uno pensaría que un país como China está preparado para esta migración, pero a la vez el volumen de personas hace imposible una organización para que todos puedan viajar. Definitivamente te hace apreciar lo que tienes en la vida, y aunque tengas a tu familia lejos, lo sencillo que es volverlos a ver. No es un documental del cual sales con una sonrisa, es de esos que te hace ver el mundo de una manera más cruda y cruel, pero que es necesario ver.
March 3, 2013
Insightful documentary of migrant workers in China.
½ February 13, 2013
The social learning is there and a fine experience, but I found the presentation to be a group of home videos stuck together with no continuity. The scenery is outstanding.
I do not consider a worker who lives in the city all year to send money home to the province a "migrant" worker. Migrant workers move with the crops. Migrant working is seasonal.
The real issue here is that in hopes of giving a better life to the children (who defy and rebel) , a person chooses not to see them all year, send money to the grandparent and live in absolutely deplorable conditions in the city while doing so.
½ January 27, 2013
Telling the bleak story of the life of migrant workers in the factories of China, it is a very foreign story from the life that most of us lead. However, it does have themes and situations that are relatable as it ultimately tells the story of how parents sacrifice for their children, at the same time as not always knowing what is the right thing to do. If you sacrifice being there so you can provide financially for your children's future, will your children want that future or resent you for not being there and providing emotional and personal guidance instead?
December 31, 2012
Pretty sad, slow, tough
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