Nov 15, 2011
Episodic but entertaining.
Dec 25, 2010
Book's fans will enjoy, but too creepy for some.
Jun 24, 2006
It's all a bit superficial, but highly entertaining, wickedly funny, and alluring enough to make you want to start reading the books.
Apr 1, 2006
If you sit back, relax and just accept it for what it is -- an enjoyable, escapist Gothic pantomime -- you will go home happy.
Sep 26, 2005
A sick joke of a film that realizes the best children's entertainment doesn't hide from the bleaker side of life, but plunges into the void and respects kids enough to assume they can handle it.
May 4, 2005
A phantasmagoric family film with both bite and heart.
Mar 7, 2005
The main blight on the festivities is that, as always, Hollywood can't resist adding a little uplift.
Dec 21, 2004
Heinrichs helps take your mind off the slack direction and the letdown of a climax, which ought to make the kiddies hurl Gummi Bears at the screen.
Dec 20, 2004
The film feels episodic and overlong, and yet, you want to get lost in its world, exploring everything from the cobwebbed corners of Count Olaf's mansion to the far shores of Lake Lachrymose.
Dec 20, 2004
A lavishly mounted blockbuster that has little personality of its own except on a purely visual level.
Dec 20, 2004
It just kind of spins its wheels.
Dec 19, 2004
I suspect it will disappoint the books' older fanbase, who'd been hoping for a screen villain that didn 1/2 1/2t mellow the macabreness of the book version.
Dec 18, 2004
Please, I urge you, dear Reader, to turn away now if what you are looking for is a sun-shiny, twinkle-starred review, for what comes next is nowhere near as pleasant or uplifting.
Dec 17, 2004
A work of wonderfully sinister fantasy.
Dec 17, 2004
I think this one is a tune-up for the series, a trial run in which they figure out what works and what needs to be tweaked.
Dec 17, 2004
As it ticks by, laboriously, it leaves you feeling that you should be enjoying it more than you are.
Dec 17, 2004
The visuals are dark and ominous without getting totally terrifying -- the characters feel real, but their environment is off-kilter enough to remind you that this world is one of imagination.
Dec 17, 2004
A dark charmer.
Dec 17, 2004
Call the movie a pleasant near-miss, see it with your expectations lowered and by all means read the books again.
Dec 17, 2004
Carrey finds his perfect role in Count Olaf.