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The original "Little Rascals" was a series of movie shorts from the 1930s featuring the antics of small children. This children's movie keeps the nostalgic feeling of the original as it follows the exploits of Spanky, Alfalfa, and whole lovable gang.

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  • Dec 02, 2011
    The Little Rascals is only about 80 minutes lonh, and that was still too long for this crap.
    Bradley W Super Reviewer
  • Sep 09, 2011
    The Little Rascals is one of those films that you really enjoy as a kid, but that unfortunately, doesn't stand the test of time. I remember loving this film growing up, and it was fun back then. However now in my adulthood, I'm recalling all the childhood favorites that are still relevant today, and unfortunately, The Little Rascals doesn't live up to that reputation. The film suffers the same curse as other old, amusing family films that were fun when growing up, such as The Flintstones and Hook. They were all fun when I was young, but now, they feel quite pathetic, and inane. Watching this film, you say to yourself, why was this even funny? The jokes are stupid, the acting is awful, and really the film hasn't stood the test of time like so many other childhood classics. I think it's too bad because the film was a lot of fun to watch while growing up. But like I said, the film didn't stand the test of time, and doesn't deserve to be along the classics such as The Sandlot, Toy Story, Casper and E.T. This film is awful. Viewing it now, you realize how stupid it really is, and how pointless the film is. This is one of the few films that I liked when I was younger, that really hasn't aged well for me. The film is pretty stupid nowadays. The Little Rascals is one of those childhood films that you can easily forget about because the film isn't memorable or a classic. My favorite childhood film is The Sandlot, and that film is still a lot of fun today. Some childhood favorites remain relevant and others don't, and The Little Rascals is one of them. A stupid, low humor filled film that you'll be disappointed if you watch again in your adult years.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Aug 17, 2011
    The Little Rascals is only about 80 minutes lonh, and that was still too long for this crap.
    Jim C Super Reviewer
  • Jul 06, 2011
    I don't get the high user rating for this film, once you get past all the cute and adorable cast its a very dull story. The Peanuts film nailed the heart of the source material, this film sadly cannot. The simplistic storyline is the key issue and stretching the film into a segments is fun but not without its own set of problems. The acting is hit and miss with the cast of kids, I really hate to be critical of childhood actors but to be fair its the directors fault. I had to wait an hour for Stranger Things 2 and this was in the Netflix list. This should have been a slam dunk for the studio and filmmakers but came off like Dennis the Menace. 27-10-2017.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer

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