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½ January 21, 2017
You can watch the first 4 minutes of this move and you will know if you are going to love the move or hate it. Over top dialogue and flashy CGi will either suck you in or make you laugh at the movie.

But wasn't that what Kurt Russell was in Escape from NY? I also enjoyed Guy Pierce's acting and was surprised by his character, especially being so different from my other memories of him. (Memento and LA Confidential). With almost all action movies these days, you have a certain level of acceptance from the audience in plausibility.

For me, this light humor action movie took me in and I enjoyed the Indiana wise crack remarks with FU personality of Snake Plisskin. Escape from NY fans, how can you over look that Kurt Russel name is Snake Plisssssskin! Same with Guy Pierce and Snow! You can enjoy or just walk away.

At least after the opening scene you will know where you stand.
January 5, 2017
The ending was really weird and the effects at the beginning was bad. Overall its not a bad movie but it could've been better.
December 18, 2016
Guy Pierce plays a sarcastic and witty character. While this is a somewhat cliche movie, it's fun and entertaining. It was well casted though the effects are, at times, a bit off. The story is solid, the villains are great, the lead actor is extremely well played. If you're expecting depth from an action movie, this isn't the one for you. If you want a good time, give it a try.
July 26, 2016
Guy Pearce is fantastic!!
July 25, 2016
Not reviewing total recall (The 2012 Remake), instead, i am reviewing this,
People don't have to see Lockout.
It's the same as total recall (The 2012 Remake) but less wooden acting.
Lockout is a movie people don't have to watch.
I Like this movie better than Total Recall 2012 because Total Recall 2012 I fell asleep in and just got more boring and more stupid each minute.

Score: 5/10
July 21, 2016
Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace and set in the near future, Lockout follows a falsely convicted ex-government agent (Pearce), whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission of rescuing the President's daughter (Grace) from rioting convicts at an outer space maximum-security prison.
June 29, 2016
This is not supposed to be a good movie. It is supposed to be a fun movie. And Guy Pearce delivers big time as the anti-hero (humor and all) stuck between the bad guys and the government trying to save the hostages. Similar to an 80s action film but upgraded with better visuals, story, and chock full of one-liners. You can't help but caught up in Snow's character and the 95 minutes will fly by.
June 29, 2016
Not bad as it seems for guy pierce but this one marks a outer space adventure with mediocre cast and acting but still enjoyable flick. 3 out of 5
June 29, 2016
Decent fast paced die hard inspired action fest despite a good badass performance from Guy Pearce it is let down by substandard action sequences and special effects that will make you want to rip your eyeballs out (look out for the chase scene near the start of the film)
June 29, 2016
When I saw the trailer for Lockout back in 2012, I thought, "oh, here we go again. Another CGI, messy, violent action movie with one liners and bad acting." Lockout proved a little bit of that to be true, but still exceeded my expectations.

Lockout is a fun movie for a party night or a couple of bros hanging out, but its not one to take your girlfriend to---- unless she can take that kind of stuff!--- and is not for your grandma either. It mixes a smart, but somewhat sluggish script, with a surprisingly well-thought out story line, and gets a solid B Actioner; but this movie thinks too highly of itself for what it is. Sometimes, it caves into itself, overstepping its boundaries, and the product is an adrenaline rush: the bad kind. More like a kid running around after having too much candy. Again, this is only at parts of it. Most of the movie is decent.

As awesome as ever, this movie has Guy Pierce, who has proved his talents as a character actor over and over again. From playing a geeky, by-the-books cop in L.A. Confidential, to an Irish evil-doer who wants to destroy the world in Iron Man 3. Now, he plays a bad-ass, flirty, lets-get-this-over-with man who was wrongfully convicted of Espionage against the U.S. He also needs a shave He's offered his freedom by rescuing the president's daughter from a prison she was visiting that got taken over by the prisoners. Trouble arises when he gets there, obviously, since this is a MOVIE, and nothing is simple and/or seems to go right.

I did, in fact, very much like one of the final scenes where they explained what happened to the whereabouts of the "package" that contained valuable information; the thing that got him arrested in the first place. I'm not gonna spoil it too much, but the way the writers played up the scene and its symbols was very creative. To find out what the hell I'm talking about, you'll have to see the movie (if you haven't already)! Overall, this movie is definitely worth a watch. Oh, and did I mention it takes place in 2079?
June 29, 2016
It was okay. Some of the action was cheesy though.
June 29, 2016
One line summary: Reasonable thriller rescue in space, circa 2079.


The action is set in a SciFi universe of the year 2079. There is a prisoner uprising in the orbiting maximum security prison in orbit around Earth. Compounding this is that the daughter of the US president was in the prison doing interviews at the time.

As the film opens, Snow is in custody, and is being beaten/interrogated by Scott and his thug. The subject was a botched operation where Snow's contact Frank was killed, Snow escapes for a bit, and gets a briefcase to his contact Mace before being captured. After he's done, Scott leaves Snow with Harry.

In a parallel thread, the president's daughter travels to the orbital prison that is still under construction. The prison is run by a corporation and uses stasis/sleep to keep the prisoners quiescent. Emilie is trying to find out whether the prisoners are suffering damage from stasis are experiencing psychological or physical damage from the process. Snow gets pointed to the prison as an inmate.

Emilie's first interview goes woefully bad: the prisoner escapes, has a gun and a plan for opening all the stasis cells and wakening the prisoners. Emilie is wounded, but escapes temporarily. The prison rebellion is successful. They activate the prison orbiter's defense systems, so a massive armed rescue seems out of the question...at least without massive losses.

The Secret Service has a change of heart toward Snow, and injects him onto the station almost unnoticed. Emilie is captured, but is unrecognized at first. During the negotiations between the prisoners and the Secret Service, the prisoners find her credentials.

Snow manages to spring her, and to find Mace. Mace has some severe mental damage, but Emilie manages to decipher his seemingly wild speech. Emilie refuses the rescue plan as long as there are hostages on the station.

They escape the station via an improvised solution before a massive strike hits the station. Snow is re-incarcerated, but Emilie finds the case.

Will Emilie be able to get Snow out of trouble?


Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly fine, but some of the CGI seemed a bit out of date for 2012, but not too bad.

Sound: 8/10 Few problems.

Acting: 6/10 Peter Stormare, Guy Pearce, and Lennie James were good. Vincent Regan and Joseph Gilgun were OK. Maggie Grace and most of the rest of the cast I could have done without.

Screenplay: 5/10 Meh. The exposition of motivations was weak. Why would Emilie be interested in Snow? Yes, he had something to do with her rescue, which she tried to sabotage whenever possible. Just what was in the briefcase, for which so much effort was expended? Why would anybody care? As it was, the only thing interesting about the film was rescuing a privileged daughter who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
June 29, 2016
Your average action movie. Hot male hero? Check. Sassy damsel in distress? Check. Did I mention hot Guy Pearce is in it? Makes up for the horrible visual effects.
June 29, 2016
Generic and unoriginal but not without a few good scenes.
Guy Pearce has a lot of cheesy one liners, a few of which come off alright but some not so well.
The female lead did an acceptable job, i think she might be Robin from HIMYM but im not sure lol.
Okay movie if you are just bored and want some senseless action.
June 29, 2016
What was Guy Pearce thinking? This is lame rubbish.
June 29, 2016
I was hooked by this movie with just the first few lines of dialogue! Yes this movie is clichťd and you've seen it all before. Despite this it is great fun and I hope Luc Besson and Guy Pearce will make a sequel/prequel as I really enjoyed Pearce's portrayal of the wise-cracking, world-weary and cynical anti-hero. Well worth 90 minutes of anyone's time.
½ June 29, 2016
Guy Pearce is outstanding in an otherwise terrible movie.
June 29, 2016
Lockout is a 2012 science fiction ‚" action film that was released in February 2012. The thrilling action film is a about a man who is wrongly convicted of conspiracy against the US. He is offered his freedom provided he can rescue the President‚(TM)s daughter from an outer space prison which has been taken over by its violent inmates.
The movie features Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace and Peter Storman.
While many people didn‚(TM)t find this film intriguing - I loved it. It reminded me of movies that hosted the likes of a Jean Claude van Damme with added humour. The action scenes seemed to roll over and gel which made the story intriguing yet fun.
I‚(TM)m not one for Sci-Fi but if there are more of these I might just become a fan.
Verdict: Nice Friday night action movie that leaves you in a good spirit for the rest of the weekend.
June 29, 2016
Well I watched Lockout and I was pleasantly surprised. I went into this film half wanting to see it and half not want to see it, but once it came up on Netflix Instant I gave it a shot since I wouldn't be out more than a little time and bandwidth. The film is a little cheesy while still being somewhat believable, albeit totally over the top.

The story was decent and was able to hold my attention, though if I gave it a second viewing it would most likely be fairly boring. It had some decent surprises throughout yet never anything too surprising. The acting was actually very good, Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace, and Peter Stormare were perfectly cast for their roles, though I wished Peter Stormare had a bigger role he can add so much more to a film with his amazing talent. Also the CGI was great.

The things I didn't like about this film were some of the little things that most people probably wouldn't pick up on, things like the fact that in 2076 they are still using smart phones that look exactly like the smart phones we have today. Also they built a massive prison in orbit around the earth that can hold thousands of maximum security inmates and looks to be as tall as a sky scraper and yet the International Space Station is still in orbit and is the same size that it is today. Side note the ISS is scheduled to be shut down de-orbited around 2020, so it wouldn't even be there in 2076.

Now this part doesn't really bother me, I'd just like to point it out, there are some obvious references to Escape from New York & Escape from L.A., not that it's a bad thing, I just wanted to point it out. Let's see if this sounds familiar, former good guy gone bad get's caught and is offered a deal to save the President's daughter in a maximum security prison that the prisoners can't escape. He takes the mission, get's wounded, proves to the President's daughter that under his tough guy he had a heart, then rescues her a second time after she gets herself caught, then get's the both of them to safety and get's a full pardon. Then we find out that he's got what they wanted all along and instead of turning it over he walks away with it. Basically the film is a mash up of Escape form NY & L.A. in space. Even with the running jokes and bad one liners. Yet I won't say it's a bad film, it's worth a one time watch. So I say give it a shot, if you've got some time to kill sit back and watch, if your a Snake Plissken fan then you might just enjoy this film.
½ June 29, 2016
When hubby picked it from the shelf at the video store, I rolled my eyes. Not another crappy sci-fi wannabe. Ok, it's not as slick as Ridleys and maybe a little too wordy for some sci fi fans. Maybe it's a girl thing, I like the witty smart mouth dialogue delivered by Guy Pearce (he's come a long way from his Neighbours days) and surprisingly good acting by Maggie Grace. Unexpected and undervalued.
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