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½ January 10, 2017
A very good musical genre!
September 29, 2012
Quite a good entertainer with some good music.
January 18, 2012
great musical one to watch
December 24, 2011
London Dreams is a sensible; and well-made film, something Bollywood has needed for a long time; a mass entertaining musical! London Dreams offers the full entertainment and lush music, but it lacks better direction and a working storyline, which fails to deliver! The story of Devgan's jealousy against his own childhood BEST friend, and that he tries to destroy him by putting him on drugs... too fictionus!

Recommended! (One Time Watch)
Verdict = Above Average
½ July 8, 2010
watched on the plane to London because I was going to London and love Bollywood but this was the ultimate cheese fest. Lots of tears but a happy ending.
Definitely not on my list of must see Bollywood
July 7, 2010
Some of the worst acting ever from Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan. Asin didn't have to do anything and barely had any screen time at all. The movie belongs to its music. Without the songs, this would be nothing at all. Story is fairly weak, and the execution could have been better. Second half seemed a little rushed.
½ July 6, 2010
time pass ..salman khan steals ajays thunder
½ June 3, 2010
Time Pass! Couple of Good songs & Funny Scenes though!
May 20, 2010
A nice movie with an elegant story-line....!!!
April 17, 2010
Personel Goal Vs Friendship
March 29, 2010
Well although it's a pretty good movie...Nice acting by both stars...:D
March 22, 2010
Good movie with good songs in general--a bit similar to Rock On, though. Salman has given a fantastic performanace. While he has been in the news for more wrong reasons than right, Salman has proven himself as an extremely talented actor.
March 12, 2010
want to see again and again...awesome..@
March 7, 2010
Day: Thursday
Date: 31 Dec 2009
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February 21, 2010
not bad at all . could have been better
½ February 14, 2010
Not bad at all, but would have been better with less Bollywood melodrama and a more realistic storyline.
January 31, 2010
I liked it. It would have been better to have a tragic end though.
½ January 30, 2010
Big star cast, big budget, big movie....but still fails. The main problem was its story-line....its too weak. My suggestion.....just skip this movie.
½ January 28, 2010
Literally the worst movie I've seen all year!
Bad story, very bad casting, and a disastrous direction!
January 1, 2010
It's a movie that revolves around the songs of the movie. Although the songs were novel, I was not that impressed with them. Unfortunately, because of the way this movie was structured, if the songs fail, the movie goes with it. I thought the acting was quite good by all of the actors, and the revolving plot was interesting enough to keep the movie alive, but in the end, poor songs = average movie.
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