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November 25, 2016
not a fan of cage. this is worth watching
½ November 18, 2016
great movie with a great story and good directing. lots of clever dialogue. makes you think about how things work in the world. good characters and some funny parts. reminded me of wardogs a lot (2 viewings)
September 20, 2016
One of the last great performances Nicolas Cage delivered before starting to act in crappy movies. Andrew Niccol is always a great certainty anyway.
August 29, 2016
best film nick cage has stared in since face off
August 16, 2016
This movie wasn't bad.
August 4, 2016
One of the best anti-hero films I have ever seen. Beat "War Dogs" to the punch by eleven years.
½ July 30, 2016
Typically I believe that Cage movies should be assessed in their own category, but given the substantial production value of this movie and the plethora of other stars participating, I will relent and consider this a non-Cage movie. That being said, it is awful. Despite having tons of spectacular Cage-isms like satellite phones, his and his brother's completely un-acted Russian ethnicity, a cover job as an art dealer, a scene where he asks an African prostitute if she has AIDS and perhaps the most ridiculous Cage scene of all in which he repaints the name of a ship in something like 23 seconds, this movie is an absolute abortion. I dare say, poorly acted by Cage; Hawke legitimately seems afraid to be in the film and Jared Leto performs a predictably pathetic and hapless brother to Cage. God bless you, Nicolas Coppola, but he did not bless this film.
July 19, 2016
Very underrated in it's rights, but Jaredo Leto should have been five times better in his performance.
July 18, 2016
Andrew Niccol delivers as he always does.
July 7, 2016
Didn't really think much of it, brillant story and ideas for a great film. The cast has it stars but not right felt fraudulent and at times just ridilicilous.
June 25, 2016
Pretty nifty story - don't know about the casting choices though.
June 20, 2016
I love this one! Funny, cynical, mad, beautiful. Nicolas Cage at his very, very best. The opening title sequence is epic.
½ June 18, 2016
Filme excelente. Não tem ação nenhuma e mesmo assim você não quer desgrudar. Bem pesado....a trilha sonora é fantástica.
April 11, 2016
Man this movie surprised me. I saw the ads when this first came out and thought "meh, just another weird Nic Cage movie." Well, I was partly right I guess, but it's a helluva' lot better than I thought it would be. It reminded me a lot of War Inc., a movie that is far from perfect, but which I still really enjoy. It's has a satirical edge to it, but doesn't shy away from darker moments. Still it has an energy to it that makes the dreary subject matter much more enjoyable while still treating it with respect. It introduces a world that I knew existed, but never really thought much about, and makes it approachable and entertaining while still shocking and potent.
The movie isn't perfect though. If it had gone a little further, little darker, little edgier, it could have been a classic. As it stands it's still a good movie, but let's face it, it's not one a lot of people think about 10 years later. Part of that I think has to do with director Andrew Niccol. He's an amazing writer, and has some great scripts with great ideas, but his best scripts have been handled by a different director. The movies he directs himself are interesting, but can't help but feeling a little Hollywood manufactured and pedestrian. If he had handed this script over to someone like Oliver Stone or Martin Scorcese, it could have been a masterpiece. As it stands I do really like the movie, but I can't help but wish for the masterpiece it could have been. But don't take that as too much of a negative! It's a really interesting and enjoyable movie even if it doesn't reach the heights it could have.
½ April 10, 2016
The acting was cringeworthy. Particularly Nicolas Cage. The end point of the movie was good & true, but it could have been done so much better. To make the war lord a wise sage with proverbial sayings is a stretch.
April 7, 2016
Very underrated movie. love it
March 25, 2016
A standard Sicilian wiseguys' narrative packaged in a firearms mafia background and a very superficial attempt at that.

Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) gets fascinated with gun business (rather unconvincingly) when he witnesses a mafia hit in his neighbourhood. Convinced that illegal international gun trade is the way to go after a failed attempt to go legal, he partners with his brother Vitaly Orlov (Jared Leto) and embarks on a country hopping mission to arm every warlord he could contact with. Along the journey, he marries his high school sweetheart Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan), gets his brother addicted to cocaine, gets a righteous ATF officer Jack Valentine (Ethen Hawke) on his tail and keeps fighting his consciousness. Being a smooth operator he greases enough palms to stay ahead of the pursuit and competition, what happens when it gets personal is the rest of the story.

While it is an interesting view of how the illegal international gun trade is run, what affects the overall experience is the lack of clarity. The director doesn't seem to make up his mind whether to present it as a biopic, a documentary or as a work of fiction - leaving it inconsistent and underdeveloped. Apart from the presentation, even the core script seems to be confused whether it should be a dark comedy, a satire or an honest serious view of the gun trade. Also there isn't enough research to surprise the viewer with facts that they wouldn't know of already - considering it was attempting the documentary approach for a moment. With its runtime over 2 hours, I remember looking at the clock quite a few times, however the pace picks up in the third act of the movie even though it walks a very familiar path. Nicolas Cage gives a decent performance as the smooth talking bootlegger and the rest of the cast does their best rallying around this weak script.

Lack of clarity in terms of presentation, a very weak and superficial script does not do justice to a very sensitive and timely subject.
March 23, 2016
Great supporting role for Jared Leto, good storyline, Ethan Hawke also fabulous in his role and one of Nicolas Cages better movies
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