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June 23, 2011
Patrick Dempsey is just handsome as ever! A great film and a must see!
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½ May 3, 2008
Long term friend realises he is in love with his friend after she gets engaged. Good Tom com.
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½ April 28, 2008
Saw it again!!! This movie was so worth seeing, I loved watching it from the beginning till the end, great comedy/romantic movie!!!

One Halloween night, Tom Bailey (Patrick Dempsey) dressed as Bill Clinton goes to slip into bed with his pre-arranged date "Monica", but it was the wrong woman. Instead it was "Monica's" roommate Hannah (Michelle Monaghan). After bantering which each other, they become instant friends for Tom likes her honesty and how she doesn't fling herself at him.

Ten years later we see Tom, very wealthy because of his creation of the "coffee collar" (gets a dime every time it is used) and leaving the bed of another girl. A different one every every night for one of his rules is "no back to backs except for Sundays and Mondays for they are a different week". After picking up two lattes at Starbucks and another phone number, Tom meets up with Hannah at a museum where she is a painter, and the two have lunch.

Tom takes Hannah to his father's sixth wedding to a young girl who has more boobs than brains and after the reception Hannah tells Tom she must go to Scotland for work. While she's gone for those long agonizing months, Tom discovers that without her, and being with other women over and over is not very fulfilling. He soon realizes that he is in love with Hannah. During a basketball game he tells his friends his realization and get typical neanderthal responses from them, but decides to tell her his feelings after all when she gets back. However, after meeting up with Hannah at a restaurant, Hannah surprises Tom by introducing to him a wealthy Scotsman named Colin (Kevin McKidd) and announces that they are engaged, and incredibly asks Tom to be her "maid" of honor.

After discussing it with his friend, Tom decides to be her maid of honor after all just to spend time with her. After meeting her pastor he try's to convince her she does not even know Colin and make her realize that she loves him but to no avail. Later they meet up with the other bridesmaids, one of them being Hannah's cousin and a bitter ex fling, who passes Tom a business card for entertainment for the shower. Later at the shower the business card was actually for a sex toy party.

After arriving in Scotland for the wedding, Tom realizes he is running out of time to stop Hannah. He meets all of Colin's family and must perform in the "games," in which the groom must compete to prove himself worthy of his bride. Tom is also in the competition with Colin but is humiliated in the last round. It seems as if Colin is near perfection. The following evening Tom takes Hannah out for a walk hoping to tell her how he feels, however the other bridesmaids interrupt for Hannah's bachelorette party (Hen Night). On her Hen Night, Hannah parades around a pub and sells her kisses for change. As she goes around, Hannah kisses Tom. Though it just started as a peck, it turned into a passionate kiss.

That night, Hannah decides to confront Tom and ask about the kiss. However, when she gets to his room her drunk cousin is there trying to seduce him. Hannah leaves and Tom runs after her. He knocks on her door, pleading for her to let him in. She refuses and asks about the kiss. He tells her he knew he was the one for her, not Colin. She refuses to say that she thinks so too and still expects to marry Colin the next day. Tom cannot go through with watching Hannah and Colin get married so he decides to go home. When questioned about his disappearance, Hannah simply tells Colin that Tom is just afraid of losing her. On the way home Tom realizes that he must stop the wedding and goes back on horseback. Just when the priest asks for objections, Tom is sent flying off his horse and through the chapel doors. Seeing her best friend on the floor, Hannah rushes to him. As he struggles to stand up, he tells her that he loves her more than anything. They then share a kiss. Hannah tells Colin that she is very sorry and that he is the perfect guy, just not the perfect guy for her. In the end, Tom and Hannah get married.
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April 29, 2008
Cutest romantic comedy. Patrick Dempsey is adorable and I absolutely adored him in this movie! 5 STARS! PD is a hunk! Love this movie!!!!!!!! I know why he's referred as McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy lol. :) Love this movie soooo much! :) I can watch it over and over again :) Such a great movie :) This is the last movie that me & my friend KD watched before we became juniors, so that's what makes it special as well :)
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½ January 30, 2011
A little over the top at times and predictable like most rom-coms but still kinda cute.
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½ May 15, 2008
It was the typical, cheesy, romantic comedy... Nothing really stands out about it. Busy Phillips was hilarious though. Probably worth watching again to watch her performance.
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September 19, 2010
Not bad. Some scenes reminded me of Rommy & Michelles High School Reunion (in a weird way). Funny average with a few slices of cheese. Totally a girly flick.

I say, McDreamy is pushing it, but his charm doesn't work for me. :P!
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July 24, 2010
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May 3, 2010
Somehow, romantic comedies seem to get themselves in to production. Even the bad ones. Those of you who know me by now, probably know that I like to give out some info about the budgets or write a quote from the movie, to start with. First of all, there weren't any funny quotes. Second, the budget of the movie was 40 million USD's. 40! And 'Made of Honor' came up with 100 worldwide?! It seems as if romcoms would never fail at the box offices. A sure bet, or are there too many spinsters out there...

'Made of Honor' is one of those movies that are predictable even before the movie starts. In fact, the poster of the movie is what you need if you don't wanna infect your dvd or blu-ray with this offensive film.

There's nothing but stereotypes and clichés in 'Made of Honor'. And where's the fun? Patrick Dempsey is not a funny guy, he should stick on being "McDreamy', or what's his name in the bullshit TV series...

When the end credits started to roll, I was relieved that the painful 100 minutes was over. I was amazed that I could sit through the entire movie. But what saved my head from blowing to smithereens was the beautiful memories of the amazing Scottish landscapes. I forgot the movie instantly and got back to the year 2003 and Edinburgh... Thank you, 'Made of Honor', for that! Hence, the extra half star...
The Gandiman
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January 6, 2010
I've always had this theory that no matter how bad a movie is if you watch it on a plane you'll probably like it even if it's not your cup of tea. You're captive, bored and if you can't sleep or don't have headphones you are trapped. So you are dying to be entertained. This movie proved me wrong. Wow this sucked.

From the chemistry-free pairing of Patrick "What would I have done without Grey's Anatomy?" Dempsey and uninteresting Michele Moaghan, this romcom exploits every possible cliche possible and does it exponentially worse. A completely horrendous waste of time.
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May 15, 2008
It's a "My Best Friend's Wedding" ripoff, only sucky. Bonus: men in kilts.
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October 6, 2009
Rom Com Crap
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April 19, 2009
It's your average relationship flick. Very cookie cutter in it's execution. You see every turn before it comes.
Dempsey makes the movie though as you really come to like him as he struggles to get the girl he loves. I like that he is super polite to everyone even his enemies.
Like I said... you have seen it before. If you liked it in other movies you will like it in this one.
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December 14, 2008
its an alright movie it has laughs and the acting is good it also has sweet moments but it is a bit predictable towards the end!
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½ January 23, 2009
Not funny. Not romantic. Not charming. And why is there a pun in the title? Tom is not "made" of honor. He ruins his best friend's wedding for his own self-interest.
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April 28, 2008
Pretty predictable, and the bit once they got to Scotland was so stereotyped and cringeable, but I guess okay to watch just the once. I certainly wouldn't want to watch it again and there are much better chick flicks than this one.
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January 8, 2009
One for when your girlfriend wants to zone out for a while... at least that's how I wound up watching it, and when I did I was surprised by a snappy script with a couple of strong running jokes as well as the chemistry between Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan. With two fringe stars performing well in their attempt to "break out," Tommy from Trainspotting (Kevin McKidd) and enough alpha male moments to keep even me interested in a forumlaic romantic comedy (read: "chick flick"), I might even say that I kind of enjoyed it. The story starts out strong, and though it falls into cliché after cliché, it at least takes a joyful and somewhat self-deprecating approach to its resolution. Worth watching, but you didn't hear it from me...
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½ October 11, 2008
Cute but trite.
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½ April 28, 2008
I laughed a few times.
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½ September 30, 2008
Another chick flick I got roped into that I basically could quote the end before it started.
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