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Hallam Foe (Mister Foe)

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Carefully balanced between the dark and the dreamy, Mister Foe is a charged coming-of-age story with whimsy and bite.



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Jamie Bell's performance as a lonely Scottish teen rings true in this poignant, yet humorous, coming-of-age tale. He plays Hallam Foe, who runs away to Edinburgh and meets a beautiful hotel worker (Sophia Myles) who looks like his late mother, who committed suicide. Claire Forlani costars as his stepmother, whom he believes actually killed his mom. Ciaran Hinds, Ewen Bremner, Ruth Milne. Directed by David Mackenzie, who co-wrote the script with Ed Whitmore. Also known as "Hallam Foe."

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  • Jan 13, 2013
    A teenage stalker with enough Oedipal issues to make Freud puke in his soup pursues his boss, a sweet but disturbed hotel manager. What this film lacks most is focus. At the beginning the plot tends toward a thriller/mystery vis-a-vis the possible murder of Hallam's mother, but the most unbelievable circumstances (fucking his step-mother in his tree house) push Hallam to Edinburgh where we meet Sophia Myles's character, Kate. Myles is a beautiful actress, and as Kate she walks with confidence and wherewithal. With hobbies, a fine job, a sense of compassion, and a sociable disposition, Kate seems like she has it all together. Yes, she's fucking her married boss, and yes, she does say, "I like creepy guys," but when Hallam's stalking, amateur spy behavior is revealed, her reaction defies all believability. I can imagine the film becoming a believable story about lost people who find each other and accept each other's fucked-up-ness, but with Myles as Kate and the dead mother plot stopping by every now and then as though it's checking up on how the film is progressing, the film becomes a muddled mess that has its sexy, alluring moments but ultimately sinks into a depravity that we can't follow without suspending every disbelieving bone in our bodies. Overall, bad casting and worse writing keep this film from being anything worth watching.
    Jim H Super Reviewer
  • Apr 16, 2012
    I remember mentioning in my review of Darkwatch (another movie Jamie Bell appeared in) whether or not he was actually a good actor or if in his other movies he was only the highlight because everyone around him sucked. He was in Jumper (one of the worst movies I've ever seen) and The Eagle (which was OK, but not good either) and he was the highlight of BOTH movies, but when you act alongside Hayden Christensen and Channing Tatum, it's definitely easier to be a highlight. But watching this movie, I can now say with ABSOLUTE certainty that Jamie is a really good actor. I mean I realized this by the time I saw Retreat (again, another movie Jamie starred in) but that movie was average at best so it didn't feel appropriate to rant there. He carries this movie, while it does have its very quirky moments and a solid story, mostly on his back and he does a great job at it. He takes what would've been a good movie otherwise, and turns it into a really good movie with his performance. It's not the best performance I've ever seen (not even close), but he does add a lot of life and heart to the film. This character, while well written, also had the potential to be creepy and unlikable and he doesn't feel like that at all, it feels like a completely sympathetic character that you can root for. Albeit in a completely odd way. But yea a really good movie, not without its flaws, but that's hardly a complaint.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Feb 13, 2012
    Worth watching at least once. Favorite lines; Kate Breck: Sometimes I want sweet. Sometimes I want sour. Sometimes I don't know what I want. My shit stinks. I'm going to die one day. Oldest Kitchen Porter: I killed a man once. Smashed his skull on a pier. Just so ya know. Hallam Foe: Look, you're very attractive but I'm very politically committed to the gay cause.
    Sam R Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2011
    Awkward and engrossing movie that overcomes its unlikable lead by making him confused and relatable. It's a very difficult performance Bell has to pull off in this movie. He must present himself as a mentally fractured peeping tom whilst all the while leading us along a romantic path. The performances and characterizations are key here. Forlani isn't exactly the evil stepmother from many movies, but she is able to carry a certain stench of menace. Paired with Bell's confusion and creepiness, it adds up to more of an emotional mystery than a murder one. In many ways it's a wonderful coming of age tale, that delicately approaches the mind of a teenager. It bridges the gaps between anger, madness, and danger. At times it tries to be a bit too hip, with it's constant twangy soundtrack, but at least it works nicely with the dull but mesmerizing cinematography.
    Luke B Super Reviewer

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