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March 22, 2017
This is just one of the crappiest movies I have ever seen, probably the crappiest of them all. Whoever is rating this beyond 1 star is under the heavy influence of very illegal stuff. Do not waste your time with this "artistic" or "creative" or "new age" or whatever other term for "cinematographic art" you can find; it is a total waste of your time.
March 7, 2017
Bizarre yet riveting film that is wildly creative yet unfinished work in ways. Was conceived as a TV pilot and converted to film which, along with being written and directed by Lynch, is bound to leave you scratching your head. Lynch's casting of Watts and Harring turned out to be very good fortune considering he made the decisions from hand out photos. They are captivating.
March 6, 2017
This David Lynch film had been on my mind for quite some time, and I finally gave it a spin a few days ago to see how it held up. I have to say, I was really blown away by the way the stories wrap in and around one another, as a young ingenue turns up in LA to stay at her aunt;s house and finds an amnesiac woman staying there, hiding from persons unknown after a near fatal encounter on Mulholland Dr.

This one definitely comes recommended.
March 5, 2017
Watching it again after seeing >50% of Lynch's works, I appreciate what's going on a little more. A range of symbolic imagery that recurs in various forms is brought together to construct a dreamscape, which makes a deceptive planned TV pilot, leaving many loose ends that needed to be sown together with half an hour of choice picks among what might have been episodic highlights in an unmade series. The opening fantastical veneer of Hollywood, the bright-eyed starlet who sells her soul in the first audition, the artificially and eventually sinisterly intense grins of the extras, the absurd notion of falling in love with a woman who doesn't know who she is. Imagery that speaks in clichés but which is richly suffused with uncanny and macabre nuances - operating much like the deconstruction of suburban picket-fence culture in that opening sequence of Blue Velvet, where every element is anachronistic to the next, and there is a writhing morass of brutal insects under the lawn. There is so much promise in the final thirty minutes of Mulholland Drive, where each moment smashes to pieces the perspectives established in the pilot. Few artists can achieve the kind of participation in their subject's emotional aspects that Lynch does routinely. I can't think of a more visceral experience of jealousy in art than what we share with Watt's character. So many figures in the film could unfold into their own stories over many hours, or be left as they are, fascinating artefacts for the imagination to explore. Mary Sweeney does a masterful job tying things up despite the obvious challenges in doing so. Under time constraints it would have been easy for the sexual content to misfire, or even be pornographic as a surface reading might portray it. But consider how, as with many other aspects of the film, each sexual scene mirrors those which precede it. There is this idealised scene of romantic exhilaration, discovery and loving purity. Badalamenti's score always nails that concept (e.g. the Laura Palmer theme in Twin Peaks). There is the raw lust then contorted into possessiveness and control (with the kind of dirty music Lynch makes great use of, as in that brilliant dance sequence of Inland Empire). Then Watts' desperate solo effort, attempting to recapture the comfort and security of intimacy, wrapping herself up in the idea of an idealised past relationship now broken, and violently fighting off encroaching reality. I can't think of another film containing an enraged tearful masturbation sequence (certainly not with a switch to the first person perspective!). These three scenes counterpoint one another and articulate a nuanced appreciation of what sex can mean in our emotional lives. All the more impressive given that these scenes would have been spread across an expanse of material and here are deployed essentially just to give some coherence to what seemed never to have been meant as a single film. If Mulholland Drive had become a series, I would probably have given it 5 stars. As it stands, a very solid 4.
March 4, 2017
creepy somewhat confusing movie and i like it
February 27, 2017
Leave it to David Lynch, to tell a simple mystery tale through the haziest, free-form structure possible in blurring the lines between dream, nightmare, and reality. Nothing is inconsequential, no matter how little it plays into the plot development. After a while, the plot itself becomes a trivial concern in the art of storytelling. The images we receive, and seeing how the characters give and receive imagery, can be beautiful, disturbing, many times both. As per usual with David Lynch, his universe is truly his own -- Roy Orbison is the voice of God, one minor character can sense when reality is out of order, slapstick is the funniest style of humour, romance is never stable, and, most alluringly, the townspeople generally accept that there might exist a conspiracy or supernatural entity. No questions are asked. I always feel under the effects of hypnosis, even at the movie's tensest moments.
February 26, 2017
Notorious for his mind-bending narrative, David Lynch yet again concocts a spellbinding and exasperatingly bewildering horror fairy tale about the netherworlds of Hollywood that demands repeat viewings and unending psychoanalysis.
February 21, 2017
Grade - C
'Mulholland Drive' certainly has interesting aspects, and is supported by some good performances. However, one can't help feel the movie is being pretentious most the time, and ultimately its surrounded by a non-existent narrative.
February 17, 2017
Betty (Naomi Watts) is a chipper young woman who's house sitting at her aunt's place in Los Angeles as she auditions for movies, but her path to stardom is sidetracked when she crosses paths with a beautiful amnesiac (Laura Harring) who's on the run from mysterious forces. The whole thing soon splits into dark symbolism, conflicting alternate realities, and a barrage of seemingly-unrelated subplots that converge in unexpected ways. David Lynch writes and directs Mulholland Drive with his famous eye for experimental sound, cinematography, and story structure. It's an astonishingly adroit riff on film noir and magical realism, but emotionally complex performances from Naomi Watts and Laura Harring also make this film into a sensual and deeply moving experience as well.
February 12, 2017
Over time the movie has grown into something much different than I saw in 2001 the day after my birthday. It is a blue cat sleeping under my bed and the sun shining right in my face in my bedroom those few days in late winter.
February 5, 2017
Creativity is taken too far. Too trippy and deeply disturbing. I am still trying to digest the ending. (First and only viewing - 6/12/2013)
January 29, 2017
Pretty intense, but way too long. I got confused quite a bit. This movie needs your attention.
January 29, 2017
Confusing movie with great performance..
January 26, 2017
So confusing and lame. Waste of time.
January 20, 2017
david lynch is a insane...good stuff but i'm not gonna even try to understand this movie
½ January 17, 2017
A dizzying, mind-numbing experience that is more laborious to sit through than to love, unfortunately. But when this film hits you, in the only way David Lynch can, you will be absolutely stunned and awed. In the midst of tedium, there is absolutely beauty, and genius on display. Certain scenes just make the film completely memorable. They contribute to the cult success that this film has gotten, and it's reputation as one of the 21st century's best films. But for this viewer, it just didn't resonate with me. Blue Velvet on the other hand, don't get me started on what that film did to me.
January 15, 2017
No matter how many times you watch the film, there's always new things to discover and Lynch has made a masterpiece in subverting Hollywood expectations in the only way he can. Truly one of the most mind-boggling and fascinating films to ever exist.
January 13, 2017
A remarkable journey into dreams and the subconscious. Naomi Watts is excelent here, and Lynch's trademarks are accompanied by a strange, evocative and (naturally) onirical camera work.
January 3, 2017
Ok. I feel if I watched this ten times I would decide it was ten different stories. My current theory is that it is meant as an examination of compulsion from different angles. But which storyline is real? Does it matter?
January 3, 2017
Mulholland Drive is a very tense and a suspenseful thriller. There are great performances from both the female leads and it is very well directed. The story line is quite up to the mark. But I did fell that it gets a little slow at some parts mostly during the second half. Two or three scenes were quite unnecessary and could have been edited. Some parts of the story needed more explanation especially the box. Overall this is a great watch.
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