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January 14, 2018
One of the greatest movies of the 21 first century, David lynch's masterpiece and an incredibly complex and intellectually stimulating plot.
½ January 13, 2018

Mulholland Dr.

It has a promising and twisted plot and with the help of some astonishing and also amusing characters the film sails towards the final act with some bumps like it's overlong runtime and slow screenplay.
½ January 10, 2018
This is the kind of film that should not have launched, enhanced, or capped anyone's career. Mulholland Drive goes nowhere, slowly. It seems there's a fine line between noir and null and this film lands solidly in the null and void of "why did I waste time watching that" territory.
January 7, 2018
Mind thoroughly blown in ways mind has not been blown recently. A word of advice is to PAY ATTENTION.
January 7, 2018
Lynch has so many ideas crammed into one movie yet it never feels overwhelming, jumbled or messy. Quite the opposite. You feel he's in control of what seems like a mish mash of 10 different types of films all the way through that eventually comes to a very focused and straightforward climax in a way. I've seen this movie about 8 times and I still find myself perplexed and fascinated in every viewing.
½ December 28, 2017
What the heck did I just watch? About halfway through, I thought about watching something else because nothing was making sense. However, I stuck it out until the end because of the good reviews, and it just got even worse (which I didn't think was possible). I honestly couldn't tell you what this movie is even about and after reading the synopsis on Wikipedia, I still don't know what was going on with the plot twists. I wish I could get those 2.5 hours back to do some housecleaning or something remotely productive.
½ December 27, 2017
I've had impromptu conversations lasting hours about this film with friends and strangers alike. A deeply layered and tortuous modern film noire portraying the demise of an aspiring young actress (Naomi Watts) determined to make it in Hollywood. Simultaneously full of symbolism and brutal honesty, few other filmmakers have dared to venture so deeply into the abyss beneath the Hollywood sign. For me, this is David Lynch at his finest. Naomi Watts is brilliant, this might be the pinnacle of her career.
½ December 26, 2017


[David Lynch]
December 21, 2017
my favorite Lynch - a beautiful nightmare filled with dark Passion and a calm warm Feeling beyond our reality.
December 2, 2017
A dream logic kind of film. I am sure the director/writer enjoyed teasing the viewer with scenes and symbols that flow without logic or rational development. The music and eerie scenes create a dread that permeates the film. Naomi Watts is extraordinary in a versatile performance.
Don't expect this film to neatly fit together or even to make complete sense. Just enjoy it as a unique experience.
½ October 30, 2017
What a fucking odd movie, but a good one at that. The way the movie is structured is pretty damn disorienting but it makes for a very interesting watch. The beginning kind of bored me but when it got to the middle, I started to become more and more interested.

The acting at times seems very cheesy from some actors but Naomi Watts hit out of the park with her mesmerizing performance. What a terrific actor.

Overall, this movie is a cinematic experience like no other and it kind of makes me want to watch David Lynch's other movies.
½ October 27, 2017
I have no idea what the hell I just watched. Some parts were okay, but the movies as a whole made no sense, and the musical part was really annoying. It seemed to go on forever. The ending was about as confusing as the rest of the film. I'm left feeling unsatisfied and confused.
October 14, 2017
In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary come again?
½ October 10, 2017
Although it may be confusing in its final act to some, Mullholland Drive is a great film with the same ol' surreal characters Lynch is known for plus some new, slightly more conventional but just as surreal elements. This and Twin Peaks are excellent works that will introduce newcomers to Lynch very well.
September 30, 2017
Easily some of Lynch's best work, this movie, like Lynch's Lost Highway and later on Twin Peaks Season 3 explores the existence of multiple realities and the importance of dreams.
½ September 29, 2017
Holy shit-balls. This movie felt like one weird, twisted nightmare. Took me a good second to finally understand what the first hour and a half meant and Jesus Christ, it's so fucking weird. Highly recommended!
September 22, 2017
David Lynch at his finest; Mulholland Drive is a surreal neo-noir art piece full of the red herrings, doppelgangers, and motifs Lynch is best known for. Naomi Watts is incredible as the suspiciously naive Betty Elms and Laura Harring does well as the mysterious Rita. I felt like the constant misdirection and eerie subtext created distrust with what you're witnessing, which perfectly captures the atmosphere of Hollywood.
Super Reviewer
September 16, 2017
This is actually a David Lynch production that I think I figured out. I interpreted it as the price of fame, versus the harsh reality and what happens if you are not good enough. Very enjoyable and more accessible than Lynch's other work.
September 14, 2017
What the hell do I rate this? Is it a masterpiece? Is it complete drivel? Is this genius or pretentious? Is it both? How? What is this??? This movie is really difficult to understand. Well, most of the second act is straightforward, I suppose. A woman who is suffering memory loss befriends an aspiring actress in L.A. and they try to uncover the mystery of the woman's background. I'll continue the rest of this review later...
September 8, 2017
I'm a fan of Naomi Watts' work, and there's a reason this film put her on the map. The high level of acting mixed with the creativity and originality of the script makes this film a MUST see! Make sure you're paying attention, because you don't want to miss a single detail until the credits role.
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