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October 1, 2017
Not really much of a comedy with only one or two jokes being funny and full of superhero cliches, my super ex girlfriend isn't really the best thing to watch on your free time.
½ September 8, 2017
Mildly amusing but not a good movie. The only good thing about this movie was Luke Wilson. I'm not sure what let this movie down, but maybe it was a bit of everything: the acting, the special effects, the plot. it just didn't work for me.
½ August 15, 2017
Superheroes are practically everywhere these days. No matter where one looks, an image of a hero is plastered, and we look up to them. Mostly due to the fact that they represent a common goal: helping the world in times of crisis. And it would be very lucky to have a normal person date a superhero, right? Well, the 2006 comedy "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" tries this idea out. Keep in mind, the key word here being "try". Why is this, you may ask? Because the execution of this idea handled in this movie is horrendous. Granted, this isn't the absolute worst superhero movie out there, but it is pretty bad by bringing forth the concept of superheroes in a relationship. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"just doesn't hold the superheroic edge that it doesn't promise to maintain.

The story involves a woman named Jenny (Uma Thurman), who has a secret identity being the heroine known as G-Girl. (Yeah, creative name there, guys.) One day, a man named Matt (Luke Wilson) helps Jenny out after her purse was stolen, and the two form a relationship. Jenny even tells Matt her true nature, to which he has to keep a secret from the world. Everything is going fine, until Matt reveals that Jenny is a little too clingy, and wants to break up. She, on the other hand, does not take this very well...

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is not just a bad superhero movie, it's a bad comedy as well. The story has nice premise and setup, but the execution is terrible. And despite good intentions, there are hardly any jokes that make this comedy work. Pretty much everything in this movie is either bland, predictable, or just unfunny. And the humor presented here is juvenile and almost immature; makes one wonder who the audience for this movie was for.

The acting is bad as each actor and actress pretty much give a bland performance. Thurman and Wilson do not have chemistry together, as they feel uninterested with what's going on. It just feels as if the cast had potential, but was ultimately wasted. This, in turn, can be attributed to the direction from Ivan Reitman, as he makes the movie feel unfocused and disjointed as he moves from one scene to next without giving the audience some sort of investment. This also can be attributed to both the pacing and editing making the film go fast, and not know what exactly is going on.

The music by Teddy Castellucci offers up a more whimsical and uplifting score rather than that of your traditional action orchestration.

The special effects look like something out of a video game, especially the shark sequence in the middle of the film. Yes, there are practical effects, but even those are pretty obvious, too.

If there's anything good to say about the movie, it's the cinematography of New York City, which definitely looks nice. And that's about it.

In conclusion, "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is just a bad film that only the curious would see. As a comedy, it fails, and as a superhero movie, it fails, too. Maybe this is one hero we can forget.
½ July 24, 2017
Not funny. Slightly embarrassing. Strange film where I'm left unsure if the concept was good but poorly performed, or if the performances were fine but the concept utterly stupid. Either way, you're left only slightly amused at best, or at worst, slightly irritated.
June 16, 2017
Meh. The plot is decent but the film is just so silly. Not helped by fairly poor acting and awful special effects
May 4, 2017
A very stupid concept, and it honestly ends up being a pretty stupid movie too. Otherwise it is entertaining enough if you can handle 90 minutes of mindless fluff. (First viewing - In my early twenties)
May 3, 2017
A very boring movie. Didn't care for it at all.
½ March 25, 2017
the comedy is nowhere to be seen in this movie
March 20, 2017
After viewing the trailer, this film seemed like an interesting take on the superhero medium. But after only a few minutes in I completely lost interest. It is neither a clever nor amusing comedy to say the least, and seems to be more focused on the topic of sex then developing any credible story narrative
½ January 29, 2017
Stupid, avoid watching.
Super Reviewer
½ June 30, 2016
A wee bit of fun, a guilty pleasure, reversing the traditional superhero dynamic: what if a woman had the superpowers? In this film, played for yuck-yuck-yuck-yuck-yucks, naturally she' d have to be, er, you know, a little, er, difficult, yah?
So what if its a one joke premise? The ensemble has some fun with it, with Luke Wilson as Lois Lane, Rainn Wilson as Jimmy Olsen, and Eddie Izzard as Lex Luthor.
And of course, me always liking some Uma Thurman and Anna Faris.
Its better than it sounds.
April 14, 2016
There are few films that take misogyny to the levels of My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Uma Therman's Jenny Johnson is a bonified super hero, with super strength and the ability to fly and yet her biggest goal in life is to get a man, she's also the worst exaggeration of the crazy ex-girlfriend trope you could ever help to find. It's demeaning, offensive and that doesn't even take the film's structure into consideration. The fact that films like this get funded and worse, make money, is the great travesty of the film industry.
½ February 11, 2016
I knew it was going to be stupid, but I caught it on TV since there wasn't anything else to watch. It's highly inappropriate even by PG-13 standards.
November 4, 2015
My Super Ex-Girlfriend stars an average man falling in love with a not so average woman. Day by day she saves the city of New York with her marvelous powers. She is able to transform from her boring self, Jenny Johnson, to the amazing and powerful G-girl.
In the beginning of the film, Matt Saunders meets Jenny Johnson in the subway. The camera angle is down on Jenny making her look inferior and it?s up on Matt making him look very manly and masculine. He immediately is attracted to her and asks her out, she shuts him down; she is completely unfazed by him. After being shut down several times, Jenny finally agrees to go out with him after he rescues her purse from a thief. When he asks for her number she says no, due to her intense privacy issues. This leads to her getting his number instead. This is just a preview of how neurotic she is. In the museum scene, you see how she finally starts to fall for him, and she immediately calls him out for using his tongue wrong while they?re making out. She points out the minutest details as if they are a huge problem. This part of her only gets stronger and crazier throughout the film. Her true character starts to shine through the more Matt starts to test her.
In the next portion of the movie she has several shots of her from below, making her look more intimidating. She starts becoming very aggressive and demanding of Matt. As they go on more dates, she has to leave because she must go be her alter ego, G-girl. Before Matt finds out who she really is, he starts getting frightened by how strong and scary she is becoming. She is nothing at all like the girl that he met on the subway. Jenny soon decides that Matt has earned the right to know her story of how she obtained her powers. This only drives Matt futher and further away.
Initially, he is the one who is dying to be with her, and she is not really interested. In the end of the movie she is dying to be with him and he is completely not interested in being with her. Their roles in the relationship completely change. When you first meet Jenny she is sitting down and looking completely uninterested in him, she has her head in the newspaper. In the end of the movie, he is the one who is completely uninterested in her.
The very first time you see G-girl she?s launching from the ground to the sky in a giant whirlwind, she lifts a black car into the sky with her strength in a black fashionable outfit. She is wearing a black beanie, black skirt, black blouse, black gloves, and high black stilettos. The last time you see G-girl she is wearing much more mature outfit. She is wearing a black suit, with black flats and her is down blowing in the wind. Her costume is opposite of how her character has progressed throughout the movie. She has gotten crazier and less mature and in the end her outfit is just the opposite.
This movie is so interesting because it is so unique and unlike most classic super hero films. The only problem is that it was very poorly executed. You start with a classic super hero that has super strength, super hearing, and super vision. But there?s nothing classic about this movie. G-girl has a great sense of fashion so she never wears the same costume twice but that takes away a lot from the ?classic? superhero costume. Jenny is always wearing her G-girl costume, it lies hiding underneath her normal clothing at all times.
G-girl is a very likable character for the most part, she uses her powers for the good of the world. Matt also is very likable, you see his interaction with women and his bad luck, time after time. His love interest goes back and forth between his coworker, Hannah, and G-girl throughout the entire movie. It?s almost too easy that he ends up with Hannah, the one who he thought was too good for him the entire movie.
One of the highlights of this film, is its? ability to be versatile. You have parts of the classic superhero movie, a good amount of action, and of course a lot of romantic comedy. Having several genres in one movie makes it more enjoyable for a larger crowd.
Although My Super Ex-girlfriend is not the best movie out there, it does have its? perks. The camera angles are great and add a lot to the characters as a whole. For example, the scene in the kitchen when Matt is trying to break up with Jenny but mostly the frightening G-girl, the camera is shot first at her chopping the vegetables frantically then pans up to her face with an upward shot of her holding the knife looking very intimidating. This perfectly captures why he is scared of her and why he wants to breakup with her. Within the next minute, the camera goes to a shot of Jenny starting bending the knife in half because of her frustration with Matt. These camera angles redeem parts of this film.
A quality of a good actor is being able to play different roles in different movies, without a doubt Uma Thurman conquers this quest. She was fabulous in Kill Bill and played a very different role, and while she is also great in this movie, it?s the plot that is the problem. You see the transformation of G-girl throughout the movie, not only in her costumes but in her personality as well.
September 17, 2015
Some funny moments do not a movie make and I'm generous with the some part.
August 2, 2015
another awesome movie
July 14, 2015
This movie has a premise that could make for a fun and hilarious film, and with a director like Ivan Reitman who has made some classic comedies like, Ghostbusters, Dave, and Stripes, that could help make it very promising. Sadly, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, fails to be either a good superhero film and/or a touching romantic comedy. It has it's cliches in story as well as characters, and it doesn't seem to be that well thought out of a movie either.
½ June 2, 2015
I always finish a movie no matter how egregious it may be. My Super Ex-Girlfriend was one of the toughest sit-throughs of my life. I still can't believe I made it through without killing myself.
½ February 14, 2015
The inverted Superman angle can only take this so far. The plot is unimaginitive, the CGI is unforgivably bad and Luke Wilson's sidekick friend is irritating and peddles only the lowest form of humour.
½ February 1, 2015
Premise has some promise, but by giving in to dumb obvious unfunny jokes the film gets more and more intolerable.
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