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½ January 17, 2017
There's no exceptional acting... there's no exceptional plot... there's no exceptional anything! Criminally overrated.
½ January 13, 2017
over-the-top acting and brilliant screenplay.
January 10, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ December 17, 2016
starts slow but the plot thickens! relatable characters.
December 11, 2016
Great dark mystery. A wonderful movie, but too disturbing to watch more than once. Too dark a place to live.
December 1, 2016
phenomenal experience
½ November 20, 2016
This is another movie focused on 3 characters, which is something I like, but I bet is hard to balance. Perfectly giving us each of their problems while focusing on the central story. Clint Eastwood directs Mystic River and it was in my opinion the beginning of him becoming the masterful director we know him as today. Emmy Rossum of my favorite TV show since LOST is in this film. I keep digging into the crates and finding fantastic movies, making me disappointed in myself for never having seen them earlier.

Everyone in this ensemble is acting his or her ass off, including Tim Robbins. Tim's character had a tragedy happen to him as a youth and it has made him a little weird as an adult. The way they keep certain things from you and focus on his idiosyncrasies is a bit like Gone Girl, pointing you in an obvious direction. Before they reveal a twist that you couldn't see coming, though there are hints throughout the picture. Kevin Bacon is quoted as saying it was his favorite film he has ever worked on and Sean Penn's scenes had me on the verge of tears.

Thank God for Clint Eastwood, who is sincerely focused on making great films and so often brings perfection to the screen. The scenes are a bit drawn out in this film, based on a book and the score is the perfect fit to that. The film was also scored by Eastwood! In the end you get a satisfying conclusion to this seemingly simple mystery the movie presented you in the beginning. The female characters are a bit off to me, yet they are both portrayed incredibly. & Even though the initial bit of Laura Linney's closing monologue is moving, the ends seems a tangled mess. So you wanted your husband to be a gangster? Regardless, the boys bring out the best in this movie
November 12, 2016
Mystic River gives us a sight of anger in the first half of the movie, we Jimmy(Sean Penn) who has an older daughter from a previous relationship; Sean (Kevin Bacon) who's wife left him with their unborn child; Dave (Tim Robbins) who has a wife and kid, but is suffering from something in the inside, he wants something to go away but anytime he brings his son up and back from school, he sees his worst nightmare. Director Clint Eastwood has not only created something masterful here but he has also created a fact of losing something that means the world to you. How will you go to catch a killer? Would you kill your best friend if you thought he killed your daughter? I'll let you answer that, but it's like when Dave has changed in his personality, the whole group has changed. They still see each other but aren't as close as they use to be. But they seem to be missing it. (the movie doesn't tell you but you can sort of see it) There's a man in the movie who is named Just Ray, he does not appear but he gets mentioned in some conversations. He is believed to be one of Jimmy's associates, who done a robbery with him and was rumored to be living abroad. It is stated by Jimmy that Just Ray sends $500 dollars a month.
The movie works on different levels, you get carried away with dialogue and forget what the movie is about but that's how it works.
½ November 2, 2016
Absolutely brutal and tragic.
½ October 8, 2016
A near perfect tragedy.
The performances are near flawless, perhaps the only criticism would be that at times they risk becoming a bit over-the-top.
The story is fantastic, and the script is largely brilliant; its only let down would be that it fancies its drama over its authenticity at times.
This is a perfect film for anybody who enjoys unabashed tragedy / melodrama.

- Captivating/Poignant Performances
- Script
- Over-Playing Drama over Authenticity.
½ September 16, 2016
A very powerful film that is some of Eastwoods best work. The movie does a great job of hitting a nerve deep by displaying many different themes : friendship, revenge, family just to name a few.
I also liked the 3 actors that were castes, because each of them were different, but yet they were once alike and best friends.
A tragedy when they were young had changed them, and a specific one of them forever.
Penn, Robbins, and bacon all give equal powerful performances that are all linked together in a way.
After one of the men's daughter is killed, one of the friends is somewhat suspected of the murder. From here the movie develops to a full on mystery, one that keeps you guessing due to the convincing performances from all three lead actors.

The setting of a rugged Boston community fits this movie so perfect, and helps symbolize the struggle that all three men experience since the traumatic events of their childhood.
The movie keeps you guessing, but also looks at friendship from kids to adults and how family can rule all. Fantastic film murder mystery drama.
September 10, 2016
It almost feels like Eastwood didn't have to do anything for this movie since the assembled cast is so phenomenal. Everyone is in peak form for this movie. It's dark, it's gritty, it's powerful. Still my favorite Eastwood direct film to this day.
September 5, 2016
Entretenida de principio a fin, los personajes son muy interesantes, sus historias son fuertes y dan ganas de saber más de ellos, especialmente porque todos los actores hacen una actuación estupenda. El caso es excelente para resolver, durante la película iba pensando muchas cosas, finalmente me engañó. Lo que no me gustó fue el final, sentí como tres veces que ya se iba a acabar y seguía, y las últimas escenas no tenían sentido para mi, de todas formas, el resto de la película es increíble.
August 30, 2016
A phenomenal crime drama from a talented director and with three incredible leading performances, the dark story of Mystic River is one that will leave you shaken.
½ August 26, 2016
Astonishing performances by everyone, an absorbing script, mind-blowing action, imposing photography, some heavy emotional scenes with Penn and Robbins which will make you feel, well, shit and the so realistic ending (no one gave a damn). But, despite the magnificence of the film, you can't ignore one suspicious plot hole: Dave could have said to his wife what he did and simply avoid that fatal excuse.
½ August 23, 2016
Powerfully acted by Penn and Robbins, but often melodramatic.
August 16, 2016
A direo objetiva de Clint Eastwood na conduo do roteiro inteligente, mesmo que contido, de Brian Helgeland tima, mas o que realmente impressiona a performance de Sean Penn. "Sobre meninos e lobos" um filme angustiante que merece ser assistido.
August 10, 2016
What? The last 10 minutes of the movie finally succeeded in murdering the interest I had in this increasingly impossible story.
August 7, 2016
Quality cast. Very good, dark, neighborhood story.
August 7, 2016
Eastwood truly knew how to execute one of the most sensational conspiracy story. Nice casting, nice screenplay and nice works of course.
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