Nanny McPhee Reviews

November 27, 2006
Nanny McPhee falls back on the Nickelodeon principle "If all else fails, hit 'em with a retina-searing overload of visual and aural information."
June 24, 2006
...Pleasing but ultimately unsatisfying.
Top Critic
February 8, 2006
The kids will love the candy-box sets and costumes like confectionery-shop windows, the whimsy and farcical grotesqueness of it all.
February 4, 2006
Any time Thompson curls that prosthetic snaggletooth over her lower lip and murmurs a nearly inaudible harrumph is a comic moment to be treasured.
January 27, 2006
There's nothing offhand or spontaneous-feeling about Nanny McPhee; it's a highly mechanical piece of work, and its potentially delightful details are wasted.
January 27, 2006
In a seemingly blithe way, the movie captures an aspect of child consciousness not usually explored onscreen -- that zone between innocence and knowledge.
January 27, 2006
Naughty (and nice) children of all ages, particularly little girls, should gobble this one up, and rightly so.
January 27, 2006
Nanny McPhee has its own enduring charm, a mix of witty dialogue, pie-throwing slapstick and eccentric family portrait.
January 27, 2006
This bracing adaptation of the Nurse Matilda books by Christianna Brand is the acidic antidote to Mary Poppins sweetness.
January 27, 2006
Nanny McPhee, though it drags a bit in its middle acts, finishes with such gusto that neither you nor your kids will need a spoonful of anything to make this movie medicine go down.