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September 27, 2017
viewed on 7/9/04 (Tues)

Watching this movie is very unnerving for me. I am afraid of deep water, the sea, the sharks, the sense of abandonment and death. I can see why this movie will work on many people. Now I think this is aided alot by the fact that a digital camera is used to give the 'home-video' feeling. True,initially the quality slightly puts me off. But, because of that particular 'home-video' feeling, I find myself believing in whatever I see. JAWS scared me because it is big and fierce but in this movie, the sight of a small shark fin can make my knees go weak already.

There is a particular scene the camera moves slightly beneath the sea surface and we see many sharks swimming around. The chill just runs down my spine. It is not a jump scene or a gruesome sight, just sharks swimming!

There are other things which make this seemingly innocent 'home-video' a truly scary movie. Besides the you-are-there feeling, I really admire how efforlessly the director builds up the suspense and the realistic drama around two people floating in the sea for more than one hour into the movie.

The suspense doesn't build up to a climax that will shock and shake you and then the end credits roll. The spine-chilling feeling comes and goes like the tide and when the death of the couple finally comes, it is quitely shocking and sad.

Now, many will compare this to BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and I think this is a much superior film. How can someone dutifully films everything even on the run from a mysterious forest demon? I buy OPEN WATER easily. After watching the movie, I was still bugged by the dismal quality of a home-video. But now when I think of it, the chill still lingers. I have no choice but to admit this is THE truly spine-chilling movie of all times. And it is not even a horror movie.

Rating: A-
Expected Rating: B+
July 29, 2017
Very few things send me off on a profanity laced tangent: anti-vaxxers, moon landing deniers, the fact that Rolling Stone, a supposed magazine that reviews music, listed Bob Dylan as the 7th best singer of all time, but this movie sends me over the edge faster than any of those. If I ever won the lottery, I would use the bulk of the winnings to find every known copy of this movie, digital or physical, and destroy them so no one ever has to watch this rotting, festering, dead skunk of a movie ever again. I think I made it farther into "Master of Disguise" than I did in this movie, but at least that one doesn't make me want to go on a three state killing spree. God I despised every second of "Open Water". I made it about 45 minutes in, paused it, went and looked at the plot, fast forwarded to when both characters died, cheered, then turned it off. I should have broken the fucking disc, paid the fine to Netflix, just so no one else had to be subjected to this landfill fire of a movie. If the couple in this movie starred in another movie where they were fighting Nazis, I would start goose-stepping while singing the "Horst Wessel Song". I would rather watch a supercut of every single killing during the Rwandan Genocide then ever have to watch this again. I'll never figure out how "Ace Ventura" got 46% on this site, and yet this soul-sucking tale of a couple bickering in the fucking ocean got 72%. Fuck this movie with as many rusty garden implements as a Home Depot would hold.
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July 22, 2017
Open water made a big splash (Ha ha) on the film circuit in 2004, and it's other simplicity allows it to retain it's progressively deepening feelings of dread and terror. The setting couldn't be more sparse - aryoung couple take a scuba diving vacation, only to find that their boat and all of its other passengers have disappeared when they resurface. They are uncertain that they're in the right spot, and to make matters worse, Night is approaching and a study current is pushing them out to sea where sharks are lurking beneath the waves ......

This is not a found footage film (thankfully) but the Internet close-ups and having the camera frequently bobbing in the water creates the same effect of putting you right there in their flippers, heightening the growing sense of dread. The two principal actors do an admirable job under very difficult conditions, even getting to drop a few lines of droll gallows humor. This is a horror film that attacks the psyche over the eyeballs.
July 20, 2017
Decent movie and if you dont like the unknown things in the water, its even better. Never going scuba diving...Ever!!!
½ June 20, 2017
Between a 6/10 and 7/10, it's scary, tense, atmospheric, and well acted...
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½ June 10, 2017
Surprisingly freaky for such a simple concept. Well executed!
February 9, 2017
Worst 2 houers of my life. Will buy and give to all my enemies.
January 3, 2017
The movie, "Open Water", terrifies me more than any other movie I've EVER seen and its probably not even in my top 10 movies of all time. I can't think of a more horrifying way to die outside of maybe plummeting to earth in a 750 MPH uncontrolled vertical dive.
½ November 13, 2016
Terrible horrible movie. Despicable that someone would make such a movie. They should be ashamed
October 9, 2016
If I could give this movie zero stars I would. From the amateur acting to the terrible script, shot by a terrible videographer, I warm you to not waste your time with this god awful movie.
September 13, 2016
The reason so many people dislike this film is because they are unable to appreciate a film for it's story, it's acting and not for huge explosions, and CGI. This film, which focusses on just two actors, is a budget film that pulls off a ferociously intense story that keeps your captivated until the very end. People that say it's boring, crap etc are too used to huge Hollywood films such as Avatar etc. This is a rare, yet extraordinary piece of film making with convincing acting and a harrowing true story, definitely not one to miss!
September 7, 2016
Just the right length....interesting accounts of the events. Not much to the movie though, but you are pulling for the divers.
August 19, 2016
Terrifying. For all of its lowfi qualities, it's actually the really effective and tense thriller. Especially the night scenes.
½ August 18, 2016
The fact this got a 72% makes me question the validity of rotten tomatoes.
July 26, 2016
Open Water is the terrifying and intense true story of a young couple who are mistakenly left behind during a scuba dive excursion and must face the reality that they are all alone in the middle of the ocean with no rescue in sight. For what it lacks in star-power and production values, it more than makes up for with nail-biting tension that puts you in the shoes of these two unfortunate people when you realize just how terrifying the ocean actually is. The film is shot with HD cameras to give it a hyper-realistic feel which puts you right there with them and horrifies the audience every now and then when the camera dips below the surface and shows us what is swimming around them. One amazing thing about this film is that no CGI was used and thus the sharks, jellyfish, etc were all real and the actors had to overcome their fears and swim amongst them. This film is the true definition of a HORROR film as the situation these people find themselves in is the absolute last thing I would ever want to experience and the filmmakers do a great job keeping the tension taut throughout. It proves that imagination is far-scarier than big-budget effects and this is easily the scariest shark film since Jaws!
July 9, 2016
Not much of a movie. More like a travel advisory warning and one of the main reasons you won't catch me Scuba diving. At least they squeeze a topless scene into the 79 minute running time.
July 5, 2016
As a fan of horror flicks
The film does a good job at building suspense as a viewer you can't help but feel truly helpless as the waves move above and sharks circle below for a low budget they did an amazing Job i'd take this film over a campy shark fest any day of the week for a low budget with some intense moments I was impressed.
5/5 stars
June 27, 2016
had some interesting moments better then #2
June 26, 2016
This is the most primaly terrifying movie I have seen in my life.
June 26, 2016
I admire the realism in this film. It's not a blood-thirsty monster movie, it's just a straightforward true story portrayal and what would actually happen in this situation. That said, the characters aren't very interesting to watch and their acting doesn't really sell the realism for me, but there are some nice fearful moments.
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