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June 3, 2018
Classic movie. I loved it as a kid, and now I am watching it with my wife and kids (two daughters, currently 8 and 10 years old). The whole family loves it. Great script, very funny, and a rare movie that is not only watchable, but watchable multiple times. My 10 year old daughter saw the movie yesterday, and asked to see it again today. This is a great date movie, and a great family movie. There is a little bit of swearing, and some mildly suggestive sex moments, but overall a great movie for all ages.
May 10, 2018
I love this movie!! My friend introduced me to it and we both loved it so much that we would quote lines from it. "I am NOT a bitch!" "I was short AND fat?" "You don't shove the food into Shitake's mouth, you place it on her tongue." It's a good time!
March 17, 2018
I saw this in the theater when it first came out with my gf's nieces and nephews and they all loved it. I thought it was a funny yet touching movie with life lessons about how to treat people, how we all have the capacity to change and apologize to people we may have wronged. That relationships should be based on love. I forgot about it until I saw the remake trailer. I rented the DVD and the movie still holds ups. Much better than it's 46% rating here on RT. A great movie to watch with your kids. The remake looks likes it's missing the charm of the original, but I'll have to see it and then update this review.
January 19, 2018
This is a great 80s comedy. Goldie Hawn is adorable and Kurt Russell is his usual likeable self.
Shocked to see it does not have a higher score!
A great rom/com for the family.
Super Reviewer
½ August 15, 2017
Amazing, an 80's movie I haven't seen. Hmmm... it was okay. I'm not sure what message it was trying to get across. It is too extreme both ways - being rich doesn't have to mean that stuck up and awful, and being poor doesn't necessarily equate to living like an animal. Honestly I couldn't see why either of those lives would appeal and I don't buy the ending for a second. Living with a pig who lied his way into her life and got her to sleep with him on false pretenses and don't even get me started on those horrible four little boys.
The end line made me vomit a bit too.
Whatever. It's a dumb comedy. Okay to watch once.
½ June 18, 2017
After a slow start, this quickly becomes an easily likeable rom-com, especially with Hawn & Russell as the leads. Even though the premise is basically kidnapping, it is done with no malice and an obvious end-point of 'happily ever after' that you're able to forgive Russell. Quite a few laugh-out-loud moments, many thanks to the four boys. Nothing exceptional, but a nice 2 hours.
½ May 28, 2017
This 80's comedy is pretty standard and would be forgettable if it weren't for its amazing cast and surprisingly funny laugh-out-loud moments towards the end of the film. While you won't see me actively sprinting to my friends' houses to introduce them to it, if it comes to mind or they're looking for something in the genre, Overboard would most likely be my first choice.
May 20, 2017
If you gave this movie less then 4 stars that's because you didn't grow up to watch the movie with your family. This is a classic! I love the plot and the duo couple, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell!
May 17, 2017
Man thinks snooty woman is awful. Woman gets amnesia. Man tricks her into thinking she's his wife. In what world is that funny? Even in the realm of fiction it's gross and creepy.
April 9, 2017
Makes me laugh every time I've seen it.
March 14, 2017
Not entertaining for me but I did think there where funny moments but at the same time there is swearing witch is not good. But not great I think.
February 8, 2017
Classic pairing. It had some really funny moments at times.
½ December 1, 2016
Scuttled comedy effort has spoiled rich woman getting amnesia and claimed by poor, untidy handyman as his wife to collect on unpaid work. Film takes on water early on with unappealing characters and cannot fully bail itself out with attempts in the latter stages to humanize the participants. Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Randy Newman solidifies his legacy with another completely forgettable film composition.
October 29, 2016
A bit lumpy, but with a heart of gold. Goldie glows!
September 25, 2016
Very enjoyable movie. Great for the family. Man gets stiffed by a rich woman who later looses her memory and he takes advantage of it.
½ August 21, 2016
a tour de force for Golie Hawn. Kurt Russell is very good and so is the rest of the cast. Quite a few lol moments.
April 26, 2016
It's not smart, but it's satisfyingly funny.
March 26, 2016
Nice comedy from the 80s with handsome and talented performers and comic situations.
January 14, 2016
One of my favorite comedy romances.
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