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½ August 16, 2017
I wanted to like this movie sooo bad..I mean Idris..and Charlie oooo Charlie??..but I didn't like it that much. I can't believe this movie got higher ratings than transformers! I haven't seen the current Transformers and yes the last wasn't great but the two with shea..were great to me.
The idea of robots transformers in to vehicles soo cool..this movie on the other hand was soo predictable. It really didn't make much sense..aliens came crime the ocean through a breach, looking like dinosaurs or Godzilla...the girl.. her acting was so stiff I cldnt stand watching her.
There was no point at least not to me, of even having Ron Perlman in the movie wth was that?
No thanks
½ August 15, 2017
Pacific rim pleases my childhood in almost every day.
Giant robots, check.
Giant monsters, check.
Giant sword, check
The action is awesome, its not like transformers where you can't understand whats happening, here the action is slow and you can understand the scale of the battles.
Charlie Day's character is awesome in this, even tho I feel some of the other actors could have done a better job.
Pacific Rim it's awesome, waiting anxiously for the sequel.
August 5, 2017
Very nice movie. It is like transformer against Godzilla
July 17, 2017
Pacific Rim is surprisingly very good and entertaining in its first half, but so incredibly boring in its second half which was filled with action scene after action scene and that bored me to death. But the characters are surprisingly solid here and are well played by their actors with Idris Elba being one of the highlights and Charlie Day stealing the show with his signature humor. The movie is too dark, but its anime style with an abundant use of color blue was pleasing. It is a typical and shallow movie which was still surprisingly passable and not as bad as I thought it would be.
July 7, 2017
cool movie I love it
June 29, 2017
This is the FIRST of ALL his films i've watched were I didnt get BORED or had trouble stying interested, with the 1 eception of Hellboy.
I never used to like robotech type animation or anything like it, untill i saw this EPIC film!!!!! A+ 100%!!!!!!!!!!!
½ June 15, 2017
This movie proves that Transformers is only profitable based on its trademark rather than by their product which is largely overshadowed by the engaging and splendid action that feels colossal and real from Del Toro's Pacific Rim. In fact, why hasn't he being hired to helm the Transformers movies?!
½ June 13, 2017
It's really, really, really good fun. It's not one of my favorite Guillermo del Toro films and the first half is not as exciting as the second half since it focuses a lot on character development, but when the action kicks in it's a non-stop adrenaline ride. I found myself in awe several times during the action sequences, and Guillermo's attention to detail is just incredible. Visually stunning and damn entertaining, "Pacific Rim" is a really good time.
June 1, 2017
Incredible. Really. No, really. A smart brilliant movie that easily could have sucked in the hands of a less passionate artist. Thank you, Guillermo, for this gift.
May 31, 2017
So full of plot holes it's a wonder there's a story to follow at least giant robots punching giant aliens looks cool.
May 27, 2017
This movie is not going to be for ever one. However, this one really took me back to my childhood. Something about robots fighting aliens creatures really just hits it off for me. I would recommend this one highly.
May 21, 2017
As good as cult monstet movies get
½ May 6, 2017
Monstrous creatures rise from the depths of the Earth through a inter-dimensional portal to erase mankind. Might sound familiar, along the same lines as any other creature feature, but what Pacific Rim does well is the style. Outside of Idris Elba, the acting isn't supposed to be Oscar worthy from any of the other stars; Charlie Hunnam does a decent job and Charlie Day gives the comedic performance to keep the film light-hearted enough. It was also nice to see a brief glimpse of Ron Pearlman. The fight scenes are well done even if you get lost for a split second in the crossover. The idea is fanciful. Mind melding with another human to make the robot move is clever. I also appreciated the fact the other 'teams' who ran some of the other Jaegers had their own style and quirks. The monsters, known as Kaiju, were certainly alien enough, but a tad hokey. What I appreciated though was the follow through from del Toro with the storyline. Stay focused, keep it straightforward, and stray little. For a summer blockbuster, it seems 2013 can add another in the win column. It bodes well for Pacific Rim after the other big-budget films that just came out flopped. What a mighty fall that would be for a Jaeger.
May 6, 2017
Watching giant robots bash giant monsters is actually pretty fun. Still waiting for Voltron with Shia Labeouf as black lion leader.
½ May 5, 2017
I think the guys who make Honest Trailers nailed it when they called Pacific Rim "The Most Awesome Dumb Movie Ever Made!" This film has some spectacular action sequences between robots and monsters that make my inner child squeal with glee. It takes me back decades to when I'd play with my toys in the same exact way. But the concept of stopping dangerous beasts by punching them and that whole "drift" system is extremely stupid.

The nice thing is that Pacific Rim has a self-aware quality that makes me feel like everybody behind the scenes knows this concept is nuts. The tongue-in-cheek nature shows a lot in scenes with Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, and Ron Perlman. They add some much-needed humor, because everyone working in the Jaeger scenes is so deadly serious. Those scenes between all the Jaeger pilots are easily the low point of the film for me because we don't really see them do much of anything.

The fight sequences are what make Pacific Rim worth watching. It is the number one selling feature, and it is the best part of all three acts. Luckily they include a lot of them so it's tough to complain. The CGI is absolutely amazing and doesn't stand out as artificial or cartoony. It is helped by the fact that all the fight scenes are at night, in the dark, and often rainy. It helps hide all the seams that reveal CGI, but it also can make it hard to distinguish what is happening.

I can't figure out why Charlie Hunnam was given the lead in Pacific Rim. He has very little charisma and is out-acted by everyone else around him. Rinko Kikuchi brings a certain charm and creates a much more sympathetic character. Finally, Idris Elba is so perfectly cast as the man in charge. He's the type of guy who makes a civilian like me instantly want to stand at attention and salute. Leading up to the finale he delivers a speech that would be cheesy from anyone else, but he sells it.

I loved the history that they explained at the beginning of the movie. It set the stage well, but without having to spend too long on back story and origins of the Kaiju or the Jaeger. On the flip side I hated all the technical talk about the "drift compatibility" nonsense. Because it was all pointless mumbo-jumbo, it would have been better if they spent less time explaining it. With that fake science stuff they should just leave us to understand "it works because it works."

Pacific Rim is the kind of movie that is pure and simple, dumb fun. But it isn't the kind of awful mindless tedium you get out of a Transformers film. True, this movie is not one that I'll be able to argue for if someone says they hated it, and it's not one that I'll watch again and again to analyze all the intricacies of the plot. But if I just want to sit down and cheer about how awesome it can be to watch giant things punching other giant things, I'm going straight for Pacific Rim.
April 29, 2017
The movie "Pacific Rim" was by most the movie the revived the Kaiju movie genre, right after cloverfield. Though the movie came out before Kong and Godzilla did in their respected movie verses. They both hold major differences while being inspired by the other. But lets delay get right into Pacific rim.
The best way to describe Pacific rim is not through its story, characters and dialogue but through its concept, style, and visual format storytelling. Pacific rim is practically a combined inspiration of everything giant monster based from Transformers, digimon, pokemon, voltron, ultraman, Power rangers, Gundam, Gamera and The king himself Godzilla. The movie feel like an old nostalgia trip back to childhood action shows with giant monsters or anime based feel and that's what movie feels like and why I really like it. The director Guillermo Del Toro is a big kaiju fa, and took inspiration from godzilla himself.
What holds the movie together is its cinematography and visual special effects. This is especially shown in the monster fight scenes, the fights are quick and over the top creative and fun such as scenes like the boat sword and elbow rocket along so much more. What makes it all work, is that it's paced and slow never too fast or throwing too much at you it's like if Michael Bay calmed down with the explosives to show a better story. Thus also contributes to the story like the fights they to are slow visually shown its like an good example of what an visual story is done, the format is clear and never to blurred or feels distracted it allows you to submerse yourself into that world.
What the Movie doesn't due to well however is its Character story writing and dialogue. Though the characters are fun, decent and have great moments like Pentecost and Mako, as well as Hannibal cho and Dr. newton. But other characters like Raleigh and Hansen are okay to like cliched action roles like Hansen is the bully and arrogant jerk, with lines that feel like they came from independence day or something. But then again it's still decent and better than Independence Day because it has a Narrative Story. just more visual than writing format. But that's what Pacific Rim is.
Though the movie took inspiration from Japanese Godzilla and some what of Kong's films, but there are some major difference by terms of concept. Godzilla is a natural disaster/tragedy based film with a monster in it, while kong is a pure monster movie has a sense of mystery and dread, mixed with great spielbergian characters and storytelling/writing that mix up the thought driven message that ends with tragedy. Pacific rim is an anime action based film like Transformers, Ultraman, Voltron, and with more visual based storytelling, than story writing/dialogue. But that makes it good because of charm and nostalgia, mainly due it being reminiscent of old childhood shows whether anime or western action based. While mixed with an clear, slow and well paced visual story format makes the world not only a realistic look and feel but also an identity that can easily be understood through the story better than Independence day itself.
So yeah I'd like pacific rim alot, is better than Kong or Godzilla, No! While both movies are different in concept nd Kong and Godzilla did their storyline and writing better, including Character. Pacific Rim is about one one thing. Childhood Nostalgia and formating to more an adult stage of modern age to bring back a fan loved series and concept that is extremely creative and fun. It was Inspired by Godzilla but yet it isn't its own thing but charming and nostalgic at the same time. Thanks to the visuals, cinematography, special effects and Format makes the world all the more reason to make it interesting. so Pacific rim in the end is a fun childhood nostalgia based film with good action, good example of visual storytelling and fun decent characters that balance out the movie just enough to make the Kaiju genre alive again.
April 28, 2017
I hope they are making a part 2 to this.
April 23, 2017
It might be a half hour too long, but this monster flick is worth the watch.
April 14, 2017
You have to take this movie for what it is... Robot (man operated, that is) vs monster. Didn't care for Charlie Hunnam's (Raleigh) acting nor did I care for Rinko Kikuchi (Mako). What I don't get is why Asian females always have the same look. Bangs straight across the forehead with either a bob or straight hair. We do have wavy, curly layered haircuts. Getting sidetracked here... Just watch the 2 giants battle it out and Idris Elba.
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