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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension ties up some of the franchise's lingering questions, but six films into the series, the thrills are mostly gone.



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The Paranormal Activity series grows with this fifth entry from Paramount Pictures. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi

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  • Such a tepid failure that it triggers catcalls from paying audiences.

    Oct 25, 2015 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…
  • If this is the last in the series, then the franchise has succeeded in going out with a bang - a bunch of them, actually, and at least a couple should have you involuntarily twitching in your seat.

    Oct 25, 2015 | Rating: B | Full Review…
  • Those seeking closure to what continuity there has been will go home mostly disappointed.

    Oct 25, 2015 | Full Review…
  • If only Ghost Dimension spent more time in the ghost dimension and less time in the people dimension, we might have had something.

    Oct 24, 2015 | Full Review…
  • This series jumped the shark - maybe that should be jumped the dark? - following its not-bad third chapter.

    Oct 23, 2015 | Rating: 1.5/4 | Full Review…
  • At its most basic level, the "Paranormal Activity" formula still has some kick, with its combination of creepy lo-fi video and tasteful suburbia creating some strong, unsettling dissonance.

    Oct 23, 2015 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

  • Jun 18, 2016
    See more reviews like this at I want to start off by saying that this movie is disappointing in every sense of the word. This is the Paranormal activity series' 6th film and is by far the worst installment. It is evident that the writers have run out of ideas this time. The plot itself has been recycled TOO MANY TIMES. The sheer boredom of this movie is unbearable, and 90 minutes was far too long. Often in the script you can see the writers killing time. There was a point in the movie where two characters were having an in depth conversation about Santa Clause and I knew that there was nothing the movie could do at that point to redeem itself. And it didn't even try. Along with that, Gregory Plotkin (who is not known for any decent work) removed all elements that made this saga engaging. The invisible entity unleashing chaos, murder, and destruction everywhere it went was a credible threat. Now with the magical camera, we can actually see the demon, and it's not a good look. It looks like some sort of black liquidy mass darting around the room not posing any legitimate threat to its victims. At parts during the film, this mass was given a hideous face that stunk of cheap CGI and was almost comedic to look at. The 'evolution' of this demon culminated at this films' conclusion. And without any spoilers what is seen is by far the most ridiculous thing and quite possibly the worst executive decision ever made in a film. Another element that was excised was the actual horror in this horror film. This movie should be rated PG-13 for no sudden jump scares, no invincible antagonists, and no reason to fear anything in this film. With a small low budget film of course comes a small low budget cast. New faces Olivia Dudley, Brittany Shaw, Don McManus, Cara Pifko, Dan Gill, Chris J. Murray, Michael Rawic and Ivy George join old faces Chloe Csengery (young Katie), Jessica Tyler Brown (young Kristi), Hallie Foote (Grandma Lois), and Aidan Lovekamp (Hunter Rey). It's almost as if there was a competition for the worst possible actor. The only incident where I felt any emotion from these characters performances was a pleading look from Brittany Shaw as the last line of defence from keeping Leila from the demon. The characters themselves were one dimensional with hardly any back story. The only genres you'll find here us flimsy attempts at horror, thriller, and comedy. No deeper meaning either, this film is one dimensional along with its characters. The final thing I want to mention is the connection to the previous films. Unlike its predecessor, The Ghost Dimension tries to relate back to the same world as the rest of the Paranormal Activity series through the tapes, an old set, and time travel. Yes, you heard me. And that wasn't the only moment where the plot turned silly... Although idiotic, the connections to the old films is at least half positive. It did expand on Katie and Kristi's intriguing story, and left me yearning for an end to their tale, for the sake of closure and cinematic quality. To conclude, I am officially saying that Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is the worst movie I have ever seen, and I've seen some garbage. Rather than thinking about negatives to bring my rating down, in this film I've grasped at straws to find shreds of affirmative elements of this monstrosity. I would only recommend this movie to those who wish to make sarcastic remarks about its terrible quality, as I did.
    Christopher B Super Reviewer
  • Jun 03, 2016
    The Paranormal Activity franchise, which has, in my opinion, never been very good, is at its worst in "The Ghost Dimension" (or at the very least, sits on equally-worst footing alongside "PA4")
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 05, 2016
    An abysmal mess, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is a completely inept horror film. Interconnecting itself with part 3, the story follows the new owners of Katie and Kristi's childhood home (rebuilt after a fire) as they discover old VHS tapes of the kids being trained by a cult leader and an unusual video camera with unique properties that enables it to pick up different visual spectrums that show that there are entities moving throughout the house unseen by the naked eye. The film starts out alright, but within 20 minutes it's off to crazy town and doesn't let up. Nothing about it is scary or frightening in the least, and there's no investment in the characters. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is a pathetic entry into the series, and hopefully the death knell.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 19, 2016
    I was gonna start off this review by saying how the mighty have fallen but, let's be fair, the Paranormal Activity franchise was never mighty. The first film was really good, the second movie was good, but it fucked with the timeline so much that it really hurt that second installment a lot. Ever since then, however, the film has seen a steep decline in quality. Every sequel in this film, minus the Marked Ones, has been worse than the one that came before it. It's just a matter of fact, simply because a lot of it felt like repeating the same scares that were established in the first movie. A lot of it is also the fact that, until The Marked Ones, the films were released on a yearly basis. It's hard to maintain the quality of a franchise when you put out a new movie every year. The Marked Ones, while I wouldn't call it a good movie, was a moderate success because it, theoretically, shifted away from the contrivances of the main franchise and nonsensical plot developments. And I say theoretically because they also had to find a way to completely ruin The Marked Ones by, somehow, without any explanation or thought put behind it, tying it to the events that are happening in the main franchise. Really, we haven't seen a new Paranormal Activity movie, like canon PA, since 2012 and you would think that with THREE years that the end result, particularly for what is supposed to be the last film in the franchise, that they'd come up with something better than this movie to have as a send-off. I will say that I appreciate the fact that we finally got some answers to some of the questions the franchise has set up for itself in order to justify its sequels. But, as the phrase goes, too little too late. I know the franchise has to have its ardent fan base and I'm sure they'll disagree with what I'm about to say, but I find it impossible to care about any of the answers when the road to get them has been as nonsensical and contrived as this franchise has. And the fact of the matter is that the answers we get aren't even that satisfactory to begin with. While I understand the need to set the record straight with some of its longer plot points that have been there for years now, they also need to understand that a lot people simply don't care anymore. This is like Lost, where they spend so much time setting stuff up that'll be answered in the last season that when they do answer some of those questions the reactions end up being 'that's it, that's what we waited 6 years of our lives to see'. I don't think that's the reaction you want to get from audiences. Though, to be fair, PA never got to be as nonsensical as Lost, but the analogy still works in that the answers to all of these questions end up being unsatisfactory. It's like they forgot that this was also a horror movie because they were so concerned to answer all the questions. The horror that is there, however, is lazy and uninspired. It's almost like a Worst Of...really. They're just really lazy, a lot of them are jump scares which, to me, are the laziest form of scaring someone that is out there. There's just no thought whatsoever put behind them. I can do them, you can do them, anyone can do them. Here's the thing about the first PA movie, and I've brought this up, I think, in every review I've done for each of the sequels, is that there was a sense of dread that kept building up in that movie. It wasn't just a collection of jump scares, even though there were some. They built the tension up so well that people were terrified of what was coming next. So that when they did ramp up the horror, people were peeing their pants, watching the film through their fingers. That's what made the first PA movie so successful, both creatively and financially. That's also what made Rec, one of my favorite horror movies of all time and, to me, the best found footage horror movie I've ever seen, so incredible. Granted, this movie wasn't made by the same people as the original, though I'm sure they had a part to play here. It's still disheartening to see that the people that wrote this movie failed to grasp what made the first movie so good. Like they tried with Tobi, but it's really hard to be scared of the coming of a demon, or Satan itself who knows, that's named Tobi. Seriously, the demon's name is Tobi. It's not that it was its real name, since they did give the child a fake name so as to not reveal its fully identity. It still chose to name itself Tobi. I realize it's just a name and it really isn't important in the long run, but it's impossible to be scared of a demon named Tobi. Like I mentioned, the scares in the film are really ineffective, to the point of self-parody. The third act itself, like everything before the last couple of minutes of the film, is laughably bad, like just the dirt worst. Like that was the very definition of what some people hate about the genre. Once everything dies down and they're in the basement was at least good. Of course it's only like, what, 2 minutes before the film ends, so it's not like it amounts to much. Let's get to the positives. Olivia Dudley. That's it. I mean she's a stunner, so I'll take the positives where I can get them. Part of the problem with these films is the fact that they all pretty much play out exactly the same way. Like there's nothing that differentiates the films from one another. The Marked Ones had a latino cast, so that's the only real "difference". Other than that, it's gonna be next to impossible to tell the sequels apart from each other and this movie is no different. If this is the end of Paranormal Activity as a franchise, and I hope it is, then they ended it on the worst possible manner. This is a bad movie and I hope that this really is the end of this insufferable franchise. Play the first film 6 times in a row. You'll watch the same movie 6 times, but at least it'll be better than all of the sequels combined.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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