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½ September 16, 2017
Somewhat mesmerizing. Plain and simple. Marvin the dog is the breakout. Probably don't have to see it again.
September 11, 2017
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September 9, 2017
What a sweet movie! Totally unexpected.
September 1, 2017
I was impulsed to buy a Carlos William Carlos William Carlos poem collection after watching this. Full score
½ September 1, 2017
This movie is actually about poetry
August 31, 2017
Adam Driver's character was kinda intetesting,with his love for poetry and stuff, but i can not get over the absolute annoyance that his his wife in this movie. She zaps all kinds if entertainment out of it, and everytime she appears on-screen i loathe every second of it. It is also kinda boring seeing Driver literally drive a bus around all day, haha puns. Give it a pass.
August 31, 2017
I absolutely loved this movie. It made my heart feel good.
August 26, 2017
I like Jim Jarmusch's work - particularly Dead Man and Mystery Train - and his bone-dry humour. The problem I have with Paterson is simply that it's too attenuated and self-indulgent. A very simple story - a week in the life of a New Jersey bus-driver (beautifully played by Adam Driver) - just isn't enough to fill the running time. Look at what Steve Buscemi did with the similarly themed Trees Lounge. This is minor Jarmusch.
August 26, 2017
Paterson is a superb film. It's a celebration of the rich interior lives of ordinary people, through a work of cinematic art stuffed full of subtle, almost imperceptible messages, but all the more effective because of its understatement. Adam Driver and the rest of the cast faultlessly and mesmerisingly convey the film's life-affirming themes. Find it, and see it now. And then, see it again!
August 19, 2017
Jarmusch should have gotten an Oscar. Beautiful film and screenplay!
August 17, 2017
Beauty in everyday simplicity. Not for the viewers who want to shut off the brain and be entertained by a product. This is true honest art.
½ August 11, 2017
I was so glad I missed this in the theater. Maybe it's because I don't get Poetry but this was SO BORING. I got the DVD from my Library and spent a couple of days trying to finish it & just couldn't, Sorry. Mundane Garbage.
August 9, 2017
Paterson, the film, leaves the onlooker to find beauty in the day to day. As the director uses beautiful scenes, foreshadowing, and an antagonist dog, we are taken into a Paterson's life. The fact is that the sun will always come out tomorrow.
August 5, 2017
Not as great as everyone is saying, but still very interesting. Kind of slow, but one of those movies you think about a lot after you've seen it. I think if the lead characters were a little less one dimensional it would have played better. Still better than most of the crap people are making these days!
August 3, 2017
Jim Jarmusch studied poetry as an undergrad at Columbia (before going on to film school at NYU) and therefore had exposure to poets of the New York School who taught there. The New York School poets were influenced by William Carlos Williams who also mentored Allen Ginsburg and wrote a five-volume epic poem called Paterson, named for the town in New Jersey, west of New York City, where Ginsburg and also Lou Costello were born. I learned some of these things by watching Jarmusch's latest movie, which takes place in Paterson and features a poetry-writing bus driver also named Paterson (played by Adam Driver). The poems written by Paterson in the movie were actually written by New York School poet Ron Padgett (some new for the film, some older). Jarmusch also wrote a poem for the film which is attributed to a 10-year-old girl. He also wrote and played the music on the film soundtrack with his band, Sqrl. The music is used to great effect during the meditative moments when Paterson is writing his poetry (which appears legibly superimposed on the screen); I felt transported during these moments which sometimes take place when Paterson is sitting by Paterson Falls, also a focus of Williams' poem, apparently). Outside of these poetic moments, we follow Paterson on his daily routine (the film is structured by the days of the week), waking up each day beside his wife/partner Laura (Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani who has worked for both Farhadi and Kiarostami), then walking to the bus depot, driving around Paterson eavesdropping on passenger conversations, and observing, observing, observing. Later, the routine involves dinner and then walking their scene-stealing English Bulldog to the local bar where more observing takes place. There is a little bit of drama at the bar, but not much. Other time is spent writing poetry in the basement. Paterson seems a contented man of few (spoken) words. Some reviewers have commented that his domestic arrangement (with a stay-at-home wife portrayed as somewhat frivolous) is rather old-fashioned, if not stereotypical, and that Jarmusch should be faulted for this. Perhaps. But it also seems that Paterson may actually be a throwback to an earlier time, not in his beliefs, so much as in his way of being (for example, he explicitly eschews smart phones, computers, etc.). There is a real sense of nostalgic reverie present here even though the America we see is the present day (beautifully shot by Frederick Elmes). The film has a way of casting a spell over the viewer that makes you want to write poetry yourself, or at least to be a more mindful observer of the little things in life that poets notice more. Those transcendent moments that Jarmusch captures for us help the film to rise above the otherwise humdrum existence being portrayed. In other words, poetry can make your life better.
July 28, 2017
Very boring and slow movie. It didn't have a purpose. The best part was the adorable dog!
½ July 24, 2017
Worse movie I have ever seen. Maybe weed was involved the other other peoples review. OMG don't watch it!!!!
July 23, 2017
A beautiful, simple, poetic film. We follow a week in the life of Paterson (Adam Driver), who is a bus driver in the town of Paterson, New Jersey. He's a pretty swell guy who is perfectly happy with his hum-drum life and enjoys writing poems. He has a knock-out of a girlfriend, named Laura (Golshifteh Farahani), who is an artistic type and spends most of her time trying to figure out what is the best outlet for her creativity (playing guitar? making clothes? cooking cupcakes?). She is very supportive and loving. Together, they share a small house and an adorable bulldog named Marvin. During the day, Paterson eavesdrops on various conversations had on his bus. At night, he frequents a bar where he has befriended the bartender, named Doc (Barry Shabaka Henry), and various other customers. There isn't much of a plot, and the few conflicts that do arise during the run time are fairly small. The film doesn't really go anywhere, but that's kind of the point. Paterson is all about the simple joys of being alive, human, and being happy with what you have. It's oddly invigorating to just follow around an everyday normal blue collar worker who loves his life. Adam Driver is quite charming and charismatic, he easily and effortlessly carries the film. Golshifteh Farahani is gorgeous and sweet. They both have great chemistry and make for a very cute couple. The film is also beautifully shot. It's nice sometimes to watch a laid-back, simple, sweet and altogether winsome film and Paterson is exactly that plus more.
July 19, 2017
It's a little slow, but nice. And what a wonderful girlfriend...
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