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May 21, 2017
What a waste of time! Scenes happen for no reason, nothing ties together, and the dog's boring expression says it all! That was my expression. Save your dollar and 2 hours of your life!
May 21, 2017
A very enjoyable wee movie, not entirely true to life but more an impressionistic depiction of everyday life, and love. Nothing terrible happens, and although there is a lot of event there really isn't a narrative story. It's a week in the life, with curlicues.
May 21, 2017
Grade - C
'Paterson' is a very unique movie, as it isn't really about anything. It's a celebration of the everyday man/woman, and slowly but surely builds character in the process. As interesting an idea as this is, an unfortunate side effect is that the movie can sometimes be a little slow and its lack of plot can sometimes make it hard to get engaged with at times.
May 18, 2017
For all of this film's gentleness and beauty, there's something very punk rock about Jim Jarmusch deciding to make a movie about all of the things that you are not supposed to make a movie about: the mundane and the familiar.

The way that I thought of the structure of this film, it is as if each scene is the start to a new conflict that could springboard into another movie, but it never does. Such is life. We experience small conflicts, and we make the choice to pursue them or not.

It is all like if a filmmaker stopped and asked "why not make a movie about the inbetween?" Besides, that is what we spend most of our life doing. The long, mundane goings on separated by brief and ever-so rare moments of excitement. Thanks to, Mr. Jarmusch, for celebrating that in such a way that only he could.

"Paterson" is a poetic masterpiece, and Jarmusch's best achievement since the "Stranger Than Paradise" and "Down by Law" years.
May 17, 2017
A beautifully poetic, minimalist, confortable and quiet movie about ... nothing. And I say this with the most positive intentions. "Paterson" paints a portrait simply about routine and every-day life. Adam Driver gives his best performance yet and he proves himslef as one of the most genuinely complete new actors of his generation.
May 13, 2017
Paterson (Adam Driver) is a bus driver and amateur poet in Paterson, NJ. I'm not sure if "Paterson" is his first or last name or why both he and the city spell their names with only one "t" but it's probably not important. There are lots of things in this film that aren't important even though at first they seem like they're going to be. That Jim Jarmusch is quite the trickster.

Paterson is married to a woman named Laura who spends her days decorating their home and herself and trays of cupcakes in black and white patterns. Even their English bulldog, Marvin, has a black and white collar, though he, himself, is brown and white. Paterson and Laura seem very much in love, though their verbal communication is superficial at best. It's a dynamic one might expect of a couple who only speak a few words of the other's language, though they both speak fluent English. Patterson really only expresses himself in his poetry, which he writes in a secret notebook every chance he gets and doesn't share with anybody, not even Laura.

"Paterson" (the movie) depicts a week in the life of Paterson (the man), whose routine is so unvarying and his demeanor so low-key that by day three, I started to simultaneously fear that something really terrible was going to happen or that nothing at all was ever going happen. It's the sort of movie that really grows on you if you're patient enough to stick with it through morning after morning of watching a guy eating Cheerios out of the same black and white mug. I mean, who eats cereal out of a mug anyway? The first day I assumed all of the bowls were dirty but there he was on day two eating out of the very same mug. And not one of those big round cappuccino mugs either, just a regular old mug-shaped mug.

Despite being a man of few words, Paterson gradually develops into a likeable and relatable character in a movie full of likeable and relatable characters. (I'm excluding Laura from the "relatable" category as she seems like she was plucked straight from a 50's sitcom.)

All in all, a very engrossing and enjoyable movie.
½ May 13, 2017
One of the dullest films I have ever seen. Do you know why no films are made about a bus driver making his rounds?Because it makes for a really dull movie with no real purpose. The poems were also dull, somehow the reviews make it seem like a bus driver writing poems is something phenomenal. It really isn't. The whole time you're watching waiting for something to happen. Nothing ever really does. Don't waste your time watch something else, maybe paint drying.
½ May 10, 2017
My opinion---

With Paterson "Jim Jarmush" here sign a movie of great tenderness and
full of delicacy, pure zen attitude. In addition, all this delicacy
benevolent submerges you all along this movie, great art. This movie is
to be prescribed to all the strained people of our modern life. In
conclusion, we must not forget this beautiful couple that releases so
much sweetness, kindness and tenderness that are: Adam Driver in the
role Paterson and Golshifteh Farahani in the role of Laura, and you
will see or have seen a magnificent movie
½ May 9, 2017
A movie with surprising depth. Actually made me want to be a better person and spouse.
½ May 8, 2017
This movie made me want to kill myself.
"Minimalist" my a ss. I kind of never write reviews, only when it's really worth of it. And this piece of sh.. deserves it. I'm sorry but I want my 2 hours of life and $6 USD back now!
May 8, 2017
Not one person in this movie had a New Jersey accent. How could you write a move about Paterson, NJ and forget that? The accent of New Jerseyians sets the whole tone of the setting. It's a whole culture all it's own. This might as well have been ABCville, USA except for the scenery. I bet the director has never even been there. How could you forget the NJ accent? Honestly......
May 7, 2017
This was a movie without a message or purpose . . . unless the message is "life is filled with hopelessness and unfilled aspirations" and "even the girl of your dreams will get on your freakin nerves." We all know by know by now that Adam Driver can act. I don't think we need to spend two hours watching him be soulful. The only way this movie would have redeemed itself was if Driver beat the dog with the guitar at the end.
May 6, 2017
Started it. Still not finished.
½ May 4, 2017
Paterson is certainly well acted and it has a couple of wonderful scenes including the very interesting bus sequences and the girl poet scene which is heartwarming, but it also has too many scenes which are unnecessary and dull, the film is overly realistic and thus too slow and the titular protagonist is too boring and passive for your main character.
May 2, 2017
Wonderful and sweet film. I loved adam drivers acting. I felt a lot of zen and Japanese cinematic structure. There may be some Ozu in the films influence. The poetry element was well crafted.
½ April 30, 2017
A watchable film about getting stuck in the rut of life.
April 28, 2017
I assure you this movie is absent any trace of plot. He drives a bus. He writes nonsensical, unartistic poetry. He walks his dog to the bar. She stays home. She entertains fanciful dreams of self-grandeur. She covers every possession in juvenile black and white patterns. The end.

Please save yourself two hours. The 95% rating is from the point-of-view of pretentious critics and their love of minimalist "artistry."

I recommend Shrek.
½ April 28, 2017
The simplicity of Paterson's life is shown so sincerely and with such purity that although it can be said that nothing significant happened in this movie, it can be said just as much that nothing had to. And that makes it that much more significant. God, it was so good.
April 26, 2017
A visual ode to poetry.
April 25, 2017
Art inspires work, work inspires art. Jim Jarmusch's latest low-key character study has a small voice but a loud heart. The languid focus on a week in the life of bus driver with a poetic touch, might not be to everyone's taste. However, for those who are drawn into the steady, methodical pace, will be rewarded with a deeply rich, engaging and charming insight into a slice of Americana life. Possibly, the director's best work yet.
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