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October 1, 2017
An old friend recommended this to me, was happy I found the time to watch it.

The story follows Ben Affleck, a guy who goes into a programme where his is paid a big sum of money to reverse engineer things for example, 6 months, then have that 6 months erased as soon as the work is done. Anything done in those 6 months, becomes the people who paid him's property. It's a fairly complicated story to explain, he ends up getting in trouble with the FBI, waking up with an erased memory being chased by the FBI, not knowing why. To add on to the mystery, before he had his mind wiped he wavered his rights to the money he was mean't to be paid. Only being left with a handful of items he had sent himself in an envelope. You follow Ben as he tries to figure out what, why and how he's in this position.

I have always been a big fan of Affleck, since his work with Kevin Smith. I feel Affleck carries this movie, accompanied by a good plot. I found it really interesting, it isn't anything original, following the likes of Bourne Identity and Total Recall but it's exciting and fun. The biggest flaw would have to be that the items are too specific to a situation, it isn't all that believable.
August 25, 2017
"If you show someone their future, they have no future. " Kind of blows your mind huh? Well, that is what the basic plot of this movie does! The premise is, would you give up three years of your life, and all memories of those years, for almost 100 million dollars? What if you fell in love during that time? And what if you changed your mind about the money? And instead, traded it for an envelope of, well, stuff? Those questions, and more, are what Michael Jennings must deal with in this movie, and it makes for a pretty good plot and premise! Now, the short story that it is based on moves much quicker and feels like a tighter, better written version of this. But this movie is good, and though the action sequences could be much, much shorter, I think it stays pretty close to Philip K's tale. My only problem with this film is the editing. I think it gets pretty loose with the location of the characters, and twice I was completely dumbfounded as to where the characters were, even after I rewound to try to figure it out! It felt sloppy. But I liked the movie, even the cheesy ending!
½ January 21, 2017
Wow, what a ridiculously shite movie.
December 9, 2016
"Paycheck" is an interesting sci-fi thriller whose clever story is the driving force of the film. The main character, a reverse engineer, steals the inventions of competing companies and then undergoes a "memory wipe" in order to avoid implicating himself or his employers. This creates a fresh new take on the amnesia or short-term memory loss plot device. Things really get interesting when the FBI is trying to track him down and he is able to evade capture through a series of everyday objects contained in a mysterious envelope. I would go on about how clever the script is but I don't want to spoil any of the surprises. Director John Woo maximizes the potential for action sequences and intensity within this story. The issue is that the script and direction are undermined by the acting. Ben Affleck is one of my least-favorite actors. With the exception of "Gone Girl," I have never found his performances to be believable. Something about the delivery of his lines always seems fake and this is a prime example. When you pair him with Uma Thurman, another star that I don't care for (with the exception of "Kill Bill"), this was a recipe for disaster based on my personal taste. Conversely, Paul Giamatti is one of my favorite character actors and Aaron Eckhart is always entertaining. They just were not in the film enough to draw attention away from the awkward chemistry between Affleck and Thurman. Even though the acting leaves something to be desired, I will probably watch this film several more times in my lifetime. "Paycheck" isn't as good as a lot of other sci-fi thrillers but it delivers the satisfaction of seeing a series of unrelated puzzle pieces and slowly revealing how they fit together. And you don't even realize that there is one piece missing until the credits begin to roll!
October 10, 2016
I read the plot on Wikipedia before watching it. It helped me understand what was going on. I liked it and would give it 3 out of 5 star rating.
June 21, 2016
Paycheck starts off well enough. Ben Affleck, wearing douche bag sunglasses, is a reverse engineer. He is paid to duplicate and, hopefully, improve existing technology. After project completion, his memory of the project is erased from Affleck. His character is shallow, with shallow relationships and seemingly no immediate family. He is given a three-year project, which includes the standard memory-erasing clause. At the end of the project, he immediately senses that something is wrong. He has only clues to help him weave through a tangled web of chaos. In theory, it's a pretty good premise. However, after a solid beginning, the film struggles with execution. There are too many movie cliches -- the long car chase scenes, the shoot outs that go on forever and involve the token catwalk. Affleck's acting is not great either. He seems disingenuous throughout the whole film and lacks the depth to convincing convey the proper emotions toward the leading lady, Uma Thurman. Uma Thurman is a bright spot in the film, managing to turn ridiculous lines and horrible directing into the character with the most depth.
May 21, 2016
Déjà vu, prévisible, a plus l'air d'un film de 1993 que de 2003...
April 1, 2016
Entretenida. Le dieron muchos palos en su día, quizás porque prometía más de lo que ofrecía, como ocurre en la mayoría de las ocasiones, pero ha envejecido mucho mejor que otras obras mejor puntuadas. Hay que destacar que probablemente (sin haber visto su filmografía entera) sea una de las peores actuaciones de Ben Affleck, y que además hay un abuso de las escenas de acción que en ocasiones roza lo absurdo. Por lo demás se parte de una premisa curiosa, que aunque en su desarrollo contenga muchos agujeros, resulta entretenida siempre que uno no le de demasiadas vueltas a la cabeza.
March 1, 2016
Its nothing special. Messy in places and don't buy the story at times. Pretty much a poor mans Minority Report
February 19, 2016
Great premise, disappointing execution.
February 8, 2016
It's...interesting. I had no idea what was going on for the first half of the movie. By the second half, I was hooked just enough to get to the end.
August 30, 2015
This movie just sags, even in the action scenes.
August 18, 2015
Best Ben Affleck movie.
½ August 13, 2015
It Maybe off at times and ignores some of the mysterious aspects but it's solid and brilliant.
For having 3 box office bombs in one year and winning 3 razzies for worst actor 2003 was not the best year for Ben Affleck although I didn't think he was bad in this. Ben Affleck basically takes up after his buddy Matt Damon because his character in this is basically Jason Bourne.
This would've made a brilliant tv show.
August 1, 2015
While not as terrible as most people have foretold it, Paycheck is a waste of an action movie, as it focuses too much on the action and, along the way, forgets they were telling a story
July 10, 2015
I love John Woo but boy was he the wrong director for this film.
½ June 19, 2015
The only interesting part of the movie is the reconstruction of how Ben Affleck managed to remember his future, but for the rest is a bad scifi movie.
½ June 11, 2015
When I first saw this film I didn't even know it was a Philip K. Dick short story. The movie came out almost 12 years ago but it didn't seem so far off until I realized I didn't remember why he's being chased. I remembered some of the action scenes and the mystery solving so in my mind it looked more like an action than sci-fi movie. The plot is basically centered around the action, the car chases, gunshots, and explosions - not at a Michael Bay level - but still a very action-centered movie. It made the characters looks quite one-dimensional

It's funny how this futuristic sci-fi movie is a bit off. I mean the movie doesn't really hold up today. It's still a good science fiction - I meant action - story and I enjoyed watching it, maybe even more now that I recognize all of the supporting cast, but parts of the movie looked...fake I guess, or like it was made in the 80s instead of the 00s.

Paycheck was awesome when I saw it as a kid, it's still a pleasant movie to watch but it's definitely not a film for a nitpicking audience. @wornoutspines
June 8, 2015
Holding the dubious dual honour of being possibly the worst adaptation of a Philip K. Dick idea and the worst John Woo film at the same time Paycheck is kind of a mess. It didn't have to, though. The story is neatly engaging and the cast has potential, not even the director is that terrible? So what happened? Well, Paycheck came out at the height of early aughties confusion when 'audience movies' and studio decisions neatly overlapped to give us milquetoast action movies. This was before the action revolution, before the marvel cinematic universe, before even batman begins. It was the year that gave us the atrocious spider man 2, daredevil and xmen 2 as well as the two big budget, concept spoiling matrix sequels. Looking back at all this it all seems quite quaint, really and i can't help but wonder what a better director would have done with the IP.

So what's wrong with the movie? So many things in such little baffling ways. Ben affleck is wholly unbelievable as an 'engineer' (compare and contrast to Carruth in primer), the other actors, including eckhart are hamming it up and the time aspects of the plot are poorly explored. Paul Giamatti gets too little screen time, Uma Thurman gets too much and the action scenes are utterly forgettable despite the fact that this is a John Woo Film.

Paycheck is a bad movie, such a bad movie in fact that it seems like the director saw an apocalyptic future triggered by the movie in a reverse engineered machine and designed the movie to be shit and forgettable to save us all. Avoid.
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