Peppermint Candy (Bakha satang) Reviews

December 16, 2018
Lee Chang-dong presents a melodrama that stands apart from the plethora of similar productions due to its intense political element, because it doesn't lose its seriousness at any point and because it doesn't become hyperbolic in his effort to draw tears
May 11, 2010
This is Korea's millennial elegy, filtering its search for times past through a confection no less bittersweet than Proust's madeleine.
January 29, 2008
The film offers a heartbreaking drama told in reverse chronology and spanning twenty years in both the life of the main character and the political history of Korea.
December 22, 2003
August 14, 2003
It's a story about the original sin of a nation as well as one character. There has rarely been a better film made, ever
December 8, 2002