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December 9, 2017
The ambiguous back and forth nuances seemingly took the psychology of the questioned self to something unconventional within a story of mourn and desire, with a subtly suspenseful supernatural twist, even though moments of the nicely developed approach sometimes went off-railed while Stewart performed at her constant's best. (B+)

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½ December 7, 2017
?I feel like everyone just knows me as ?that chick from Twighlight? but you know I am so much more than that. I mean I want to do something more meaningful like that French movie, irreversible,? - Stewart.

?Okay, well this one script did come across my desk that was written by sexually repressed French teenager with Down syndrome who uses SIRI to communicate," - Stewart's agent.

"Great, I'm in"
½ December 2, 2017
Awful. Is supposed to be a deep, introspective movie but it was so boring and slow and with a horrible ending that gave us no release or closure at all. Had such high ratings too...don't get it. Don't want to.
December 2, 2017
The acting stunk and the plot was stupid. If not for the fact that Kristen Stewart was chosen to play the lead, no one would watch this. It would have been much more interesting if "Lewis" the deceased medium brother came to her and helped her through her life instead of her trying to find him and encountering a strange spirit that did nothing but frighten her. The time passed really slowly in the movie. I watched it until the end but I would never choose to watch it again.
½ December 2, 2017
Personal Shopper was a film I admired but found hard to love. Stylish and seductive if felt like it tried a little too hard to be clever and came unstuck. Set in Paris, Kristen Stewart plays a personal shopper for a fashion icon. She doesn't really enjoy her work but has unfinished business in Paris. Her brother died of heart failure and she is waiting for a sign from him to move on. But the story never really convinces in a positive way. It feels a little forced and ridiculous at times. Stewart is outstanding in her role though and for that alone the film is worth a look.
November 28, 2017
An atmospheric movie about yet another passive female protagonist that doesn't really do anything. I liked parts of it: the mood, the creepiness, Kristen Stewart. But the main problem is, the main character does absolutely nothing that is essential for the plot. She doesn't make decisions and she doesn't drive the plot. Basically she just sits around waiting for something to happen, and once it finally does, she has zero impact on anything. You need plot, no going around it. This one doesn't offer any.
November 17, 2017
Slow, ponderous, pretty much meh. Lost me at the vomiting ghost scene.
November 13, 2017
I only wish it would have left out one fx shot and stuck to its minimalist guns just a little tighter. There is no film that used iphone chat messages to great effect. This film deserves enormous credit. There are several masterfully built scenes of suspension, horror, and tension. Also heavily philosophical. Juxtaposing the mundanity of shopping for someone's upscale clothing with the fears of death and losing. The sterility of hotel rooms against the aged yet empty beauty of a haunted house. Also left serious questions as to whether this was a mental illness or ghost film.

I am usually a fan of Kirsten Stewart, though she does tend to over act with her body movements.

Cinematography was telling half the story, as it should be. The digital age sure can be artful now that we don't have to endure cinematographers and colorists overdoing everything to hide a camera's shortcomings. Or maybe the world has grown more tasteful. The final scene, they seem to use a really soft lens, to enhance the spiritual and emotional state of the protagonist. Lovely, really.
½ November 6, 2017
Your mind will wander, but the ending will leave you reevaluating all the little things you dismissed along the way. Not as captivating as it could be with more tonal focus, but Stewart's commitment and pathos makes up for its odd shifts.
November 1, 2017
An ambiguous, thought-provoking, unclassifiable kind of weird psychological horror experience. Kristen Stewart sets the mood quickly and carries it through.
October 21, 2017
"Personal Shopper is something of a mystery indeed, it's such a smart thriller even Hitchcock would be impressed by it."
DVD Movie Review: Personal Shopper
Date Viewed: July 4 2017
Written and Directed By Olivier Assayas (Summer Hours, Carlos, Something in the Air, Clouds of Sils Maria, Demonlover and Boarding Gate)
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Lars Eidinger, Nora Von Waldstätten, Anders Danielsen Lie, Sigrid Bouaziz, Ty Olwin, Audrey Bonnet, Pascal Rambert, Hammond Graia and Benjamin Biolay.

"Personal Shopper" is an intriguing and tasteful thriller that might frustrate people with it's lack of thrills but Kristen Stewart is terrific here as an American personal shopper who partakes in several detours in her late brother's mansion where she hopes to possibly make contact with him. Stewart has really been taking chances lately with these riveting roles. From "Clouds of Sils Maria" to "Still Alice" to "Certain Women" to "Camp X-Ray", she has really put her Bella Swan persona to rest. Stewart is really becoming an actress but the "Twilight" haters don't seem to think so.

It's pacing might be slow but "Personal Shopper" is still a very good movie. Mostly set in Paris, the film centers around Maureen (Stewart), a personal shopper for a really famous fashion model named Kyra (Nora von Waldstätten). Maureen is still grieving over the death of her twin brother, Lewis and she searches for any signs of his presence in his old mansion. Lewis' girlfriend, Lara (Sigrid Bouaziz) is planning to sell the mansion and the potential buyers want Maureen to find out if the house is free from ghosts or any spiritual presence.

Suddenly one night, she hears clanking noises and she thinks that it might be the spirit of her brother. She thinks so because both of them had the same genetic heart problem, they were both interested in spiritualism and had connections to their universe. While neglecting her Skype-chatting boyfriend, Gary (Ty Olwin), Maureen gets involved in a bizarre relationship with an unknown texter who keeps texting her a series of personal questions. Could this mysterious person be somebody Maureen knows, we don't know who he is and that's what keeps the movie engaging. On the spiritual stuff involving the twin brother, is he really present in the mansion? Is Maureen really the spirit of her late brother? Or is it just all in her imagination?

The film keeps us intrigued until the very end and the very respected writer and director Olivier Assayas (Summer Hours, Demonlover, Boarding Gate, Something in the Air, Carlos, Clouds of Sils Maria) has crafted a tricky tightrope of a premise. "Personal Shopper" also benefits as an impressive character study and as a chilling thriller. Kristen Stewart's performance is tough to shake off and the movie underpins it's themes of communication, grief and loss solidly well. "Personal Shopper" is something of a mystery indeed, it's such a smart thriller even Hitchcock would be impressed by it.
October 17, 2017
Kristin Stewart makes for a boring badass. What's up with all of these movies about existential boredom, these days? A Ghost Story and Only Lovers Left Alive fall under this same category for me, beautiful boredom.
October 10, 2017
I am a little surprised at the many negative views of this film. I am guessing that it might be because there is no real resolution. So if you like all the ends tied up and everything explained at the end best avoid this. For the rest of us it's a fun but scary ride.
½ October 8, 2017
Personal Shooper [2017]
October 3, 2017
Who do you want to be?
October 1, 2017
Seriously?? Lost 1.5hs of life watching this crap movie.
No message at all. No nothing!
Netflix was showing 94% of rating... yeah alright!
½ September 25, 2017
The Tomatometer is crazy, this film doesn't deserve more than 50%... It's boring and not scary at all. Kristen Stewart is always great and that's what made this film somehow watchable.
September 20, 2017
Sometimes a movie puts you on the fence. At one second you say it was ok, but the next you say what did I just watch. 'Personal Shopper' has another intense performance from Kristen Stewart, but the mystery is revealed so casually after a build-up that was so strong. Olivier Assayas writes and directs a movie that goes in many different directions, but can't find peace with itself. An unsatisfying finish leaves us with a movie that has intrigue but can't complete the job. Final Score: 5.7/10
½ September 18, 2017
Kristen Stewarts bland performance drags down an already ify movie into the mediocre realm.
Grade: C-
½ September 10, 2017
First and foremost, Kristen Stewart is really great in this film. This and her performance in "Clouds of Sils Maria" are by far her best performances I've seen from her. However, I can't quite say the same about the film as a whole, in fact, it suffers from tonal inconsistency and narrative flaws. The film works best when it's dealing with Maureen trying to communicate with his recently-deceased brother and all the supernatural stuff. There are a lot of interesting ideas about afterlife and people dealing with grief; it has this great sense of ambiguity and I just wish it focused more on Maureen communicating with spirits and less on her dealing with creepy texts. While it's not as coherent as I wanted it to be and there are things in the film that don't quite work, I did not know where it was going and I was consistently intrigued by it. "Personal Shopper" is a unique psychological thriller and Kristen Stewart's performance is what holds it together.
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