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April 13, 2018
Movie making that inspires. Gabourey Sidibe, Monique, and Paula Patton impress. The story is one that stays with you for a long time.
February 18, 2018
Precious is the heartbreaking story of a woman, a true woman, with a film to support her that is so uncategorically moving that even though her story is destined to end in tragedy, the film opts for a denouement that is heartwarmingly optimistic.
½ January 8, 2018
A very good film. Just don't watch it while depressed because won't make it any better.
December 28, 2017
This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. How it got so much hype, or anywhere near the Oscars is beyond me. It's a profanity-laced bore. Had I known the Monster's Ball producer directed this one, I wouldn't have bothered - another over-hyped lousy movie..If stringing together profanities is Oscar-worthy, let's give Andrew Dice Clay a lifetime achievement award.
½ November 14, 2017
I don't know got to watch a movie
November 6, 2017
Everyone should see this movie,is the crude reality of some childs that some people are ignoring.
½ October 21, 2017
Fin dai primi minuti il film ci catapulta in una dimensione talmente profonda e perversa che alla fine sarà difficile uscirne. Ci vengono proposti temi forti, crudi, senza peli sulla lingua, che coinvolgono grazie alla potenza con la quale vengono raccontati. Tra tutti gli aspetti positivi spiccano interpretazioni fantastiche ed una regia unica e personale, che aggiunge al film un tocco più fresco e moderno rispetto ai film dello stesso genere.
½ August 7, 2017
This movie was too cliche and starred a African american as the lead role because I'm racist and Mariah Carey's bad acting
July 8, 2017
Life is hard,life is short, life is painful,life is rich.Life is.... PRECIOUS.
A very deeply touching story.Amazing performance by Mo'Nique!!! She has to get the Oscar.
June 18, 2017
Para um filme produzido por Oprah Winfrey e Tyler Perry, "Precious" é tudo que você esperaria que fosse: corajoso, cru e completamente sem remorso, mas também é um explorador demasiado e faz do sofrimento o único gancho para manter o espectador, isto faz o filme começa a desmoronar ou empacar em uma angustia que só piora, apesar de algumas performances sólidas de seu elenco e uma direção competente a falta de um final adequado diminui todo o trabalho feito antes.
½ May 13, 2017
A teenager pregnant by her own father for the second time, illiterate and abused by her terrible mother, she finds a chance to change her life entirely. Harsh and crude story. Gabourey Sidibe and Mo'Nique's performances are so strong and intense that the great number of nominations and more than 40 awards for the latter were mandatory. Incredible film!
½ January 27, 2017
Lee Daniels directs the movie Precious. Precious is the story of Clarissa Precious Jones (Gabourey Sidibe) who lives in Harlem. She is unable to read, and has two children from being raped by her father. Her mother (Monique) is a deadbeat that relies only on welfare to get through the day. Precious is a victim of her circumstances, but hopes to do better for herself.

For starters, she is kicked out of school, but placed in a new alternative school. She gets more care and tries to learn how to read. She does this despite constant putdowns from her mother that she will never amount to anything. The mother appears jealous of her that she has two kids by her father, and only one by her. Needless to say, this is quite an awkward scenario. Precious can only get through the day by fantasizing about being famous.

Precious to me just a constant negative film. The mother and daughter fighting just gets tiring. The film is just an endless tirade of sad events. I don't believe that all movies need to end well or have much inspiration, but this film just seems to go out of the way to write miserable scenarios. When the mother fights, and nearly kills Precious and the new child just seems absurd, particularly when she has to know that it was rape that led to the birth of the child. While these scenarios may exist in real life, this movie just poured it on too thick. For me the example of a good tragedy is not one where they just pour on bad event after bad event. There should be a better balance of events, characters with more depth, and something light, which this movie had basically none of.

January 2, 2017
Truly disturbing, but amazingly crafted film. Like certain other films, I will never watch this one again, for the simple fact that I don't think I could take it.
November 20, 2016
This movie has a the feels. Truly remarkable and you don't for a moment stop pulling for the lead and character is well written. Unbelievable job of casting and the screen writer.
November 17, 2016
I can see why Sigourney Sidibe won an Oscar for Precious. What an intense film. The story of a young woman's struggle to make a life for herself in spite of rape, incest, and physical and verbal abuse in her home. Director Lee Daniels uses gritty realism with flashes of fantasy scenes to reveal Clarice's inner strength.
September 11, 2016
Many years ago I kept hearing about this new black actress on the scene who killed it in a film called precious. Everywhere I went especially black areas I kept hearing about gabrorey sidbe's incredible performance and monique's for that matter. I finally got around years later to watching Precious based on the novel push by sapphire and I kid you not when I saw I was having to pick my jaw off the floor. Amazing picture that couldn't have been more deserve of the Oscar nod it got in 2010.
Clareece "Precious" Jones is a young obese girl living in Harlem, NY with just her mother Mary. The Jones household is an abusive one both physically and psychologically. on top of that she has a child with down syndrome. After getting expelled from her high school precious goes to an alternative one and meets people who help her see a light in at the end of the dark tunnel she is still walking through. the movie is one of triumph pain and of course coming of age.
This was maad raw! nothing was held back with this portrayal of an abusive household and life for that matter. The imagery during certain scenes paint a picture of what precious has going on her head each day. the lighting was tremendous it made everything so dim litted and darker. makes it obvious it was done on low budget but it was still pretty cool to see. I really liked the authentic narrative in this from precious. the scene where everything unraveled left me speechless. It has to have been one of the best acted out scenes of 2009. The script overall was tremendous.
gabroure sidbe delivers a powerful performance. She plays one of the most unusual roles for woman. an obese young girl lost in the world. you immediately are rooting for her because she has more than the average girl with problems to deal with and you want her to succeed. you are taken on an emotional journey with her and you witness the pain she is in..I was stunned at how much incredibly horrible things were coming out of Mary's mouth. I mean I've seen more evil characters but still like I ended hating Mary so much. For Monique to get that kind of reaction out of me shows how much incredible hidden talent she has when she is working with proper direction from an accomplished director. lee daniels gives us really nice escapism moments with precious that takes out of the cruel reality that she lives in. The juxtaposition and compacted shots he uses are all excellent. Daniels unflinching look into a harsh life in inner city harlem ranks him among the best in black directors, spike Lee's, John Singleton's, the Melvin Van Peeples, the steve mcqueens and so forth.
Precious is an amazing stunning picture that one must definitely see
½ September 6, 2016
Although you'll be forced to fight back tears while watching, "Precious" is ultimately as hopeful as it is emotional.
½ July 12, 2016
A film which leans too heavily on the depressive elements of life, Precious is nevertheless an effective dissection of both emotional and physical abuse among the disadvantaged. It's problems lie in its tendency to wallow in misery, and resorting to repetitive fantasy sequences for levity rather than moments of genuine relief. Mo'Nique, lauded for her performance, is genuinely terrifying and convincing malevolent as the cruel, resentful mother, and while her role is mostly one-note, it still reeks of conviction and dedication. I believe, however, that the central performance of Gabourey Sidibe is much better, purely because we see many more sides of her character, and spend enough time with her to really empathise with her situation. It's a tough sit, and won't be something to watch frequently or in a casual environment, but if you're happy to invest the time and effort, it's rewards on plenty of levels.
July 7, 2016
Precious is one of the best films ever made, but let's make no mistake--it is a hard movie to watch. This movie grips you from the beginning and will not let you go. You may well find having to pause the movie to take a step back and take a few moments before continuing. This is a result of the powerful performances given by Gaborey Sidibe playing the title character and Mo'nique playing Precious' mother. This film deals with taboo themes with a relentless intensity that almost makes Schindler's List look like a fluff piece. Yet for all that, it is still a very inspirational film that shows us "inspirational" movies don't have to be sickly sweet, sappy pieces that would insult the intelligence of a five-year-old.
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