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½ May 9, 2018
Woody Harrelson delivers a fantastic performance but the film itself falls short.
February 25, 2018
A drama that leaves a lot to be desired. Woody does great in the lead role, playing a dirty cop to perfection. But the movie moves along too slowly at times and doesn't have a great ending. Too many storylines are left open to interpretation.
January 20, 2018
(5.0 out of 6)-
When we are always on the look out for crime, bad guys and danger. When we are always looking out for our own police officers, citizens and community. When we are always looking out when that's our job to patrolling. When we look out for not rehabilitating those when they are sick illegals to only look out for what we want to get them back on the street. When we look out for those who need looking out for. When we look out for anything out of the ordinary and unexpectedly to look out for those to know what's right and wrong in what they see. When what others don't know what we know, they look up. When others take after us in looking out, when it's art or for their womenhood. When we lookout for better company, drinks and pleasure. When we have a reputation for looking out when we take out big fishes in crime.

When what we rather not look we see our mind is on other things. When what we don't look out for we see it's too late when everyone is looking out for one another when we end up just like others. When what we see or don't see is our responsibility to lookout for we see it through. When what others rather look out for is justice, retribution, retaliation, or proof in what they look out so often. When what media looks out for are the people to expose the truth. When we see that what we should be looking out is our own people to see we make them look bad. When we see what others rather look out for is their self or others when we are seen reckless.

When what makes headline news everyone looks out for us in public places. When shit hits the fan we see all sorts of things looking at us when others are the boss to keep such people in control. When what we rather look out for is what comes after, when there are somethings we rather look at and other things we rather not look at. When what hates looking at us are those who want us out. When what we don't see are the things that hate looking at us when we don't see what we did wrong. When we do see what we do wrong but nobody sees we lookout for ourselves with the help of the street looking out for us too. When what we lookout are the desperate and hungry ones to let them go free when we only lookout for how much we get and how much a life is worth. When what others look out for is the justice system to uncover the truth. When what others lookout for is comfortability when somethings no longer workout to lookout for one another instead of others to only fend for themselves.

When what others lookout is investigating deeper into who we are. When others lookout in what we either see or don't see when it's racist, descrimimatory, and sexist. When we don't care to look at ourselves that way to look at something else. When we rather look at shit that is unreal and fantasy. When we hate looking at what is in front of us.

When we see whats is always looking and listening could be of good use, when they are cheap informants. When what we don't look out for are what we need to cover our tracks when evidence, testimonials, and clues make us look guilty. When we try to make it seem we are looking out for others to only look out for ourselves. When what others look over we see enough. When what we can't see is what not to look forward to when we are now looking from the outside in to know what we lost out on.
½ August 21, 2017
Really enjoying the performance of Woody, but the disjointed-ness of it wasn't appealing plus the end was.....sudden
½ August 19, 2017
Confusing indiscretions.
August 15, 2017
Good performances but not really sure what the point was :/ Characters didn't evolve, we never really got their back stories, and when it ended, it just ended.
July 17, 2017
Powerful drama with no direction but down. An unlikable main character to the end.
May 13, 2017
Tried twice, couldn't force myself through it.
½ January 1, 2017
The story wasn't that special ...but Woody makes it worth to watch this one ! SOMDVD
November 24, 2016
I gave it 4 stars instead of 3.5 because its so well done for a slow boring drama.
½ June 11, 2016
Slow. Predictable. Boring.
½ May 12, 2016
Well acted all around, just kind of slow an uneventful.
½ May 11, 2016
OMG! I failed to read the correct reviews on this. I mistakenly read the critics review who of course have the worst taste in films imaginable. This movie drags like no other. Also let me spoil the ending for you. There is none! None, just ends. Holy crap I want the last two hours of my life back.
February 23, 2016
This movie SUCKS for committing the ultimate yet unfortunately not uncommon sin: IT HAS NO ENDING! After watching it, you'll be as pissed off as Woody Harrelson's twisted character. Woody is the only reason I gave it two stars.
½ February 5, 2016
Absolutely, without a doubt, one of the worst 10 movies I've ever seen. I can not find any way to allow myself to give kudos to the acting jobs when the ending was so asinine. I'm not even okay admitting I wasted 2 hours on that. Id have felt more accomplished doing laundry and cleaning the damn toilet, which is SADLY, where that movie belongs. What a horrible disservice to the amazing actors that lent their talents to this shit. I've not felt this robbed at the conclusive of a movie in eons.
January 11, 2016
Woody Harrelson is excellent as a man spirally out of control as his addictive personality takes hold. No clear cut ending to the film but this is an intimate film and its fairly unrelenting in its brutal depiction of how someone can just fall to pieces even as he tries to show outward strength to those at work and in his family life. Tough to watch but I think this is an under-rated film of the @leaving Las Vegas' ilk.
½ November 28, 2015
Dreary depressing up close & personal look at the life of a brutal corrupt summary justice type cop as scandal of his own making unravels his life.
½ November 25, 2015
interesting edgy drama. as far as crime dramas go it is slower paced at times than the usual with these type of movies but woody harrelson is engaging enough to keep you attention. he continues to show what a good actor he is at either drama or comedy.
November 14, 2015
Despite being a bit confusing at times Rampart works.
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