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July 24, 2017
Abruptly departs any horror elements after the first ten minutes which builds a plot that becomes not only redundant but is so irrelevant it feels like a gimmick. All the supporting cast are terrible, either they have no character depth - at all or the performances are horrible, such as Urb. This entry also has the strongest amount of female characters and the filmmakers and writers just have absolutely no direction in how to write them all in. The action is decent and serves its purpose well to entertain but cheats it's audience every chance it gets, especially with its climax that promises something spectacular but we'll see how that goes next time around won't we?
July 13, 2017
More of the same. It moves the overall plotline - Alice against the Umbrella Corporation - and brings back the Red Queen. It also sees the return of several actors who have appeared throughout the series, albeit as clones, pawns of the Red Queen. Nice little twist, but still not enough to kick it up a notch.
May 26, 2017
exotic good action based upon by the video game
½ May 20, 2017
Second viewing much better, first half good. Terrible acting, not much to story, ending fights terrible.
April 26, 2017
This is the fifth instalment in this series I believe, but to be honest, I can only remember what happened in the first one - All the others now tend to merge into one big bubble that gets forgotten about quite easily. All I know is that there are plenty more zombies, more lickers, and more characters from the video game involved, but as for the storyline, I'm kinda lost now. It's very much gone Sci-Fi in this film, with several heroes from past films now being cloned, and their surroundings are often being generated by computer as opposed to good old fashioned travelling. The best bits are still when the classic battles with the undead take place, with some bigger and badder boss creature lurking just around the corner - to its credit, this is so reminiscent of the video game style. Rarely do I allow myself to watch movies out of sequence, but I do seem to have witnessed this without remembering the events in previous episodes. In truth, it's clearly watchable as an independent release as I still enjoyed it, but I've given up trying to understand where we are in the actual plot. The way I see it, if a franchise is good enough, you'll remember everything about each part of it, but clearly I'm now suffering from the lack of originality and action this is currently delivering. The ending suggested there may be one last stand against the so called T Virus from spreading, so we can deffo expect another. Having said that, I suspect there will always be an excuse to bring out more movies if the computer game popularity keeps banging out new versions too, but the way things are going I may well have to revert back to the PlayStation as a means of entertainment, as opposed to the cinema / DVD viewings.
½ March 9, 2017
I can't actually believe they even made this. It's people shooting guns almost nonstop. No story. I don't know what I was expecting since only the first movie was any good.
½ February 25, 2017
The fifth film in the series and we once again see alice battling against umbrella cooperation and the zombies themselves. With very little human population left alice desperately seeks to end it all. A crazy addition with non stop action, forget about the games and just enjoy this film as a all out action zombie slaying epic.
February 20, 2017
Why doesn't it end?! F
February 12, 2017
This is the point in this inexplicably long franchise where if you're here, you're not a new convert. And, as far as this movie is concered, if you're here you're likely enjoying yourself. Having grown up on the first two films, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy myself, shamefully so.
February 10, 2017
Trash. Overwhelming amounts of slo-mo, and tame action. Why are these rated R!? The weakest and most broken film in its franchise.
February 3, 2017
Spectacular action
Awesome cgi
If ur a fan of the series you know what ur in for
½ February 1, 2017
Pretty good bit confusing though
Super Reviewer
½ February 1, 2017
Nobody can say the story in this film isn't original because it's that ridiculous it's hard not to love it, It picks up straight away from Afterlife but for some reason Claire and Chris Redfield disappear without a mention (They like leaving us in the dark about things like this) But we have a returning Jill Valentine who is now under the control of Umbrella, She looks and even dresses like Jill in Resident Evil 5 the game, We get introduced to Leon who is played by Johann Urb who can't act one bit, Ada Wong and Barry Burton are also finally given the live screen treatment but are underused, We also get to see the Las Plagas zombies who were pretty cool, The action was great maybe a little over the top, The effects were good most of the time and the 3D was pretty good too, Probably one of my favourite Resident Evil films nut it's also one of the silliest but you got to say the final scene in this movie looks like we are set for an epic Finale.
January 29, 2017
This one is pretty crazy, and jumps a lot but none the less I enjoy this one quiet a bit, I enjoy crazy. I'm thinking in my top 2 or 3 at worst of the 6.
January 29, 2017
By far the weakest of the series and I was so looking forward to it!
January 28, 2017
Retribution I don't think is as bad as Afterlife, but it still is pretty lame. I like the premise of the story of Alice being stuck in their training facility, but I wish they would have stuck to that instead of having all this other crap. They try to bring some humanity back having Alice look after her fake daughter that came out of a simulation, and the ending is just dumb and from what I hear about Final Chapter, the previous 4 films are pretty much forgotten and they just do stuff in Final Chapter and its edited horribly. After this and reading up on Final Chapter, I won't be seeing it this weekend. I'll stick with the first 3 films I find to be guilty pleasures. Hopefully they reboot the franchise and actually make it scary like the games
½ January 28, 2017
About just as good as it's predecessor, this fifth chapter has many similar ups and downs compared to it. However, the plot does reveal a few very interesting twists at times, while at the same time, making the previous installment pointless with some events. Also, guess what? Go here, fight zombies, go there, fight the military this time, go in a building, fight more zombies, exit the building, fight more military.
½ January 28, 2017
1/26/2017: Just an ok movie. Better than the previous installment though.
January 26, 2017
I immensely enjoyed this movie! Ive been with resident evil since the beginning, and although i enjoy the games much more, this movie came close to capturing that magic. Its a popcorn movie and it knows that, it doesnt try to be anything more than what it is.
January 25, 2017
I always wonder how they keep making more of these and then I realized I'm the problem
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