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May 31, 2017
Close to my favourite movie of all time.. Great soundtrack and believable characterisations.
May 23, 2017
5/23/2017 (2): A pretty decent flick with an excellent cast. Not quite as good as Snatch or Lock, Stock...though.
May 20, 2017
fast paced and funny British gangster film . Very well executed cinematography acting writing directing and soundtrack . A poorly marketed must see for every guy ritchie fan
May 5, 2017
What a Guy-Ritchie-knock-off film would look like if it was directed by Guy Ritchie. Not terrible, but over-stuffed with plot and characters, and understuffed with heart and fun.
February 11, 2017
Pure entertainment! Clever movie by Guy Ritchie. Definitely not his best film.
January 20, 2017
It's crazy how underrated this movie is. It's a fast paced crime thriller/comedy that still caters to Richie's earlier style of filming. Everyone is in this movie and they rock their roles to the tee. Fans of Snatch could agree!
January 9, 2017
This movie is FUN! One of my FAVORITES!
½ January 7, 2017
I wanted so badly to love this movie. Between it being in the gangster genre and the absolutely stellar cast, I thought I'd have to love it.

The acting wasn't a problem here. They were all played extremely well and thats the reason I finished the movie. with a cast like that, you can't turn it off. However, the storyline just fell short. It starts off well, where you think there's a high hope it's going to be a great mobster movie, but it ends up taking you in circles and then falling flat on its face at the very end. Literally, the entire story is repetitive ans the ending is the last thing I'd ever have wanted. The Johnny Quid character was truly one of those characters you just can't stand. He pretty much ruined it for me.
½ January 6, 2017
Pretty solid gangster movie.
½ December 8, 2016
La wea taquilla. Estas pelis tipo Oceans Eleven no dan pa' mucho más. Tiene sus escenas, como la de los rusos inmortales, y mensión para el jefe que es prácticamente Roman Abramovich.... solo que tiene un equipo rojo en vez de azul.
September 25, 2016
May of had a few too many watching this cause I found it to be a tough to follow
September 17, 2016
RocknRolla is another European gangster film directed by Guy Ritchie. Once again, his stylistic filming is on display, and this time it has a mountain of great actors to help him out. Tom Hardy was the highlight of the film for me, in a very overlooked performance as Handsome Bob. Gerard Butler, Idris Elba, and Toby Kebbel were all fantastic as well. The plot was a little hard to follow, but it didn't need to be that special when there were so many great performances and such great camerawork. The end credits hint at a sequel that has yet to happen, and still isn't forgotten to many. I would love to see The Real RocknRolla, but for now, we have this very entertaining movie
½ September 3, 2016
This is by far one of my favourite movies. The soundtrack is so cool. The camera styles are very different and effective. Over all the whole movie is so 21st century gangster that it's cool. I rewatch the movie frequently and am desperately hoping for the sequel.
½ September 2, 2016
Nonostante qualche scena divertente e sopra le righe, RocknRolla un film che non ricorder molto a lungo. Ha una trama poco lineare e difficile da seguire, con personaggi convenzionali e numerose scene che allungano la minestra senza aggiungere niente alla storia.
½ August 27, 2016
Typical Guy Ritchie Fare. Pretentious and in no way as clever as it tries to make out with its snappy and garrulous dialogue, featuring a plethora and motley mish-mash of under-developed characters and interlacing plot-lines that aren't fully fleshed out, and it moves along a little too quickly for its own good. Plot holes and loose ends aside, I can't for one moment believe that some of the strung out junkies and wasters could be that articulate and lucid in their discourse, especially if there were that high. Admittedly, that's a minor gripe which I could tolerate if the rest of the film wasn't such a disjointed, if mildly entertaining, mess. Sadly the style does not quite triumph over the dearth of substance on offer here. Almost, but quite. 2.5/5
½ July 18, 2016
Said to be Guy Ritchie's first step back towards his career resurgence, RocknRolla sounded like some old fashioned glory in the man's distinctive style.

Guy Ritchie is a man who has established a distinctive brand of English cinema. His fast-paced music video style boasts visual glory while his preferred narrative is an intense and funny blend of crime and comedy. This is exactly the style of filmmaking he returns to in RocknRolla after finding little success with either Swept Away (2002) or Revolver (2005). While RocknRolla is a return to form for the director, it is also a return to formula because the man fails to break much new ground with this film. Having established his talents with the release of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) before taking his stylistic ambitions to the max with Snatch (2000), RocknRolla takes a step back into the exact same territory. RocknRolla carries many of the same faults as his earlier films, but the better aspects of the production fail to stand out all that much since they have all been seen before and so the impact is rather minimal. It's refreshing to see the director doing what he does best and doing it with an all new cast, but it's all been done before and there is little to hide that whatsoever.
RocknRolla borrows heavily from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It's a caper packed with a few too many characters to keep up with and a pace which moves at a rate too fast for any actual character development to take place. The script doesn't concern itself with this; it just makes an attempt to turn its characters into entertaining archetypes through the use of dialogue. The language is rich due to its high volume of gritty slang and humour, but it never really matters which character is saying it because the convoluted narrative rushes through them all without ever really asserting individual value for any of them. The lasting value of each character on the narrative varies, but since they are all given the same scattered treatment it really doesn't matter in the end because it's little more than a confusing spectacle of acting without any actual narrative purpose for it.
It's almost as if RocknRolla is the conclusion to a trilogy of films composed of this, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Unfortunately, this time the affair feels tiresome. By the end of the film I have little sense what happened, but this time around it felt like more of a chore to sit through the experience so I really didn't care. I enjoyed the energy in the film and the overall style, but the story was just not one I cared about. Eventually I had to embrace that I had little to care about and tried to find virtue in other aspects of the feature. It wasn't necessarily enough to have me calling this a good film, but it does serve as a reminder of Guy Ritchie's music video style of filmmaking. With the stylish cinematography and enjoyable colour scheme to the film being served through a series of manic quick-cuts against the backdrop of an intense soundtrack, RocknRolla is an energetic if overwhelming experience. And though characters are not a strong point of RocknRolla, the type of character Guy Ritchie is effective at coming up with is always interesting to see played by a variety of actors. With RocknRolla presenting many notorious faces to the style, the most entertaining aspect of the film is arguably the performances.
Tom Wilkinson is the standout of RocknRolla. Amid the manic blend of crime and comedy in the film, Tom Wilkinson is the one actor who takes everything completely serious with maximum intensity. He sinks his teeth into the power obsession of his character and grasps it with a tenacious passion, speaking every word with a swift pace of fearless confidence which allows him to command the more reluctant or confused characters around him. Tom Wilkinson leads RocknRolla with a powerful passion for the material and proves to bring out some sophisticated power in the material that Guy Ritchie presents him with.
Gerard Butler also delivers an intense effort. A widely recognized name in Hollywood, Gerard Butler is an actor who has a talent for really commanding a performance with a gritty edge to him if he is given the right one. While RocknRolla is inconsistent in its purposes for using him, the actor manages to use his natural charm in the calmer scenes while bringing out more tension in the others. He does this all while not having to disguise his native accent which has got to be refreshing for the actor. RocknRolla presents Gerard Butler in his natural form as both a talented actor and a Scotsman, and he captures the edge of the film with instinct.
Tom Hardy is also a brilliant presence. The man is currently one of the biggest stars in the world of cinema, and so seeing him working in his cultural roots within the confines of a Guy Ritchie film is a treat for everyone. Many of his scenes come with a humourous element to them which stand out from the rest of the material, and it makes his presence all the more memorable The same goes for Idris Elba whose rich sophistication comes to him naturally enough in any film lucky enough to benefit from his presence.
Mark Strong's suave line delivery and reputation for delivering intense performances makes him another befitting addition to the cast as well as an effective narrator. And last of all, Jeremy Piven is a grand presence due to his obnoxious persona reflecting the glory of his longrunning performance as Ari Gold on Entourage (2004-2011 without being derivative

RocknRolla serves as a reminder of Guy Ritchie's talent for crafting a gritty crime-comedy in the style of a music video with a dedicated collection of talented cast members, but with little innovation to the story the entire affair feels tired.
July 7, 2016
Cuando la vez por segunda vez, notas ms historias entrelazadas, escenas de 10 segundos con informacion y chistes importantes, que derrepente terminan con historias singulares, y te recuerda cada vez ms el caracteristico estilo de Ritchie para dirigir sus filmes, y se asemeja a su vez, a sus otros dos grandes exitos.
Tambien al comparar con los otros dos, te hace notar el cambio de Londres en esos 10 y 15 aos. ahora tiene un toque mucho mas 'Skinsesco' el bajo mundo ingls en la mente de Ritchie
Peor todava es pensar que ya estamos a 10 aos de aquel film practicamente, y no ha llegado la anunciada segunda parte. Recomendable verla dos veces.
½ June 25, 2016
Gerard Butler in a Guy Ritchie movie. A dream.
June 7, 2016
I think this movie is phenomenal.
June 1, 2016
IMO, the best of Guy Ritchie's movies. It's a crime that so few people have even heard of it...or Toby Kebbell, for that matter.
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