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½ December 12, 2007
It's not amazing, but Jennifer Anniston has such a nice presence on screen and it is a good little movie. This is the second time I have seen it, and actually it's better than I remembered. Have upped it half a star as I did really enjoy this.
Good supporting cast with Shirley MacLaine and Mena Suvari also. Subject matter with Kevin Costner's character is a bit ick, but I liked how it all worked out.
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June 23, 2011
An ok film. Jennifer Aniston has always been a favourite of mine.
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½ January 31, 2007
An average run of the mill rom-com/drama has some funny bits and gets more serious to the end. Starting to like Jennifer Aniston a lot more in films. She was great in friends but has done far too many rom-coms now that they just kinda all blur into one. An ok watch if you're in the mood. Although some strange plot decisions don't add up?!
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½ September 9, 2007
I loved this movie, its hilarious, sexy and just a really fun entertaining star studded movie!! Shirley Maclaine is excellent at playing the grandma who doesnt like being called that so she deliveers a fantastic funny performance and Aniston is fantastic and gorgeous!!
Aniston plays someone who has always thought she was adopted just becuase she ahs absolutely nothing in common with her family, so when she finds out that a book was writtenand happened to be based on the huttinger family she starts to think Kevin costners character is her family so through a series of scenes which deliver funny gags you find out what really is the truth!!
Funny and completely worth a watch!!
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March 26, 2007
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March 2, 2008
This is a silly movie. How could Aniston's role could fall into bed with the guy she already knows slept with her mom and grandma? Aniston's speech to her little sister at the end of the movie may be the only redeeming part.
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August 23, 2007
Rumor has it this movie can be thrown into the pits of hell.
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½ July 24, 2007
Take Jerry Maguire and replace most of the drama from it with comedy and you might have this movie... sorta'... Clever and twisted but in a good way. The premise is more possible than plausible, but it draws you in like a car wreck.
"Look, I know it sounds nuts, but sometimes life SHOULD be nuts. Otherwise, it's just a bunch of Thursdays strung together."
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June 24, 2007
interesting story.
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½ May 30, 2007
shirley maclaine and kevin costner are way too good to do crap movies like this.
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½ May 19, 2007
Pretty good. Kevin Costner will never be a bad thing.
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May 12, 2007
The premise is original but the final result is not.
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October 17, 2006
It was okay. Not the best romantic comedy around but it still had the sweet moments. The ending is good...
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August 8, 2006
idk different
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June 3, 2006
I hope it really just a rumor...
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½ May 13, 2006
Movies dont get as mediocre as this. It had a good premise with 3 funny lines.
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February 22, 2006
its a good romantic comedy with some really funny parts and other that can be so serious. I like it
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April 3, 2006
More pinwheels shooting from my morning mind. This dream I had recently.

It was the kind of [color=orange][b]sunrise [/b][/color]you only see in dreams. I remembered them brightly at my old house, and I'm squinting just thinking about it. I remember, it being an east-west street, how the sun would bend westward all the way down the road, splotching through the trees and making this amazing maze of [color=darkslategray][b]shadows[/b][/color] and light. Springtime, so [b][color=green]green[/color][/b] and [color=yellow][b]yellow[/b][/color]! This memory was summoned for this dream, for my old home.

So I'm driving my hoopdy [color=sienna][b]Buick[/b][/color] (a car I currently own) to my old house, one that I moved from when I was 10 years old. The street was littered with tiny little box turtles, scampering up the street away from the sunrise. I made sure to avoid all turtles with my Buick, carefully parking in front of my house (north side of the street). I turn to my house, and suddenly realize that it feels incomplete. It's the shape of my home, but there was something doused and frozen about it. Before I could explore that further, a great rumbling came from the east. [b][size=3][color=darkgreen]Giant turtles[/color][/size][/b], the size of Godzilla. There were 3 of them, I noticed, walking on their hind legs like big silly men, but bearing the threatening presence of dinosaurs on the loose. Except that you knew they wouldn't eat [color=sandybrown][b]people[/b][/color]. The face of one of the turtles looked familiar, a human face with a [color=green][b]green[/b][/color] freckly complexion, and I never was able to place who it was, only that I knew he was [color=mediumturquoise][b]untrustworthy[/b][/color]. And wore a straw hat, the kind you wave around with a cane in a [color=indigo][b]tap dance[/b][/color] number. They disappeared behind the [color=dimgray][b]greying[/b][/color] perimeters of my dream, down the next street, then behind the yards of a row of houses bordering the east, with tall trees guarding the backyards in a comfortable, unsettling shade. Instinctively I followed the turtles beyond the shade and the trees casting it, floating, or swimming or something. Behind those houses was supposed to be a field. But instead it was [color=blue][b]New York City[/b][/color], skyscrapers hugging the sky, and a [b][color=#ff8040]parade[/color][/b] was taking place. I was dazed, maybe thinking it was a warp I just leapt through, and lost track of [color=silver][b]time[/b][/color] and [color=royalblue][b]space[/b][/color]. I was hovering on auto-pilot, but my eyes were next to my head, like I was a rearview mirror on my head, and could see my eyeless face out the corner of my vision. Buildings curved upward and downward like crescents, exaggerating perspective like a cartoon. There was loud applause somewhere. I leaned my head from halfway up a skyscraper, and saw something shocking on the pavement, next to a manhole so large that it once swallowed the third moon of [color=red][b]Mars[/b][/color]. Next to that manhole were 3 giant [color=green][b]green[/b][/color] puddles with little heads floating within them. They were the turtles, but melted. Their heads were still talking, and the straw hat head seemed annoyed. His brother, who was not innocent, was morose and unspeaking next to him, wearing a beanie. But the turtle I felt sorry for was the straw hat head's son, whose head was swimming merrily with his ears, great big butterfly strokes, in the puddle of his own melted turtle flesh. Immediately I knew how it happened: the [size=3][color=#804000][b]pirates[/b][/color][/size] of New York City and the space [color=deepskyblue][b]rayguns[/b][/color] of the third moon of Mars! Their galleon was gliding by in the parade, ridiculously elaborate sails like great parade balloons, [color=darkorange][b]confetti[/b][/color] everywhere. Or they were multi-colored birds...or some of the confetti changed to birds? I didn't even see the bottom of these NYC canyons, just the 50-story view. I hovered to a nearby corner office window, overlooking the festivities, and there inside was the pirate captain, laying his back on a psychiatrist's chair, dispensing his griefs to a professional-looking woman attentively taking notes. "I didn't actually mean to [color=yellowgreen][b]liquidize[/b][/color] the turtles, it's just in my nature." (He had a [color=green][b]Cajun[/b][/color] hint in his voice, which I think means he wanted turtle [color=#408080][b]gumbo[/b][/color] - I had some while in [color=indigo][b]New Orleans[/b][/color] last year.) Then I was sucked back through the warp to a military facility, looking through a viewhole on a field of dirt clods and craters, the hissing of fireworks or missiles screaming in the night. Out there running was a [color=#804040][b]gingerbread[/b][/color] man, weaving and rolling by each explosion, laughing like a joker. Then it dawned on me: those weren't dirt clods. It was a field entirely made of gingerbread. In fact, the entire earth was gingerbread! The creature was made from [b][color=plum]war[/color][/b], blowing bits of the earth into [color=darkslateblue][b]man-shaped[/b][/color] rubble, and it somehow came alive. I then found myself on the pathway leading to the front door of my old house. The sun was greying, but regaining luster. Again I stared at the house with a mixture of happiness and utter loneliness. "I don't live here." But I did? My [color=#ff80c0][b]brain[/b][/color] didn't quite know what to do with this one. It was home, but no family was inside...they had gone on, moved away, never to return. The world rapidly changed to [color=orange][b]autumn[/b][/color] before my eyes, and a group of [color=darkred][b]brown-coated humans[/b][/color] who gathered behind me meshed together and formed a castle, with one man's hat in the group morphing into a giant tower in the center of my kingdom, and another man's ruffled jacket forming battlements. The woman in the group became the moat, her hair the beast in the moat. One man's eyebrow I think became the [color=#804000][b]bronze[/b][/color] banner, and the drawbridge lowered. With the world decaying around me, I walked in.

Then the next dream happened, or so I think this is a separate dream.

I was inside my parents' home, the most recent one, and just realized my Mom was borne of the [color=red][color=black]most[/color] [b]vile evil ever[/b][/color] to incarnate to a mortal shell. She's the most gentle human in real life, so this rocked my foundations like 1906 [color=teal][b]San Francisco[/b][/color]. One of my older brothers knew the secret too, but foolishly called her out on it. In a display that repulses me beyond words, I proceeded to witness my mother removing the flesh from my brother's face like peeling a carrot, and stitching it back together, building her own mask made from human flesh. She [color=mediumturquoise][b]reassembled[/b][/color] my brother's face, but he could not smile, frown, anything. He was waxen! I stared at him, from within my hiding spot, and saw his big eyes, yelling at me to do something about this. To [b][color=purple]destroy my mother[/color][/b] and keep her from doing to others what she did to him! His eyes just kept getting bigger, like helium, or the 'camera' was drifting closer. Then I fell into his eyes like a pit. THE END
Suneel J.
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November 28, 2011
This spin-off of "The Graduate" includes big names like Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner, but comes out disjointed and incoherent. The concept of the film is interesting, but the delivery is poor and the storytelling is bland. Comedy is non-existent in this film and you will be disappointed by the end of it with the sheer mediocrity it exemplifies.
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November 7, 2010
It is a fact that director Rob Reiner used to make quality films that were funny and sometimes even touching. Rumour has it that he return to doing good films after making this mediocre one.
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