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Shadow of the Vampire is frightening, compelling, and funny, and features an excellent performance by Willem Dafoe.



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F W Murnau is making Nosferatu on location in Eastern Europe. The director is determined to make this the most authentic movie ever. To this end Murnau has employed a real vampire, Max Schreck. He explains Schreck's weird behavior by saying that he is a fastidious method actor. As payment Schreck has been promised drug addicted beauty Greta - Nosferatu's leading-lady. She is to be his at the end of filming. But it seems that Schreck cannot wait that long to taste the blood of the crew.

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  • Mar 29, 2015
    The idea is really original and Dafoe delivers a spectacular performance under that fantastic makeup (the scene of the Count devouring the bat is hysterical); it is just a pity, though, that the weak script has such a redundant dialogue and Merhige's direction has some misfires.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 21, 2014
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 16, 2013
    If there is a good reason to watch this film, then it's Willem Dafoe's spine shivering performance. From his body language and disturbing smile, to his maniacal voice, Dafoe delivers a performance that shouldn't be forgotten very easily. There was a particular scene that was priceless; of how Dafoe's character was hit by the sun, his reaction was so convincing, its very difficult to ignore how powerful Willem Dafoe made this Oscar worthy performance, for which I personally believe he should've won.
    Samuel R Super Reviewer
  • Jan 13, 2013
    An unusual genre-defying movie that has a strange appeal, although it is sometimes too slow-paced. Shadow of the Vampire is driven by a great performance from John Malkovich and an even greater performance from Willem Dafoe, who is wonderfully creepy in everything he does as Max Schreck. From his disgusted facial expressions to his grotesque body language, Dafoe is perfect in his role. The movie isn't perfect, but Shadow of the Vampire is just peculiar enough to make for an enjoyable viewing.
    Joey S Super Reviewer

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