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January 15, 2017
10 out of 10:

Singing in the Rain still holds up due to the amazing song and dance numbers, funny slapstick, and witty dialogue.
January 6, 2017
one of the all-time classic musical comedy that is a must see would have gotten 5/5 but for the got a dance routeen with gene kelly he always got a little to carried away trying to bring modern dance to the gemeral public it just feels to me like a waste of time
January 4, 2017
A bit boring but charming at times. I mean you have Donald O'Connor's humor, Debbie Reynolds' cuteness and Gene Kelly's dancing.
January 3, 2017
Wonderful movie. Lost count of how times I've watched it.
½ December 30, 2016
"If we bring a little joy into your humdrum lives, it makes us feel as though our hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'. Bless you all."
December 28, 2016
And now we have lost Debbie Reynolds,but we still have the greatest musical ever made
½ November 14, 2016
Oh, the lovely Gene Kelly.
What more do you want!
November 7, 2016
Singin' in the Rain's magic shines through in its charming, delightfully limber set-piece numbers, and most of all, in its hearty, genuine love of its own craft. It is totally appropriate that the greatest musical ever made reflects passionately on the history of its own genre, specifically Hollywood's troubled transition from silent to talking pictures at the end of the 1920s.
November 1, 2016
What a pleasure to watch that masterpiece again. One can only be in awe in front of Gene Kelly's incredible gift as a dancer and a shining actor. A real dose of positiveness teaching life lessons in best possible way. Hollywood at its best, the Hollywood we miss so much.
October 15, 2016
A quotable, relatable, hilarious classic that demands to be viewed time and time again.
September 29, 2016
Singin' in the Rain very well might be my new favorite movie of all-time.

One of the most joyful films I've ever experienced. This film oozes happiness and fun. I can't believe it took me so long to see this.
½ September 23, 2016
A feel good movie, with great musical numbers, iconic performances, and hilarious comedy, this movie should be seen by everybody. The performances from Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds were so iconic, you just can't help but smile everytime they're on screen together. An instant classic and a definite must see for film lovers.
September 23, 2016
A brilliant musical and a film that makes me appreciate the art of dancing and singing even more now. The exceptional musical numbers, the acting and singing, the costumes, screenplay, and great story all culminate into one of the best movies I have seen in a while and I can't believe it took me this long to finally sit down and watch it in all its glory because it was worth it and I didn't feel like I had my time wasted like most movies nowadays. It is easy to see why this film has garnered the praise it has gotten because it has the feeling of a classic just like The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and The Sound of Music. The songs put you right into the moment and might even make you wanna start dancing as well. All of them stand out and are beautifully chroegraphed. But It is not just the singing and dancing that makes the movie stand out. Gene Kelly, Donald O' Conner, and Debbie Reynolds make an excellent trio and the dialogue moments between are great, but it is the romance between Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds that make the picture sparkle even more. Them two grow a bond toward one another and you really feel it. The film also is able to incorporate comedy into the mix making for clever and laugh out loud moments especially with Donald O' Conner who will definitely put a smile on your face. Another thing I must praise as well is the camerawork. The film doesn't cut a lot and it shows how much effort it took to create these amazing musical and comedy scenes. It is old movies like these that show that they really cared and that they weren't making Singing in the Rain for a lousy paycheck like most movies today. The story they told here about talking pictures being made was also fantastic because it has granted most Hollywood stars to become better actors and I appreciate that more than anything in movies. In the end, Singin' in the Rain is a work of genius and I have no problem giving it my highest grade because there are no obvious flaws to point out at all.
September 18, 2016
An instant classic right from the opening titles. They just don't make films like this anymore.
½ September 14, 2016
Great movie and music. it is a classic that everyone should see.
September 3, 2016
Have seen this musical so many times, it's difficult to consider it dispassionately. Stellar cast, joyous dance and singing routines, gorgeous costumes. Also, cute movie romance -- some quite sexy moments, for the time -- and many, many laughs. Required viewing for any fan of the genre, plus anyone who loves old-fashioned Hollywood stories.
August 23, 2016
It's great, but not the best; that honor goes to THE BAND WAGON. Pleasures abound, though, and the energy level is possibly the highest of any Hollywood musical. Gene Kelly shines in the iconic title number, Donald O'Connor has never been better (especially in his comedic "Make 'Em Laugh"), Debbie Reynolds and Cyd Charisse were catapulted to the top echelon at MGM, and Jean Hagen was Oscar-nominated for her flawless portrayal of screechy-voiced Lina Lamont. A must-see movie.
August 19, 2016
I am absolutely in love with this movie.

This movie has everything. Comedy, romance, enchantment, wit. You laugh, you empathize, you commiserate, you despise, and you're enamored by it all.

The only flaw I could find in this movie is that a few scenes were too drawn out.

Overall though, every minute of this movie is enjoyable. I highly recommend it, and would definitely be watching it again.
August 11, 2016
This movie is a must see. Great comedy, dance and music.
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