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September 21, 2017
I would rather keep him as a crooked cop till the end without the U-Turn of the undercover shit :/
September 20, 2017
May 20th 2017
September 18th 2017
½ September 18, 2017
I couldn't even finish it. Stupid criminals being chased by even more stupid police. Terrible cash-grab by everyone involved. They didn't even phone it in. They texted it in.
Jamie, you're better than this.
August 30, 2017
Sleepless is an appropriately mindless action film featuring a plot that is pretty run of the mill with some decent action scenes and a very talented cast. Easily the best part of the film is the acting, Jamie Foxx, Michele Monaghan, Scoot McNairy, and David Harbour are all fantastic here, even if they are playing parodies of themselves at times. The film is well shot, and the plot is entertaining enough to keep me interested. Sleepless is a disposable action film that one can watch and be entertained by
½ August 29, 2017
"It ain't no easy watch the got T"
August 26, 2017
A movie that has been done before and better, this movie just goes through the motions. You can predict every beat and twist 10 minutes before it happens. There are some good actors in here and the movie basically wastes them.

Grade: C-
August 25, 2017
Easily in the top 10 worst movies I have ever watched, it's like a 10yr old with a camera shot this! To bad for Jamie Fox since he has been in some decent movies. I don't know why actors when watching the previews after shooting don't put a stop to the release. There is no way I would allow my name to be associated with sh_t!!!!!!
½ August 22, 2017
When a crooked casino owner kidnaps the son of an undercover cop, it leads to so many gunfights and car chases that nobody's able to get any sleep.
½ August 20, 2017
AWSOME! But there should have been a better actor for the son
½ August 16, 2017
Sleepless a tous les atours du remake qui ne sert absolument à rien et c'est exactement ce qui en fait une jolie surprise. En effet, le film de Baran bo Odar est un thriller crétin et cousu de fil blanc, extrêmement musclé, mené tambour battant et dominé par un Jamie Foxx qui découvre enfin qu'il n'est pas obligé de jouer le joli coeur pour être performant. Il est bien entouré par Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney, David Harbour, T.I. ou encore Scoot McNairy, qui en font des caisses, à l'image des scènes d'action du film, totalement démesurées. La photographie et le score bénéficient d'une application toute particulière, ce qui donne un cachet inattendu à ce Sleepless.
August 6, 2017
The Anti-Jack Reacher
August 4, 2017
"This grim and lifeless thriller will not only partake in stealing 95 minutes of your life, you probably won't even remember it by year's end"
DVD Movie Review: Sleepless
Date Viewed: May 20 2017
Directed By Baran bo Odar (The Silence and Who Am I - No System Is Safe)
Screenplay By Andrea Berloff, Based on the 2011 French film "Sleepless Night" from Frédéric Jardin, Nicolas Saada and Olivier Douyère
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Scoot McNairy, Tip "T.I." Harris, Dermot Mulroney, David Harbour, Octavius J. Johnson and Gabrielle Union.

For a movie that's literally titled "Sleepless", it's certainly a real snooze-fest. It's another crime-thriller that has zero thrills and about eighty-six cliches. In his first movie role in over two years, Jamie Foxx plays a corrupt Las Vegas police officer who unbeknownst to his colleagues is actually working undercover for Internal Affairs to dismantle the crime ring that's currently besieging his department. In addition to his undercover duties, Foxx's character is divorced and big shock, he's also not that hot of a father to his teenage son who gets kidnapped by mob enforcers.

Directed by Baran bo Odar (The Silence and Who Am I - No System Is Safe) and written by Andrea Berloff who previously penned "Blood Father", "World Trade Center" and "Straight Outta Compton", "Sleepless" is a would-be thriller that inhabits more yawns than twists and Foxx can do a lot better than this. Set in Las Vegas, Foxx plays Vincent Downs (I'm not kidding folks, his last name is literally named Downs), an undercover officer who's having a very "down" day, he and his corrupt cop partner, Sean Cass (Tip "T.I." Harris) get involved in a cocaine heist that goes wrong and he clashes with Internal Affairs investigator Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) who is sniffing on his trail.

Making matters worse, Downs' ex-wife Dena Smith (Gabrielle Union) demands him to drive his son, Thomas (Octavius J. Johnson) to soccer practice but he can't make the time because undercover work is more important to him than family. Eventually, Downs does find the time to drive Thomas to soccer practice but they get ambushed by a group of homicidal gangsters. Downs gets stabbed in the abdomen while his son gets kidnapped by the mob enforcers who are led by casino owner and entrepreneur Stanley Rubino (Dermot Mulroney).

Rubino demands Downs to go to his casino and bring the cocaine he stole from the shipment back to him in exchange for Thomas but delivering the package won't be that simple. With Jennifer Bryant still on his trail, Downs hides the cocaine in a women's locker room and he replaces those bags of cocaine with bags of white sugar because yeah, white sugar looks exactly like cocaine and the bad guys would just easily fall for that.

We also find out that Rubino is associated with a major crime figure named Rob Novak (Scoot McNairy), he's the son of a powerful mobster and he wants the deal to go smoothly without any precautions. It takes him a while but after he finds out that the cocaine is actually sugar, he demands Rubino to find Downs and his son. They do manage to recapture Thomas but Downs is still on the lam. There's not much else going on here except for people either yelling or threatening each other and we get multiple skyline shots for no apparent reason.

All of the actors involved (Foxx, Monaghan, Mulroney, Union and McNairy) have dealt with more exceptional film roles in the past so why should "Sleepless" count as a passable B-thriller? The performers can easily play these underwritten roles in their sleep. GET IT! And for the most part this movie is lazy, derivative and meaningless.

It's based on a French thriller from 2011 called "Sleepless Night" and boy America should stop ripping off the French because it is getting increasingly rancid. This grim and lifeless thriller will not only partake in stealing 95 minutes of your life, you probably won't even remember it by year's end.
½ July 28, 2017
GREAT MOVIE plot was good characters were good but It was getting a little boring at the end
July 23, 2017
2.5 out of 10:

A boring and cliched cop film that wastes Jamie Foxx and just isn't fun at all. Plus it feels way to similar to Die Hard.
July 15, 2017
Not the best Action Film. Alright cast Not the best plot
½ July 4, 2017
Too many double crosses
½ July 3, 2017
Sleepless is not a movie you should bother to watch in theaters. Even though it has stars such as Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, and David Harbour this feels very much like it should be on television instead. The actors really do give it their all in this film but even they can't save this disappointment as it is unoriginal. The action is alright too, but in the end why don't you just rent it instead?
July 2, 2017
Lots of fun and tons of kick ass action and a main character you will love he's like a black John wick but a cop
June 30, 2017
I want those 2 hours back.
June 25, 2017
This crime drama was much better than I expected. Powered by a psychotic villain that was very convincing sleepless delivered a solid plot and some good action.
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