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May 6, 2016
I kept thinking something really bad was about to happen right up to the very end of this movie, a foreboding sense of dread and uncertainty permeates throughout this film. That sense of dread and uncertainty is really just how the protagonist Heidi feels , she's done something bad so she is running away, but her feelings and emotions can't be hidden. Such a good movie , moody and stunningly beautiful to watch. I didn't know Sam Worthington was capable of a three dimensional character and I can see why this movie Catapulted Abbie Cornish to fame. Australian cinema at its best.
October 4, 2015
Cate Shortland's "Somersault" is an odd coming-of-age film, not because it bears sickening quirkiness but because the coming-of-age itself is delivered in a strange reverse - the protagonist in question thinks they're mature enough to become an adult prematurely, but soon begins to discover that the real world is a hell of a lot crueler than the impish teenage universe. Unforgiving and realistic, it is a no-holds-barred film that takes away any seductive sentimentality left behind by "Good Will Hunting" and trades it with an attitude that comes to the conclusion that no turn is a right turn.
This time around, our Will Hunting is not a brilliant young man but a thoughtful young woman. Heidi (Abbie Cornish), sixteen and aimless, lives a restless life drizzled in meaningless sex and little responsibility - to her, a job at a gas station is a career, not a gateway to higher education. Though considerate and intelligent, she is reckless, her dangerous spontaneity coming to a head one morning when she is caught kissing her mother's boyfriend (by her mother, no less).
With their relationship shattered, she heads to an unremarkable town to start life anew, calling a crappy apartment home, calling quick shifts at a nearby minute mart a way to bring home the bacon. Heidi exploits her promiscuousness as a way to take a break from her harsh reality, but she is caught off-guard when she meets Joe (Sam Worthington), a brooding young farmer. She is instantaneously attracted, hopeful that they can begin a relationship. But Joe is having problems of his own, the most prominent being his sexuality. The two's blossoming courtship can only end in disaster, and they both know it - yet with their mirroring inner conflicts, their flaws have the potential to heal.
"Somersault" famously swept the Australian Film Institute Awards back in 2004, winning every trophy it was nominated for, and with its refreshing honesty and nuance, such a fact passes by without much skepticism. It's one of the most memorable coming-of-age films ever made, as few are so accepting that not every person's growing up has to be a likable tale meant to tickle one's bouts of nostalgia. Maybe "Sixteen Candles" is a more diverting watch, but sometimes, a film as bullshitless as "Somersault" is needed, direct and emotionally wrenching enough to speak on a higher level than pure escapism. Cornish and Worthington make for an unconventional couple that authentically feels like kids lost in the real world rather than attractive twenty-somethings playing kids lost in the real world. Shortland passionately paints on a gritty canvas.
But "Somersault"'s biggest asset is Cornish, who has since gone on to appear in major Hollywood films ("Limitless", "RoboCop"). Only 20 during its conception, she carries a rare magnetism usually found in European art-house staples (a la Isild Le Besco, Brigitte Bardot) - her participating in even the simplest of an activity is enthralling, her face a map of expression impossible to decipher. Heidi is a girl without an ounce of control in her life; Cornish makes the unpredictability thrilling. It's a gift that "Somersault" doesn't have a problem turning the ordinary into something extraordinary either.
June 29, 2014
This movie plays out in a listless, dull sort of fashion. However, Heidi's story is a beautiful one. At times she seems so alive, then at other times, dead inside. I can relate. Very moving and worth seeing.
½ March 19, 2013
A captivating character piece with an involving central performance from Cornish. Sam Worthington is a weak point struggling with the depth of emotions required for the role.
December 7, 2012
Worth finding and watching!
½ November 7, 2012
An Impressive coming-of-age film with a brilliant performance by Abbie Cornish...
September 20, 2012
Excellent film about a teenaged girl's journey of self-discovery, but not for those who need their films to have a Plot.
August 6, 2012
good, but nothing overly impressive.
May 6, 2012
After previously asking the writer of this movie for my $8 back, I reiterate: I want my $8 back
March 20, 2012
Superb acting by Abbie Cornish, a great example of how a character piece without a lot happening can be so riveting to watch.
½ March 13, 2012
I liked them and was rooting for them to sort things out throughout, but I'd never want my life to be as fucked up as that of the characters in this movie.
½ February 7, 2012
Ha! it's funny, I saw this film here in Australia nearly two years ago and was blown away. An unusual and somewhat simple and mysterious story, about the confusion and displacement of young people. Abbie Cornish is amazing as Heidi, bearing her soul in order to fulfil the character, while Sam Worthington backs her up fully. I loved this movie for its artistic and moving approach, and is amazing in its cinematography(will forever remember and deserved awards), capturing the true essence of curiosity, and the things that are so often missed in understanding a charcter. . It's sexual, confused and experimental moods and moments, while still holding frustration and distance between the characters is amazing. Somersault is a film where the audience has to truely understand the situation, and watch the body language(never rely on dialogue, its never as honest as body language) of the characters to really undestand this film. A real sleeper, and undergorund great.
January 8, 2012
An interesting enough movie to watch - once. The acting is excellent and, thanks to Cornish's engaging performance, the lead is sympathetic and therefore holds your interest. However, I felt that overall the plot was drearily predictable - down to the seemingly crow-barred in [spoiler alert] homo-erotic subplot. Shame.
December 16, 2011
great movie..
kinda depressing..
abbie cornish is amazing
very well shot
November 8, 2011
Heidi is a young, pretty teenager who is forced to leave the home she grew up in after she is caught making out with her mother's boyfriend. Young and naive, she travels to Jinabyne where meets Joe, a nice guy, who Heidi forms a bond with. After searching she finds a job at a local gas station, but as her relationship with Joe, really the only person she can confide in, deteriorates, Heidi's emotional state begins to break down. SomerSault is a fresh, intimate coming of age story that deeply explores the emotional state of this young woman. The film is well photographed really capturing the cold, stale state of Heidi's emotion and using the landscapes and weather of Jinabyne perfectly. It really creates a strong atmosphere. Abbie Cornish really does give a strong performance as the tragically naive Heidi, whose fragility is very truthful and raw. The film does have a few too many subplots more my taste and could have been even stronger if it solely focused on Heidi. The relationship between Heidi and Joe is a strong one, in that it's not perfect and both characters have lots of flaws and issues. The only real problem I had with the film was that some of the subplots took up too much time and didn't really help to drive the story between Heidi and Joe.
½ September 22, 2011
me encantó cuando la vi hace tiempo
July 8, 2011
Abbie's best performance by far.:D
February 19, 2011
ok idea but slow and clumsy.
2 Jake Sullys.
February 8, 2011
The coming-of-age theme has been done to death and this film adds nothing new. A dreadfully dull, paint-by-numbers indie film.
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