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August 31, 2017
It now seems that Nancy Meyers has a tact of telling relationship novels that are realistic and multi-sided complex. Out of her seen works, this one is probably her best yet when benefitting from the charismatic chemistry of Jackson and Keaton that the film coasts on with comic and self-reflective meaningfulness - though minus the tears of hysteria that occurred in the beginning of the final third. (B+)

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August 21, 2017
(5.0 out of 6)
When what we don't see early on we see later on in life. When we see love with deep emotion while others see love with all its superficiality we font see eye to eye until we switch perspectives to see we meet in the middle with eachother. When life is not to late to see we get second chances to live life and love with eachother. When we do see we make our lives a comedy when people like us don't act this way. But we see not many people are not like us, some are, some have less liberties and freedoms as we do and less time to see that there is no time like the present. When we clearly see we are all adults here to not see the awkwardness in the situation but mature subject matter.
When we see that we come to enjoy all the beauty we see everywhere that we know they are our type of women. When we see that we like our type young and not old. When we see that others share the same type of maturity and feelings to be like minded as others. When we see that we all come to enjoy having a type at a certain age that we see what we like. When others haven't found a type yet to not see what others see. When we see others just enjoy our own type when it's real. When being who we are, others see us a different way when others type comes from deep within and what is on the outside too. When we don't know who will struck us as our type to be noticed that we either notice or not notice when we don't see it too often. When we see there are all sorts of types out there from rich, smart, sexy, professionals, etc that we find we attach ourselves to. When we see we have plenty of time to find another type when we see far too much to know what our type isn't anymore. When we see others see us their type on a business and personal level when they are good to work with. When we see some types require more attention then others when we are important both business and personally. When we see that having a type is one thing but maintaining a type is another when our body rejects the idea. When we see that we enjoy our own type for somethings more down to earth and other types for more wildly purposes. When we see that have both types around is good to have when we are young at heart but old in age. When we see that having a type we need to put some work into or settle with the type we grown with thst needs no work but just our company. When we see that who we are we know what type is drawn to us and the type that sre not drawn to us that we can't help resist. When we see all day all sorts of type of people around to wonder why we are considered so special to be considered someone's type. When we see that having such a lavish and wholesome type it's a handful that we can't keep up with such type of people all the time when they are our family. When we see over time  a new type we come to enjoy when it's the lonely type. When we see that once we enjoy life that not many typical old people do we see we have another chance at love.

When we see that it's hard seeing the perfect type of person for you slip away when they dont see it. When we see that finding the right type is hard but returning to moments where the typical one comes through the door made us feel young again. When we see that we should enjoy any type while we can. When we see that finding some unique types that we don't always see it is only comical to write about it when it's such a untypical moment in our life. When we need to type how we feel to communicate it to one another we don't when we dont see where somethings are headed and other things will take us that we back out from. When we don't see we are just two typical people who in the end love one another the old fashioned way. When we don't know if some people we see are just typical characters in our story of life or the real deal. When we see that others just want a typical mate to be with and fall in love.

When we see we must search near and far for all the types we been with or interested in to see what kind of person we are to see what type we are missing out on the most. When we see that our extravagant tastes and type doesn't compare to the one we enjoyed most. When we see that we are both typical old people, alone, tried all there is to enjoy and realize we are the same type of person one for eachother. When we see that having a one of a kind type of life isn't as better as having the type of family we have now.
July 7, 2017
Something's Gotta Give is directed and written by Nancy Meyers, and it stars Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, and Keanu Reeves in a romantic comedy about an old music businessman that was dating a young girl that she took him to her house, and when he was having a bit of a heart attack, her mother comes in to save him a bit, and he has to stay with a play-writer alone. This is the first Nancy Meyers film that I've seen, and I don't think I was into romantic comedies at the time even though I did like it at the time. So to watch something in vacation, I of course went with this, and so I really enjoyed it. The acting is great from Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, and they have fantastic chemistry as it's the best part of the film. The dialogue is well-written that Nancy Meyers really knows how to write romantic chemistry, and the characters are three-dimensional. The plot gets more interesting as things get more weird for the main characters, even though it becomes a sitcom at some parts. The humor is very genuine, and a lot of them gets a laugh out of me thanks to the sharp timing from Nicholson and Keaton. Another issue that I have with the movie is Keanu Reeves, not that he isn't bad in it as he's great in it, but it feels like he's in the movie to create a problem for the main characters, and he's in this movie for like a fourth of the film. His character wasn't the deal breaker for the film as the strength lies in the smart writing and great acting that I need to watch more of Nancy Meyers films.
March 11, 2017
Humorous, entertaining.
½ February 1, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 2, 2017
It this is only getting a 71% rating, then it's confirmation that the reviews here are SKEWED. This is probably the funniest movie I've ever seen, and while it's a chick flick, I challenge anyone not to laugh out loud at the entire first half of the movie. EVery actor is perfection -- at the top of their game -- and the statement this movie makes about the gender difference as we age could not be made in a more witty, pointed, hilarious fashion. Perfectly cast and perfect set, Something's Gotta Give is perfection. I could watch it over & over again. If Rotten Tomatoes were geared toward women (same w IDMB) this movie would be hovering at 100%. Just sayin. Oh and the beach house is worth watching alone. Nancy Meyer goes to great lengths on her sets and I literally have screen shots of some of the rooms on my screensaver
½ November 1, 2016
Really too boring for me to continue on..
½ October 22, 2016
Composed by the cute, sappy, sentimental stuff standard rom-coms are made of, "Something's Gotta Give" may cleverly acknowledge rom-com tropes, but never does it exceed them.
October 11, 2016
Trainspotting (1996)
September 30, 2016
Strong performances with a strong script, about a real subject....
½ September 4, 2016
Very funny and touching. A great rainy-dayer. Nicholson and Keaton are charming. It is, though, like a lot of Meyers's work, slightly predictable.
August 21, 2016
Okay this movie was funny, and romantic. I liked the movie it was entertaining. I guess I like this movie a lot because of Jack Nicholson. Honestly the script was good writing.
May 10, 2016
Agreablement surprise. Je me suis laisser prendre par cette charmante comédie romantique. J'en ai ris (surtout le moment ou elle n'arrete pas de pleurer.
May 1, 2016
The plot is familiar, but sometimes it's kind of fun to watch a movie like this as a getaway from reality. Nicholson and Keaton are stellar, and director Nancy Meyers knows how to make smart romantic comedies. Something's Gotta Give is sincere and tender.
April 24, 2016
Light entertainment but it does have some funny moments and Jack Nicholson. Quite liked this, not sure why, but I did.
April 22, 2016
½ February 16, 2016
For hardcore romance fans of a certain age only. Don't let the big names fool you, you'll be watching shameless pandering for the target demographic audience and an insult for everyone else.
January 22, 2016
I really enjoyed this's funny, sad, loving, a perfect girl movie!
½ January 16, 2016
Somehow this film is charming
January 7, 2016
Though it has its funny moments and there are some great performances from Nicholson and Keaton, the movie ends up playing out like your average romantic comedy
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