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½ May 27, 2017
To make a long rant short, Fuck Sony.
May 27, 2017
Spider-Man Is My Second Favorite Superhero Of All Time.
May 27, 2017
Who's idea was to cast the kid from That 70's Show as the antagonist of this film? I WANT NAMES
May 25, 2017
okay okay...so i want to see it
May 21, 2017
Movie was amazing! Loved everything about it
May 19, 2017
una pelÝcula que tiene muchos errores argumentativos un guion muy mediocre lo ˙nico bueno son los efectos especiales
May 16, 2017
Look, Spider-Man 3 is bad. Not awful, just bad. Mary Jane is more unbearable than ever in this installment, Venom has nothing cool to do, and character motivation, save for Sandman and Harry, is almost a joke. However, there are some good things in it too, like Harry's arc, the action, Sandman's arc, and taking some risks with main characters. Not enough to make it good, though.
½ May 12, 2017
What the hell is wrong with you people??!! This movie was incredibly amazing in every way! Great character development, good plot, good acting!! EVERTHING!!
½ May 12, 2017
There may be more characters and plotlines, but Spider-Man 3 certainly doesn't have the emotional depth of the first two movies.

Gwen Stacy and Venom were written into the film at the request of the producer, and it shows because Raimi and writer Alvin Sargent don't know how to write these characters. Venom is some alien that fell from the sky and Gwen Stacy is just another love interest.

It doesn't help that almost all the characters are unlikeable, even Peter Parker, and I'm not just talking about "emo" Parker. The complicated relationship between Peter and MJ could've been interesting, but the cause of their deteriorating relationship is Peter's overinflated ego, and MJ became just as self-absorbed.

Harry Osborne was also overly dramatic about his father's death, and Harry *SPOILER* learns from his butler (in an anticlimactic scene) that his dad was impaled by his own glider. Speaking of death, the death of Uncle Ben was rewritten. Instead of the thief, Sandman killed him. This is a disservice to the original film. It's like if Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by The Joker instead of Joe Chill (or some thief). Oh, wait...

Spider-Man 3 isn't a bad film as it does have some great action scenes, but the script was too crowded. Not only was there three villains, but there was also two love triangles. This gives some characters, especially the villains and Gwen Stacy, a less than satisfying amount of screentime and development.
½ May 7, 2017
The Web swinging spider man is back again! With new bad guys to fight can he keep people safe now see what he can do.
May 5, 2017
Di certo non basterebbero le poche righe che scrivo di solito per commentare questo terzo capitolo di Spider-Man. Ho avuto come la sensazione di aver visto tre diversi film tutti compressi e riassunti in poco pi¨ di due ore, vista una trama troppo articolata e frammentaria. La sceneggiatura e la narrazione sono di certo le parti peggiori del film, con enormi buchi nella storia, scelte convenienti e momenti davvero assurdi. La duplice identitÓ che influenza il protagonista Ŕ un'idea davvero interessante che per˛ viene sfruttata in modo pessimo, creando un Peter Parker dal comportamento fin troppo spinto che a mio parere non riesce a funzionare. I villain non mi sono dispiaciuti, sono motivati e piuttosto equilibrati, ma solo il fatto che siano ben tre ci fa capire molte cose. Anche se debole e poco incisivo sotto l'aspetto narrativo, il film Ŕ molto solido e ben costruito sotto tutti gli aspetti tecnici. Gli ottimi effetti speciali, un sound design eccellente e una regia coerente con i precedenti capitoli rendono il film godibilissimo e molto divertente. Per questi motivi penso che si tratti di un film che funziona solo per metÓ e che non riesce a rendere gloria ai primi due spettacolari film, un brutto modo per chiudere una trilogia cosý interessante ed emozionante.
May 3, 2017
While passably entertaining, Spider-Man 3 is an uneven and sometimes heavy-handed film that isn't as good as its two predecessors.
May 1, 2017
Grade - C
It's not a disaster, but 'Spider-Man 3' is a huge comedown for the franchise, and features some truly cringe-worthy moments and bad performances.
May 1, 2017
Personally I thought that this movie was a bit overcrowded and a little bit ignore a mess, but we got to see Venom and Emo Peter Parker which was hilarious. And Kirsten Dunst and James Franco returning a star Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn
April 30, 2017
Everyone saw that "Spider-Man 3" is a lot worse than the first two films. With with a stupid amount of characters and sub-plots, the movie couldn't held up to its predecessors. The cast is, anyhow, still very committed to their characters and the score and action scenes still could impress. Sam Raimi had a bigger budget, however the studio interference destroyed everything.
½ April 29, 2017
Was it unbearable to watch? No, but Spider-Man 3 is a major disappointment and is bad enough to spark a 2012 reboot. Trying to setup three villains in a movie has never worked and it kills a franchise again. If you enjoyed the first two greats from Sam Raimi you might be able to sit through this, but if not this is the worst addition and it makes a mockery of Venom as a villain.
April 21, 2017
If you like movies with plot conveniences, bad dialogue, characters there for the sake of being there, and Chicago-esque dance sequences, this movie is for you!
April 11, 2017
"Spider-Man 3" is not a bad movie. There are moments of greatness, however its overabundance of characters and unnecessary plotlines make the movie falter.
April 9, 2017
not the best of the series, but still a good one nonetheless.
½ April 6, 2017
Very strange story decisions and an abundance of stories make the final film in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy a rather disappointing one. With villains that should have been used in their own individual films, someone decided to try to fit three big Spider-Man villains into one script that still was very weak. Tobey Maguire's performance while under the influence of the symboite suit is utterly ridiculous. A film that could have been promising if one villain had been chosen to be the main antagonist ends up being rather laughable and rough to get through.
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