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May 16, 2018
An underrated movie..It has huge flaws..but if you look past it you can find an enjoyable flick.
May 13, 2018
good plot good special effects I have no problem with comedy what I did not like was that the poison must be muscular not thin I liked the black suit and the final battle the other is fine
May 6, 2018
what ruined this movie was Emo Peter Dancing
May 2, 2018
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½ May 1, 2018
Now this is right into disappointment all time. Spider-Man 3 were split audience around these film goes too far. Some say it was enjoyable pleasure, other say Sony and Avi Arad were all their wrong ideas, well,? me just more action then sitting Cringe heavy moment. why this not only gain Box office , but never sequel till we want to see Reboot coming, and wait it in year back and fort. really this is just right at it get crazy how this film never just silly moment, really It FUCKING SILLY.! Storyline all over the place l forget where they it.. XC l, just... it so stupid and so cringe l want it to smash my head not listening any goddam over my heads l want to look these Emo La La land.. SpiderMan 3 suck, everything will skip this or not. Bye.!
May 1, 2018
EVEN, THIS is trillions of times better than ''homecoming'' is! What i would PAY to see this movie in theaters over and over if it would only prevent ''homecoming'' from ever being made, Or just to prove i learned my mistake of ever judging this movie compared to homecoming! We really had no idea what we were being ungrateful about, And IT WAS THIS MOVIE!!!
½ April 30, 2018
While over stuffed with rushed subplots as well as acting now being a little dry, Spider-man 3 still delivers with it's characters and action and score and a decent overall plot that it will leave fans of Raimi's first two Spider-man films satisfied as a fitting conclusion to his series.
½ April 15, 2018
This is a weird experience that was a great long plot. Thought it was a nice movie. If you ever have the chance to watch it you should
½ April 12, 2018
'spider-man 3' still has the charismatic fight scenes and good acting of its predecessors. on the surface, it's the spider-man we know and enjoyed. but it spends so much time trying to keep multiple villains constructive, the plot simply threads the characters together rather than create an interesting narrative. it does not build onto the virtues of the gallant first two, but plot-wise it feels dried up with the story that could have been a generic romantic drama.
April 4, 2018
Yes, this flick did indeed have to many villains but, I did enjoy this weird plot that added a lot to the whole story so I recommend that you watch it if you want to see something very inaccurate good movie.
michael e.
Super Reviewer
March 29, 2018
as i said with gremlins 2 the new batch definitely one of the best movie sequels. The plot is great, how the alien symbiote takes over peters mind and that it corrupts him. The other thing i love about the movie is Venom, Him being one of my favorite villains he was a perfect villain for this movie. though he was added at the last minute it doesn't show at all. Sam Ramie was at the top of his game when he did this movie. I also enjoy the revenge story about peter trying to kill sandman for killing his uncle, and Harry Osborne trying to kill peter for killing his father. And the ending is one of those few movies to make me cry. When The sandman says he didn't mean to kill his uncle and just how he says "And then i saw my partner running over with the cash, and the gun was in my hand" and when that tear rolls down uncle bens face it makes me burst with tears. And the action scenes in the movie were right on and amazing to watch the fight with harry at the beginning and when hes at his mansion, the fight with sandman, and the sand collosus and venom versus peter and harry. Theres a rule i go by with movies the more villains there are in a film the better it is to me star wars revenge of the sith, gremlins and gremlins 2, spiderman 3, shrek 4, pokemon 2000, x-men origins wolverine, x-men last stand, shrek 2, cats don't dance, quest for camelot, transformers you get my point. Villains are always the best characters in films Megatron, ruber, general grievous, venom, brain gremlin, and deadpool, darth sidious, skeleton king, darth vader, count dooku, jabba the hutt, there are many more in my opinion but i can't name all.
½ March 28, 2018
What a mess. First off, Topher Grace as Eddie Brock...Why? Who even thinks of Topher Grace when casting for Eddie Brock? He is irritating in every scene from the very first one, portraying an idiot that the real Brock would swat aside if he got in his way and acted the way this moron does. The only time they show him as having some resemblance to Brock is when he goes to church to pray, where he gets infected, but they alter the original scene to have him say the unbelievably ridiculous "I want you to kill Peter Parker" line, which has got to be amongst the worst in cinema history. Venom looks menacing and creepy enough, but the threat is very much dispelled when we see Topher Grace's face come through the suit. Not to mention when he speaks. Terrible and incomprehensible casting.

Contrasting him is Thomas Haden Church, who portrays a great Flint Marko/Sandman. Usually a character's looks have to be altered for the screen, but he looks like a page ripped out of the classic Spiderman comics. My problem with this character is the "oh, by the way, hes the one who really killed your uncle" plot device which came out of nowhere. And at the end Uncle Ben's death is shown to be the result of two guys bumping together. Wow.

They had tremendous potential with the Dark Peter Parker/Spiderman story, but in cohesion with the other poor choices made in this film, they mess that up in an unbelievable way. The less said about emo dancing Parker, the better. Yet even normal Peter Parker acts ridiculously. When he's not crying making ridiculous faces, he's wincing, smiling, and acting like a retard. An annoying one. When he sees the marching band and starts marching and smiling...wow. Incomprehensible really is the word for so many things that happen in this film. For example; he's still getting bullied in college? By 2 different people? A guy in college is seriously shooting paper balls with a straw at someone in Physics class? Preposterous.

Harry Osborn has some interesting exchanges with his father, and his butler, but he's not that noteworthy this time around, even as the new Goblin. And that pie line, dear God... Bryce Dallas Howard looks fantastic as Gwen Stacy, J. Jonah Jameson does his thing, and Bruce Campbell is as always a very welcome presence.

It's a shame that this 3rd film doesn't hold up to the first 2 great entries, and the possibility of having a memorable trilogy is gone. A shame.
March 28, 2018
Saw it when I was 2 years old. xD It was a great movie. Others hate it...
March 28, 2018
I'll start by saying what I enjoyed about this movie, Venom fully suited looked cool and the origin sequence for Sandman was great. There we go, now that the positives aspects are covered, I'll explain why this movie was so terrible.

This movie was the first to introduce too many villains into a single story. While the concept of having a villain linked to Peter's past is always a good thing, the way Sandman was connected just felt forced and unearned. It belittled the death of uncle Ben and turned it into a cheap connection point for Spider-Man and Sandman. It didn't even pay off, with Sandman doing very little in the movie and feeling like a goon rather than a threat. His backstory with his daughter tried to add character to him but it felt very 1 dimensional and not believable. The actor who played him, Thomas Haden Church, did a good job with what little he had.

The second villain introduced, if you can call him that, was Harry Osborn's Green Goblin. He was in the movie for 2 minutes at the beginning and then for a couple of minutes during the final fight scene. His hatred for Peter that started at the end of the last film was completely wasted. This was a character that had been in the movies since the beginning, his father was the first Spider-Man villain we had on screen. Harry's best friend , in his eyes, murdered his father, a man he feared yet admired. There was enough there to make a 3 movie arc, yet they decided to add Sandman than delve into this. His sacrifice left me feeling emotionless, he hadn't been in the movie and I had almost forgotten he was there.

Now, the final villain, Venom. This was a joke! While I admit that he looked awesome, all he had to do was open his month and every aspect of fear was taken away. Topher Grace should not have been cast in this role. that is not against him as a actor. But I feel his casting for a role of a crazy fear inducing alien just didn't work. he looked awkward when he had the mask removed and having being defeated by sound just felt cheap. There really isn't much to say about him, as he was only in the movie for the final fight scene, which by the way is a good thing. It meant that his terrible presence was kept to a minimum.

To say that only the villains were the problem in the movie is an understatement. Once Spider-man got the black suit, the movie just went down hill. His moody, guy liner wearing self just felt off. changing a personality could be OK, but he looked like he wanted to hide away from the world, yet was out being an ass to MJ and dancing on the street. Obviously the less said about the latter the better. These weak story points were all over the movie. Having the Osborn butler tell Harry about his father's wounds this long after, felt like a plot point. The symbiote crashing beside Peter felt like a plot point, Brock hating Peter felt like a plot point. Everything felt forced.


I wish I could say there is something to like about this movie, but honestly there is no reason to watch it. The first two Spider-Man movies, while not perfect, were fun to watch and hold up pretty well. Having this movie take place in the same bracket as them, almost taints them. I cannot recommend this movie to anyone.

½ March 28, 2018
I mean, not as good as the first two movies but it wasn't that bad. I wasn't bored watching it but there were some cringy moments (emo dance) that shouldn't be in this movie. All in all it doesn't deserve the hate that it's getting.
March 27, 2018
The little intuition to be able to conform to this story from its many pieces that drain it make Spider-man 3 a trilogy closure for nothing conventional, although that does not mean there are moments of splendid action and first-class visual quality.
March 26, 2018
Good,but it could have been better
March 23, 2018
Loved this movie! Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco are by far my favorite actors for those roles. They were awesome. Very entertaining with awesome special effects.
March 22, 2018
Tobey is back to being cringeworthy again and the Spider - Man series is back to being cheesy. Well, at least we had the second film.
½ March 17, 2018
I liked it more than spiderman? 2 but I like the first one from 2002 more
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