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½ January 16, 2017
This continues the very long tradition of having a badass action hero play to the little kiddies in a super family film. Schwarzenegger did it with Kindergarten Cop. Vin Diesel did it with The Pacifier. And The Rock pretty much made a career of it before he realized that family friendly films weren't gonna make him the major box office star that he is today. And I don't mean that in a derogatory manner, of course, it's cool to have movies that you can watch with your family and have a good time with them for a little while. But it's also very limiting in that you can't really transcend to the truly upper echelon of Hollywood superstardom, if that is what you truly want, by just doing films that only families can see. Because there's certain stereotypes associated with the genre that make some people hesitant, if not outright refusing, to watch the films. Whether it's stories with cheesy and sentimental resolutions or comedy so lame that even Donny Osmond is embarrassed. They're not e asy movies to like and this one is no different. Because, in all honesty, this isn't a particularly good movie as it pretty much hits every stereotype associated with the genre. It'd be something if they played to those stereotypes to subvert them with some legitimately clever comedy, but they don't. And there's nothing about this movie that is clever. Is it a bad movie? Technically speaking, no, not really. But I didn't actually mind this movie at all. I've had a rough couple of days, or at least someone in my family has, so it's been a bit of a down period. And the reason I chose this was because I wanted something goofy that wouldn't require much brainpower while I was watching it. But I have to be objective and the movie isn't what I would call good. There are some elements of the film that I did like, like the villain getting several ridiculous outfits that make him look like an idiot. It's not even something that's actually great or even that creative, but it got a few chuckles due to the reactions of the actor playing the villain. I have no idea who this guy was or if I've seen him prior, but he was pretty solid. It goes without saying that the acting in this movie isn't any good, even by Jackie Chan standards. And that's not fair, because as I mentioned in my review for Skiptrace, Jackie is a better actor than he might come across. That's simply because of the fact the he does not command the English language as well as, even, Arnold Schwarzenegger. But he showed glimpses of greatness in the Karate Kid remake and he's been good in some of his Hong Kong films. But he really is not very good here. And nobody is, for the exception of maybe Madeline Carroll, who plays the mouthy teen. When you have Billy Ray Cyrus featured as a secondary character, then you know you can't really expect much in the way of quality acting. The story is nothing to speak of, the kids cause Bob, a Chinese Intelligence Agent on loan to the CIA, more problems when they upload something that leads the Russians to them. And I say something, because I don't exactly know what was downloaded and why it was important. Bob and the kids' lives are put in danger and Bob, obviously, has to use the skills he has amassed throughout the years to get them out of this situation. The stunts are nothing special, but they're ok, they're really the best part of the film and it obviously does not compare to some of the crazy shit that Mr. Chan has done throughout his career. I'm not gonna talk about Jackie's diminishing skills, because that's a horse that has been beaten to death by yours truly, but he still does the best he can, even if he's not put in a movie where his skills, even at his age at the time of this movie, can excel. With that said, the movie, even if I thought it wasn't very good, was somewhat watchable. I realize that that might not make a lot of sense, but I didn't mind watching this movie at all. Yes, it's bad, but it's what I needed to watch last night. I can't recommend this, because it is a bad movie, but it's by no means the worst movie I've seen in the last six months. The Point Break remake and Meet The Blacks are both worse than this.
½ January 3, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ December 27, 2016
Terrible boring movie starring Jackie Chan. I like Jackie Chan and he's the only good part of this movie. It's just really bad because of the generic story of the guy , in this case Jackie Chan has to keep some sort of secret from the kids and then of course the kids hate the guy then like the guy but then the mom hates him then likes him again. This idea has been used in a lot of kids movies. The kids in this film are terrible garbage actors/ actresses, even though their young they could act a little better. The kids in home alone did a fantastic job, why can't these kids, get more acting classes and for sure, these kids will not make it, I know it's harsh but it's true.
September 25, 2016
Now I know why Jackie Chan tells his Chinese fans to not watch his American movies. He was the only reason why I kept watching it. The kids . . . don't even get me started! They're more annoying and bratty than the Baker kids from Cheaper by the Dozen! And there's only three of them! Other than that, this movie is as predictable as they come. Action spy man watches over kids. Kids don't like him but grow to like him. They become a family and live happily ever after. Jackie Chan, I still love you, even though you were in this stress case of a movie.
May 28, 2016
Doesn't have a good script, and the only thing worth watching or the only reason to watch is Jackie Chan, who himself, isn't that great in this movie.
½ May 9, 2016
Taineia Gia mora kato ton 5 xronon ..
Auta ;)
April 26, 2016
The tomato critics are harsh, ths film was plenty funny for kids of all ages. Definitely a kid film, but the kids were nailing it! The villains were funny and the whole thing was reminiscent of the original Batman series... with kids! The physical comedy was hilarious at times... with kids! The little girl in particular seemed to have too much fun. The whole was well constructed, hilarious and I had a good time all along. Three solid stars and I am being tough.
February 4, 2016
A movie that has laughs, but rather meh
½ December 12, 2015
Not as bad as one would think but still pretty cheesy and somewhat kiddie.
½ November 25, 2015
cheezy but hey, it's Jackie
November 19, 2015
ok remake of the pasifier
October 29, 2015
?бана, безпла?ний кон?е?? Се?д??ки!? ???
September 19, 2015
i think this movie is so funny and interesting
August 23, 2015
Excellent comedy. kids love it very much.
½ June 4, 2015
I was bored watching it then, and I'm still bored watching it now.
½ May 28, 2015
Jackie Chan remains as likable and watchable as ever. But Spy next door's True lies and The Pacifier mashup premise, as well as there being a unacceptably incoherent and unfunny script, buries his efforts in the cruelest way possible.
½ May 23, 2015
Watchable I guess. It's a nice little family flick and the fighting scenes are more than enough to catch your attention. The villains are pretty enjoyable and overall it's a pretty good film for kids to enjoy. A lot of cliches, terrible acting (except for Chan of course), and some overall stupid scenes. But it all adds up pretty well in this family flick
February 9, 2015
This movie is the best I would recommend renting it
February 1, 2015
This movie is the best????????
January 31, 2015
It's designed to be bad and it succeeds. I could type an extensive critique of The Spy Next Door, but it is simply not worth it.
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