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June 9, 2018
I cringed way too much to enjoy this movie despite the fact that I absolutely adore this crew. Some parts of the writing are very clumsy (exposition much?) and the emotion chip subplot was unfortunately pretty disappointing. Still worth the watch if you're a ST fan but nothing stellar.
½ April 8, 2018
While this is not a great entry to the series, there were still parts of it that I enjoyed. It had horrible pacing problems though. However, once we finally get to see Kirk and Picard on screen together, it is hard not to have a little bit of fun.
½ March 26, 2018
It seems more like a CBS special, than a worldwide blockbuster film.
March 13, 2018
TNG first foray into the big screen just doesn't measure up, bring together the new, picard, with the old, kirk, the idea of having these two on the screen together was a good one but poorly executed leaving plot holes, shabby story telling, and bad dialogue. the original star trek movies did a good job overall putting together their movies, if this is the start of the new tng series, it has alot of work to do.
March 4, 2018
Not bad, but certainly only for the fans of the television series.
February 5, 2018
A much maligned reflection on mortality, the decline of old age, and lifelong regret. Lucas likes to say Star Wars was never about space or starships or battles, but about the drama of family. Well, Star Trek is ALL about the starships and exploration, but never fails until recently to present that exploration as it truly is - a pursuit that goes ever inward even as it goes ever outward. What we discover in the expanses of space are not without consequence for us as human beings, and sailing into the unknown challenges our identity and character and virtue. When Kirk and Picard encounter that thing in space that can give perfect happiness, rescue them from their old age, their mortality, and from the regret that puts them in doubt of the sacrifices they made to be explorers, they decide again to put it aside and make a difference. The ability to do so makes them, by definition, the heroes and protagonists of this film which invites us, as Star Trek always does, to envision the noblest version of humanity, and confront the impertinent illusions that tempt us away from ever rising to our potential. This is Star Trek's answer to the question of generations - if they come and go, why does it matter? Why don't we get our piece and sink anonymously into the forgotten masses of people who lived only in and for their time? Because humanity is transcendent, and what we do today can make an impact in eternity. This film enshrines the noblest human ideals and lives up to the Star Trek legacy - a vision of the future, a reverence for the greatest traditions of our past, a reminder of what never changes.
½ December 31, 2017
Despite several plot holes, a lame villain, and bad editing, Star Trek: Generations still delivers an enjoyable viewing experience that culminates in one of Brent Spiner's greatest performance.
½ December 22, 2017
interesting idea but a very clunky delivery. After a wonderful send off in the 6th film seeing Kirk dusted off, again, for disappointing
December 18, 2017
a fine movie that show us the ENTERPRISE D destruction. asides from that its a weak movie specially with the 2 greatest captains ever sharing a tv show cooking section... enough said!
November 18, 2017
I loved the opening, seeing the original cast back with new fresh faces is always good. Great performance by Patrick Stewart, seeing him & William Shatner interact was amazing, you really get the best of both worlds, this is the "X-Men: Days Of Future Past" of Star Trek movies. This movie really makes you think, the Action is done well & this is just such a criminally underrated science fiction flick.
August 13, 2017
Star Trek Generations might be one of the most blatant examples I?ve ever seen of backwards writing. This film constantly has things happen for no logical reason, unless you take into consideration where they want the rest of the film to go. The plot doesn?t have any flow to it, people don?t behave sensibly, and they don?t feel similar to the characters established in the Next Generation TV show. There are subplots that are so stupid and superfluous to everything else that is going on, but they seem thrown in so we have something for popular characters to do (I?m looking at you Data and Geordi.)

After we saw such a lovely farewell to the cast of the original series in The Undiscovered Country, now a handful of them are dragged back out again. They are shoved in here for some odd reason. I?m not sure if it was out of a desire to give William Shatner one more moment in the sun, or if they feel audiences actually needed to see a handoff from Kirk to Picard, or what motivated this decision. I remember being so excited to see the new cast finally take over the big screen, and then found the disappointment of this film that makes most of them second fiddle to the Captains. There?s a problem when you?re watching a Next Generation film and Guinan has more to do than Riker. I haven?t seen all the Star Trek films yet, but I?ll be shocked if any of them are as bad as this one.
½ June 26, 2017
The best thing about this movie was seeing Captain Kirk and Picard come together but other then that there was not anything that good about this movie.

½ March 25, 2017
nice movie nice effects. stupid way of die for kirk. really the epic moment its cooking eggs and riding a horse? jeez...
½ February 27, 2017
It was awful. No, it was rubbish. A whole sense. I am so disappointed that they kill off Captain Kirk. He is our hero. Why the writers to decided kill off Kirk? I don't understand.
½ January 23, 2017
A changing of the guard for the Star Trek universe which didn't generate all that much love and not quite sure why, it is by no means a perfect first outing for the majority of the cast but neither is it a flop. I like the new cast, the action is the best any Star Trek film had up to this point, the special effects still hold up to this day thanks to a mix of CGI and practical and the score is on point. I will say however that not all the humour works and that the script and the plot could've been more interesting.
December 29, 2016
Nothing makes any sense in this movie. The definition of an odd numbered Star Trek movie
December 26, 2016
The film where Captain Kirk dies twice. Data gets a sense of humour with hilarious and predictable consequences. Trek captains horse riding and cooking! Not sure even how the nexus worked or how they got there
December 22, 2016
The plot is a bit week, but lets be honest, the whole point of this film is to see Picard and Kirk teaming up to take down a villain. With that in mind, the movie does enough to keep me entertained. This film likely won't resonate with moviegoers that aren't Trek fans.
½ November 19, 2016
A mediocre passing from one generation to another. The villain is great. Kirk and Picard working together is a sight to see. But killing Kirk? Unacceptable. Sadly, The Next Generation cast would have mostly forgettable, or downright awful movies. This was only a sign of things to come.
October 17, 2016
Rewatched 2016-10-17
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