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½ January 3, 2016
The sequel to Tai Chi Zero is about more of the same, although this time in comes to a satisfying conclusion.
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½ July 28, 2015
I have no idea whether or not to give this film 3 stars based solely on the fact that it was, surprisingly, a little more serious than the first film, which embraced the sillier side of martial arts films. While this film does still have some of that silliness, it's definitely toned down in favor of a more serious narrative about Eddie Peng's character trying to destroy the village that humiliated him in the first film. I don't know, really, it just plays out like a bunch of these films that I've seen. There's not much that really sets it apart from the pack like the first film did. With that said, I did think the narrative itself, if it can be called that, is actually an improvement from the first film. But, like I said, the more serious tone is definitely a bit of a drawback to the film. It just doesn't feel as fresh or as different. I realize that's a point I already made, but it's definitely worth repeating. I suppose the idea is you avoid repeating yourself, but repeating yourself by using the same silly and over-the-top tone as your predecessor is better than playing into every martial arts cliche that is out there. It'd be something if the action improved as well as the story did, but it's probably at about the same level of the first film. I'd even say that it's a notch below, slightly. I do think however, that as far as a singular action sequence goes, this film has the best of the two films. The one I'm talking about should definitely be obvious and it's when Peng's character, having bribed himself to the top, brings a ton of soldiers to the villagers' footsteps. This is when the film peaks and there's close to 20+ minutes left in the film after this. And what came after it simply couldn't match the scene at the village. It just felt like the movie ran out of steam and this was its logical ending point, but it was simply too early to end the film so they decided to add 20+ unrelated minutes to the narrative. It really fizzles out at the end and that's a shame. There's one other cool fight scene after this, but it just feels completely unrelated to what came before it. Maybe it's just me, but that's how I felt. Maybe I'm being unfair to this film, but I really did think it was a step down. I mean it was kinda nice to see how everything ended up, but part of me felt that the film was somewhat unnecessary. It's not like you really needed a sequel to tell this story. It could've been done without complicating matters in this film. They chose to go a different route, but I stand by what I said. It feels unnecessary. Still, I mean the film is decent at best. It provides some good action scenes and some will be entertained by this, but I found it to be a step down from Tai Chi Zero and I can't really recommend it as a standalone film. It's almost necessary to watch this if you saw Zero, but it's not a movie that really needs to exist. While a decent movie, there's nothing of note worth watching here.
½ January 8, 2015
THIS IS REVIEW FOR "RISE OF THE LEGEND", which is not yet available for review in Rotten Tomatoes. The ever weakness of kung fu film - silly, idiotic and illogical plot, still exists, strongly indeed. But if we can suspend our logical mind (which is not difficult, in my opinion, because the film is really really fun), then the film is such a treat. Very good production value, quick and powerful action sequences (although I hate the pretentious multi-view cinematography and quick editing, which only make the film look rubbish, yes, rubbish), dedicating cast (Eddie Peng looks honest and acts decently, Angelababy looks stunning - and that is already more than enough for her to be here, Sammo Hung again took the role of a bad but ever awesome guy, and he delivered the role nicely also), and very good opening for a new Wong Fei Hong series (I hope the series will turn out better than the "Tai Chi" series). Oh my, watching this film reminded me of the Japanese (or Chinese, I could not tell) comics about a young and short-hair Wong Fei Hong, a deeply fascinating comics that I enjoyed a lot. One of the best Hong Kong kung fu films I have watched recently, if only the plot had been ... more logical, I could have given the film higher rate.
½ December 3, 2014
Bei combattimenti, la storia lasciamo stare...
June 6, 2014
This movie picks up where we were last in Tai Chi Zero. This sequel continues to develop Lu Chan's character in many aspects, and we receive more hints as to where the next movie will bring us.
April 11, 2014
It tries too hard at something, but with no visible aim. I thought it might get better. It didn't.
March 1, 2014
With less action and nearly abandoning its promised video-game style that it showed off in its first installment, Tai Chi Hero comes off as absent and with a lacking. However, there is a more focused story to follow and a tighter grip on its characters.
February 28, 2014
I expected more of the cartoonish wild feel, but got abit more of a mixed serious nature. Still better then most.
October 26, 2013
Man, I was so disappointed with this. This is the sequel to Tai Chi Zero, which I really enjoyed. The main thing that sucked about it was the story and then the fights weren't anywhere near the quality of the first movie. So, excited for nothing.
October 22, 2013
OMG!!!! This movie was just as good as the first. I so can't wait for the second one!!!!
October 18, 2013
Secondo della trilogia (il terzo non + ancora uscito), Tai Chi Hero inferiore al suo predecessore perdendo un po' del sapiente dosaggio del film precedente. Resta comunque un bel prodotto, godibile e curato (3/5)
½ September 25, 2013
Like its predecessor, Tai Chi Hero is continually hampered by its thin characters and badly convoluted narrative but at least this time there are more opportunities to savour the many oddball pleasures. Surprisingly heartbreaking at times, Tai Chi Hero adds some much needed depth to an already well-established and vividly distinguishable action franchise.
September 18, 2013
Dangit, now I'm hungry.
½ September 2, 2013
Slightly better than the original; continued where it left off. Having breakfast & changing clothes LIKE A BOSS right before going to battle. Less Street Fighter but still has that manga-anime CG to it. The Palace kitchen fight scene was noteworthy.
September 1, 2013
Tai Chi 2: Hero Rising is a fitting sequel to Tai Chi Zero. Action choreography by Sammo Hung and starring Yuen Biao gives this one a more traditional feel. "It's every bit as insane and awesome as the first movie, with maybe even a somewhat better story and more madcap inventiveness." The end portends an awesome future where, hopefully, Stormare will have a greater role.
September 1, 2013
The Beginning of Tai Chi !!!
August 31, 2013
A silly, movie with cool fight scenes.
August 31, 2013
great movie love this tai chi hero series good job
August 28, 2013
The movie inherits the unique quirkiness and art style from the 1st movie and perhaps even have a stronger storyline than the 1st, but the ending is perhaps one of the worst I've ever seen from a movie. To call it anti-climactic would be an understatement, as all the positives of the film are drained because of the poor finish. I agree with many who calls Tai Chi 2 simply as the exact copy of the first, as it carries over both the good and bad (poor dubbing, etc). There may be behind the scene issues at the back of the film which forced it to produce such a hasty finish, but it really did taint the possibility of Tai Chi being a monumental new era film.
August 25, 2013
tai ci hero is a good martial arts movie about a guy with the abilities to control everything he fights, and they learn they can build flying machines. B
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