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December 10, 2016
This is a movie starring three of the greatest voices in the history of cinema, Ronald Coleman, Cary Grant and Jean Arthur. Cary Grant is falsely accused of murder, and Jean Arthur believes in his innocence and enlists law professor Ronald Coleman to aid in his defense. There is a touching romantic triangle and Jean Arthur has to decide between the two of them. Those responsible for the movie supposedly filmed two versions of the ending and had to decide which was the best. This is an elegant, thoughtful, appealing movie.
½ October 9, 2016
Comedy with serious undertones and nicely observed characters from George Stevens - who seems to be channelling Frank Capra with Jean Arthur in the lead and a story about "the law" and how it needs to serve the people rather than lofty principles. Cary Grant stumbles into Jean's life and the cottage she is about to rent out to Dean of the Law School Ronald Colman, he's on the lam after escaping prison, falsely accused of burning down a factory. The factory owner has the town in his back pocket and he's railroading the case with a handpicked judge and jury. Grant and his lawyer lean on Colman to assist, but he's too principled to get involved in a local case...until his fondness for Grant and Arthur both win him over and he shaves off his beard and gets his hands dirty. It works because we too grow fond of these characters, even if the larger themes are a bit garbled; Capra handled complicated issues better by ramping up the sentimentality and distilling the arguments to their simplest points, also throwing in quirky supporting players. Stevens hits it right down the middle which is satisfying but it doesn't go out of the park.
½ August 11, 2015
A fun, worthwhile dramedy which has some unique subtexts for this period.
January 15, 2015
Maybe because it can't be categorized definitely as a screwball comedy or a "serious" movie, it has been overlooked, but never will you see a movie that mixes comedy, romance, social commentary, and drama as well as this one... Borscht With An Egg In It--'The Talk of the Town' is George Steven's only serious comedy. He fights alongside with Frank Capra's theme of the common man against big business and big government and he makes a home run. The casting was superb from the three leads to all the supporting cast in the smallest of roles... Jean Arthur at her zenith!!
½ May 28, 2014
the three lead actors make this movie seem a lot better than it should be
Super Reviewer
April 25, 2014
A great classic dramatic comedy. The aging Ronald Colman has to match wits with the youthful Cary Grant and Jean Arthur is in the middle of it all. Very well performed.
½ February 15, 2014
gr8 cast n director make this drama with just a touch of comedy thrown in
December 2, 2013
An enjoyable film which puts Cary Grant in the unusual position of not being the usual Cary Grant. Here he's a man falsely accused of arson for speaking out against the factory owner. Hiding out in Jean Arthur's house (she being one he had eyes on from High School onwards) but the problem is that the house is rented out to Law Professor Ronald Coleman. This is a perfect blend of situational comedy and political commentary. All three play their roles superbly. A love triangle develops, with each man falling for Jean Arthur, yet both men respect each other tremendously and become good friends (one doesn't know the other is hiding from the law for half the movie). It's a little slow to start, and might not be for everybody, but it's a good run nonetheless.
October 20, 2013
Rarely I find a very good B&W old film, this is one of them. Corruption in a small town, injustice about to happen, uptight legal specialist, civil unrest and a witty lady saving it all.
½ August 17, 2013
I had never even heard of this gem until I randomly stumbled upon it. I'm glad I stumbled upon it because I was laughing a lot within a matter of minutes. It's a very crazy and manic comedy that it is constantly funny and is also bolstered by strong performances across the board. It's a shame that this wonderful comedy hasn't got the attention it deserves because it should be regarded as a classic. If you enjoy a good comedy from the golden era, this is definitely one worth seeing.
July 14, 2013
The set up this movie went on for a while. It made the first half feel very slow. It paid off pretty well in the second half as there was good character development by the time the story started really rolling, and there was a bunch of plot points put together to make some nice complications. It took a while, but it was a good screwball comedy.
½ April 22, 2013
Grant is excellent in this witty comedy with a thought provoking story.
January 24, 2013
Too long but it has some charm.
January 2, 2013
it's good,,, it's kinda thriller + romance :)
September 22, 2012
I thought the actors were great, though it took some time to figure out all of everyone's relationships, and I'm still not sure. Also, towards the end it felt long. I laughed quite a bit, sometimes at the jokes and sometimes at the situations.
½ July 27, 2012
Even though it's mostly a drama, it possesses all the basic features of a genuine screwball comedy too. While the story is perfectly adequate, lighthearted and even moralizing in its nature, this whimsy drama's biggest quality comes from the top-notch performances by Cary Grant, Jean Arthur and Ronald Colman. Witty in its dialogues, fancy in its storytelling, The Talk of the Town is definitely one of the most sincere and, a the same time, the most laughable and effective films of the Golden Era of Hollywood.
½ July 11, 2012
Delightful in every way. The three leads all give stellar performances, the direction is seamless, and the writing is razor sharp. Hardly profound but still engaging and always extremely entertaining.
June 9, 2012
This is a very good, entertaining movie.
June 6, 2012
"the talk of the town" has a lot of quirky humor that anyone who loves 1940s screwball comedies will appreciate. though the film isn't necessarily a comedy, it just has a wonderful sense of humor.
February 7, 2012
Great 40`s Comedy from the Director of "Giant".
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