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½ April 18, 2018
Terms of Endearment is a 1983 American comedy-drama film directed, written, and produced by James L. Brooks.
I can still remember the tag-line form the tv promos for this film: 'Come to laugh, come to cry, come to...Terms of Endearment'. A classic tearjerker. More to come.
March 8, 2018
Although its balance between comedy and drama is shakey at times, it's a bitter-sweet little movie with a lot of heart.
½ February 22, 2018
(5.5 out of 6)- Time ages all dollies & coasters
When all we want is the best for those. When all we want we must have to have others not wanting what's best for us by not supporting what we want for their own good. When we know what others want to know we want other things when we want it all with those. When we know what others want to give them what they want. When we want others to like others when that's what we want from those who haven't yet given their blessings.

When we see what we want comes from higher places that others don't want when they want lower places to know what we want we disagree on. When what we want we see others wanting when it's popular to go where such places will take us. When what we want we have to wait to not have to wait too long and see what others want too much of elsewhere we could end up with nothing.

When we see what we want others don't want when they are headed in the wrong direction. When what others don't want are those leaving when being the man of the house we see they are the provider. When what we want we see we don't have when time takes us into different places when we age and grow wiser. When what others want we see we take them up on their offer later when time doesn't change anything.

When what we want we see it's hard for those to want when it's an adjustment that gets getting used to or have to force yourself used to. When we see what others don't want we see they rather be elsewhere to only do what we want with others who want the same thing. When we see that wanting something we rather take it slow or fast to not want it at all when what turns us away are what others want too much of when we are not that type of person. When what we want is for others to want the same things we want to only put something's first ahead of other things. When we see it's not easy getting what we want at our age when things get harder, complicated and need of our attention more to put what we want on hold.

When what we want is fearing the worst to see it takes away from wanting other things. When what we want we don't see what we want when it's ourselves young, in our prime, with others. When what others see they know what they want when passing grades calls for bribery.

When we see what has been wanting us to go where they want us when they were right. When we don't see what time will want us to want when what we don't know makes want something else. When what others want they know it's right when they always wanted this. When what others want but can't get we see what was good while it lasted.

When what we want we might not like when what's good for us can be upsetting. When what we don't want we see we dislike when it's bad that could kill us. When what we don't want is to lose those to only have to give them away. When what we want is what we have with others that we don't have with our own kids, when being open about our feelings and self we want to hear I love you. When what we want we see others don't give when it's disrespect to only force them to want what we want. When what we want we can't have when we die.

When what we want we see it's not too late to get when we still have a chance with others to see to what we wanted for them. When what we want are those who want the same things as us to know what time devides us and brings us together to know what is important we want.
February 17, 2018
Well made, but sad. 1001 movies to see before you die.
January 17, 2018
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Con momentos divertidos y mas o menos reflexivos, Terms of Endearment tiene una conclusión desesperada para una trama que no llegaba a ningún final coherente.
½ January 1, 2018
BEST PICTURE 1983: A drama about a mother / daughter relationship. The daughter is in a unhappy marriage,the mother is a widow and looks for love in womanizer neighbour played by Jack Nicholson
a sad ending when the daughter is diagnosed with cancer and she leaves.behind 3 children. powerful drama with some good performances
½ November 9, 2017
9.5 out of 10:

It?s story might not be to original, but it?s done in a clever way, has great performances, and is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes intense.
October 11, 2017
A wonderful mother daughter story with great performances.
October 8, 2017
Its' a funny, heartwarming, and ultimately tragic film about a mother/daughter relationship spanning years & years. It's episodic structure will frustrate some, but, i thought it was told & acted beautifully by all the players.
September 9, 2017
A really nice film throughout with an emotional story that you can be invested in (with help from its brilliant cast). It brilliantly displayed a timeline of events, spanning many years, with each scene feeling important; however its presentation also let it down at times. Funny, emotional, moving, entertaining.
½ August 22, 2017
Getting married, having a few kids, buying some stuff, moving to Nebraska, and dying.
May 25, 2017
An average drama that dealt with a lot of family issues. It was OK, but I don't understand how this movie won so many or even any awards. (First and only viewing - 2/3/2011)
½ March 25, 2017
I tried watching this once. Never again. How it won the Oscar for Best Picture is crazy.
March 18, 2017
It really is as good as you have heard, take two hours out of this week to laugh and cry. I still get tears 30 year's later.
Super Reviewer
½ December 23, 2016
A wonderful drama that finds a perfect balance between sweet, humorous and sad with sublime performances by the whole cast (mainly MacLaine and Nicholson), while the superb editing keeps the narrative always fluid as it spans several years in the lives of its characters.
November 11, 2016
Finalmente la vi. Es raro ver una película de décadas atrás que muestra una sociedad con actitud más moderna que la actual. Ironico
½ October 27, 2016
Why does everything seem peripheral in this movie? Then, the music is over-bearing and those fade-ins and -outs give it an old-fashioned feel. But ultimately, it's a bit boring. Maybe it's just the characters who, warts and all, are unattractive. Flap (maybe) is the exception.
September 5, 2016
Terms of Endearment doesn't fail on catching heartstrings and is so well written you bother not to criticize it
July 16, 2016
Another movie Deborah Winger didn't did along with people in the cast.
½ May 8, 2016
Some standout performances, even the kids are good in this. Winner of 5 Oscars. Saw this several years ago and literally forgot the entire film. Didn't even remember the mom getting cancer. Like how realistic this film was.
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