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March 18, 2017
It really is as good as you have heard, take two hours out of this week to laugh and cry. I still get tears 30 year's later.
February 28, 2017
Although its balance between comedy and drama is shakey at times, it's a bitter-sweet little movie with a lot of heart.
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½ December 23, 2016
A wonderful drama that finds a perfect balance between sweet, humorous and sad with sublime performances by the whole cast (mainly MacLaine and Nicholson), while the superb editing keeps the narrative always fluid as it spans several years in the lives of its characters.
November 11, 2016
Finalmente la vi. Es raro ver una película de décadas atrás que muestra una sociedad con actitud más moderna que la actual. Ironico
½ October 27, 2016
Why does everything seem peripheral in this movie? Then, the music is over-bearing and those fade-ins and -outs give it an old-fashioned feel. But ultimately, it's a bit boring. Maybe it's just the characters who, warts and all, are unattractive. Flap (maybe) is the exception.
September 5, 2016
Terms of Endearment doesn't fail on catching heartstrings and is so well written you bother not to criticize it
July 16, 2016
Another movie Deborah Winger didn't did along with people in the cast.
½ May 8, 2016
Some standout performances, even the kids are good in this. Winner of 5 Oscars. Saw this several years ago and literally forgot the entire film. Didn't even remember the mom getting cancer. Like how realistic this film was.
½ May 8, 2016
SHIRLEY OWNS this film. I was surprised to see F. WILLIAM PARKER, from Rockford, Illinois little theater. He played the father, I think in the Fantasticks, and I could be mixed up, I know he had voice coaching, sang, in "The Rainmaker" also, further confusion regarding plays F.WILLIAM PARKER was in at Rockford Little Theater, where I worked on costumes and sets and props with Raymond Schulz, my son, Sky Schulz's father. F. WILLIAM PARKER left for movies, and got work. I remember a "Laverne & Shirley" & "Happy Days" combined story that he played in, then saw him in a commercial for an ice cream sauce, poured over ice cream, hardened, tasty....He was in "The Wedding Planner" with Jennifer Lopez, and several other films, always a character actor, but kept working for many years. I wonder if he is still alive, someone who followed his dream. Ron Huffman, also from Rockford, came from Broadway to play a part in that show, just for a couple performances. His folks had a dry cleaning business in town
April 19, 2016
Terms of Endearment (1983) ????
Stunning film about a mother and her daughter's three decade love life. One of those rare films that finds humor even in the most dramatic places. It'll make you smile, laugh, cry, even ponder, I guess that's what movies are all about. Five Oscars: Picture, Director, Script. MacLaine and Nicolson won Oscars too, although everyone else works at the same level. A truly wonderful film that demands multiple viewings, and a top film of the decade.
½ March 28, 2016
Okay, Terms of Endearment won all of the noticeable Oscars for 1983, and since most people will be checking this movie out/ criticising it based on the amount of oscars it won, so will I.

Best Picture - I personally dont think this movie deserved to win Best Picture of the year, i dont know what other notable works has been nominated in 1983, but i did not think Terms of Endearment is at all a cinematic achievement, like most Best Picture winners tend to be. Terms of Endearment is entertaining but that's all it is, it isn't bravura filmmaking, it isnt showing us things we haven't ever seen before, it's basically a formula chick flick, only better than the usual garbage that is being produced these last couple of years.
Best Screenplay - Here is where the movie's main faults come in, the Screenplay is very bland and uninvolved, the screenplay is neither funny nor emotionally evocative, the characters arent interesting, nor do you feel compassion for them. Except Jack Nicholson's character, who is a clear stand out with a good performance playing a delightful character, the rest of the characters are all pretty much uninteresting, and you dont feel anything for them. The reason for that is the constant jumping forward in time, something like that could make simple story (which Terms for Endearment is) more captivating and interesting to watch, but how it is done here results in the audience being unable to fully connect with the characters, and it skips forward just when it gets interesting and when you want to see more. (Especially in the beginning of the film) Also, the ending was very predictable, the screenwriter wanted to make this film an emotional adventure so he chose the easy way out to just have a main character die in the end, which i was expecting since the story wasn't going anywhere half where through. and there is another problem, a movie like this (a movie that doesnt really have a story/ a structured beginning and end) must be really captivating to work. (structureless/episodic films) Movies like this are difficult to make and succeed at, but it is possible, take La Dolce Vita for instance, that movie doesnt really have a firm story, it doesnt have a perfect beginning, middle and end, but it works because the rest is soo perfect. Unlike La Dolce Vita, Terms of Endearment has no solid clue what it's about, it's just a section of the lives of some people...
Best Director - Best Picture and Best Director usually go hand-in-hand for me, i personally thought legend filmmaker Ingmar Bergman should've won Best Director for Fanny Och Alexander.
Best Actress, Shirley MacLaine - The character she plays is one-note, she doesnt have a character arc, she doesnt change behavior (at least not that much) which makes her an interesting character to look at. The way she's played by MacLaine really isnt all that great either, in emotional parts she seems vastly mediocre, in more eccentric parts of the film she gives a hammy performance, that comes close to overacting. She was fine, but not all that great, she should've won for The Apartment, where she was much more delightful.
Best Actor, Jack Nicholson - Not his best performance but certainly something different, he plays a normal guy, but still shows what Nicholson does best, being sarcastic and funny. His character certainly is a secondary character, he doesnt have much screen time, MacLaine, Daniels and Winger certainly have the most screen time, but whenever Jack is on screen he is, as always, a delight to look at. My favorite scenes from this film are all with Jack on screen.

All in all, Terms of Endearment is certainly an above-average chick flick, and a good/entertaining watch for family/ loved ones, but the amount of Oscars it undeservedly won is ridiculous.
½ March 24, 2016
Impressive in its slice of life approach and how it manages to naturally fit in a little bit of everything, buoyed by an excellent cast and Brooks' sharp writing. An 80s Best Picture winner and classic.
March 19, 2016
this was the best everything and I cried for at least another hour after I got home Shirley Maclane and eborah Winger were Oscar winning peformances 5 stars
February 5, 2016
La fuerza del cario
½ January 30, 2016
A real tearjerker... Bored me to tears.
January 30, 2016
A story examining a mother-daughter relationship that runs on understandable elements towards the next generation with joy being sought and reached at any chances given. It's a Best Picture-worthy winner on how related the story went for with filmic assets from a smart script to good performances from a nice cast whilst supported by an emotionally expressive soundtrack. (B+)

(Full review coming soon)
½ January 30, 2016
This is another one of those films that I admire rather than I like. Perhaps I'm too young to really understand the message of it, but a cliched family drama/tearjerker like this is not exactly my cup of tea. That said, I admire how unabashedly sentimental this is; I admire James L. Brooks' writing and direction, and I can't deny the fact that it's a well-acted piece (Jack Nicholson is by far the best part of the film, stealing every scene he's in.) Terms of Endearment is a well-made film.
January 21, 2016
i was about to say "this movie better have at least gotten an oscar nod or else if i were alive in 1983, i'd've boycotted the oscars. luckily it did and it won best picture. the themes of life and a countless number of other themes in this film make it, dare i say, "endearing."
½ January 17, 2016
A decent film with some good performances and some funny moments. I have seen Shirley MacLaine in a few films before but she has always been too old to do anything other than a token performance. After seeing this, I can see why she is so highly regarded. Yet again another example of play someone with an affliction - guaranteed Oscar (or at least a nom)
½ January 14, 2016
Aww man! #CancerSucks Sometimes I wouldn't know we had skipped a few years (didn't read what film was about before I choose it) but overall a relatable and heartfelt film.
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