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½ December 5, 2016
Most of the entries contain poop and/or butts, toilets or boobs. Had a good laugh at the segment about a guy boxing a dog, though. Almost all of the entries had nothing to do with the chosen word, with the exception of Dog Fight and Libido. In fact, two separate entries both involved a couple of idiots saying they weren't creative enough to come up with an entry based on their letter, so they just threw their hands up and said "whatever". So those two didn't even really count. I think maybe three entries contained some form of pedophilia and one was used purely for fat-shaming.

In its entirety, it's probably one of the worst things I've ever watched, and seemed more dedicated to describing the directors' secret fetishes than actually saying anything worthwhile.
½ September 28, 2016
I like some Surreal and Animated parts but the whole movie is the most F%$@ Up movie I have ever seen
September 7, 2016
-10/10. Worst movie ever
August 1, 2016
Really creative, enjoyed this as a horror fan.
July 30, 2016
I'm a big fan of horror anthology films, but this one is just a little too much "anthology." The segments vary wildly. Some run on too long, some too short, some just happen all of a sudden and then end just as suddenly, without bothering to inform the viewer about what you just saw. Some are so nonsensical that they are neither funny nor scary, just really, REALLY repulsive and brain damaging ("W" and "Z" especially. I have no idea what in God's name that was about but I don't plan to ever see either again.) The highlight for fact, the only segment that I not only enjoyed but that works entirely, is "Q." Writer Simon Barrett and director Adam Wingard are two of the finest horrormeisters of our time, and they successfully make a black comedy while pointing out the mind numbing absurdity of the film itself. For that, I give it one star, and I'll fast forward to this segment on Netflix occasionally. I can ignore everything else. (I won't forget it though. Especially "Y." Yeesh...)
½ July 30, 2016
An enjoyable uneven horror romp that's got it's fair share of good, muddied by a sea of, just, sorta ok. It's well worth those moment as for the most part this is a least a breezy ride from start to finish. Don't like one short? Just wait two or three minutes for the next one.
½ July 7, 2016
1.5/5.0 stars
46.5 out of possible 130
½ June 12, 2016
I wish I could give this zero stars. I don't get offended by much, but acts of pedophelia cross the line. Plus; subtitles, graphically harming and murdering animals, and wondering wtf you just saw in relation to the letter of the alphabet. Some of them were a stretch.
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June 3, 2016
I could have done without a *lot* of the entries in The ABC's of Death. Still, there is enough in here that a diehard horror fan might find something of value.
½ May 1, 2016
Some good bad ugly and strange segments but I think a horror geek would appreciate it
March 10, 2016
A iniciativa é legal, uma antologia de curtas de terror com 26 diretores de várias partes do mundo, onde cada filme corresponde a uma letra do alfabeto... mas funciona melhor na ideia do que na execução. Poucos são os curtas realmente bons, como "C", "S" e "T", e alguns são de extremo mal gosto, como "F", e o restante é apenas ruim mesmo.
February 22, 2016
I'm getting too old for this crap. I went against my better judgement and watched this because it just keeps coming up as one of those 'underrated gems' like Trick 'r Treat. Well honestly, this is no gem and it is an insult to compare it to Trick 'r Treat in any way other than to say they are both anthology films. It's like saying Mills & Boon is like Jane Austen because they both fall into the romance category! This is basically the kind of nonsense one might expect from film students, shines of talent but not quite there, at all. Not one of these stories left me wanting more, excluding one or two that I can't even remember now. The Japanese directors do win the prize for the most bizarre, crazy sh*t with F and Z. Basically though I'm done with this B-grade inanity. There is much better horror out there than this.
December 28, 2015
Many of the shorts lacked the quality that should be required of this sort of anthology. I feel like I could have created a better short than some that were in this film.
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½ November 21, 2015
It is uneven like most anthologies, with segments that range from scary to funny to clever to silly - and as such, some of them are quite efficient but many are far from that, like "M Is for Miscarriage" and "Z is for Zetsumetsu", both of which stand out as particularly awful.
½ November 20, 2015
When it is so loaded anthology, it is difficult to decide which punctuation place, say that 20% of the anthology is remarkable, therefore the punctuation will be based on those videos that were highlighted.
November 18, 2015
This review is gonna be a little different. Considering all 26 short films in this one film are written and directed by a different person, I will put each letter in either Pros or Cons and determine the score that way and will not spoil anything.

-A: Didn't expect it
-C: Seen this story before in movies but it wasn't bad
-D: Not really horror, but the twist was nice
-E: This one plays to my fears, but I've read a story like this film before
-H: Just excellent. Don't know if I could call it horror though
-I: A little disturbing to watch for certain reasons for me
-J: Hilarious, not horror though
-M: Disturbing
-Q: Self aware and kinda funny
-R: Very interesting and well done
-S: At first it's gonna seem stupid, but if you've ever known someone like the ones at the end you'll know what this film is going for
-T: Probably the best one in the whole film
-V: Interesting story
-W: Hilarious mindfuck
-X: Fucked up but well done
-Y: Nevermind, this one has to be the best of the movie. Nice 80's esque music too.

-B: Made no sense
-F: Wtf??
-G: This one, I tell you what..
-K: I don't even know what to say
-L: So awkward to watch
-N: Cliched
-O: Not horror and reeks of the indie artsy style that I'm not too fond of
-P: I just personally didn't enjoy this one
-U: Nothing that great
-Z: I have no clue of what I just watched

The ABCs of Death is an average horror comedy anthology film worth at least one watch.
November 12, 2015
The high points are very high, but the low points are very low. That's the risk you run with such an ambitious anthology. If anything, watch it for "Q is for Quack" alone.
October 30, 2015
Could be bad, but very interesting, seems like a thousand ways to die or something.
October 26, 2015
The idea of ??"The ABCs of Death" is not bad, on the contrary. The idea might have actually worked in a 2 hour movie, but as we saw on the screen is really bad. As a film of 26 segments can say that there are some good and some bad, but in this movie about 80% of the segments and bad, poorly worked, a waste of money that could is in the hands of several families of Africa and no doubt an attack to good taste."The ABCs of Death" would be better spent on TV with a segment of at least 20 minutes, but the way we see. "M is for Miscarriage" anyone with a camera and red dye could repeat that thread and maybe it would be better than what we see on screen (BIG WASTE OF MONEY). "I is for the Ingrown" gives us a sense of emptiness, because it explains nothing of what we see on screen. "G is for Gravity" is even emptier than the previous one where not even an actor can be seen on the scene (MUCH BETTER SEE A VIDEO ON ANY INTERNET). "Would be F Fart" is a violation of horror films like " The Evil Dead ", I think this qualifies or segment with a black comedy. "L is for Libido" and "Y is for Young Buck" come to sound offensive by exposing young people to certain situations. These are examples of segments that do not work or work poorly and we give the impression that a boy twelve years old with a digital camera with the budget that the directors had managed to do something better.More segments are not all bad, bad, or regular. "D is for the Dogfigth" and an example of good use of cinematography and gives us the impression that this is not part of the film. The movements are perfect, the plot and clearly understandable, there was a good investment on the part of the director. "X is for XL" try conveying a message in the wrong way, but it failed in all one of the few segments that give a dose of suspense. "V is for vagitus" should have a movie solo, because the idea could be better crafted. This segment and the second makes us think we're seeing another movie.Well, if you want to laugh a little, have a little fright and feel sick with the twelve and twelve fake blood (because in certain scenes is clearly noticeable that the blood used and false, very false and FALSE) then go to the cinema and watch "The ABCs of Death", but have patience, because at times you will say exactly the theme of the segment "W is for the WTF!"
½ October 24, 2015
Really good collection of short horror tales of death. I would say that there is only one which I thought was rubbish (V) and a couple which crossed the boundaries of decenty (L&M) but, in general there were some really excellent short films here. I was particularly stunned by D. I couldn't quite work out how they could make such a film; very impressive. There is plenty of sick, twisted, gory, and scary stuff here to please hardened horror fans who like original stuff.
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