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June 25, 2015
Any noble intention to bring forward the recount of the bloodcurdling 2008 Mumbai attacks is marred by an over-the-top dramatisation and a facile lecture on religion and holy war.
½ June 18, 2013
Could have been so much better. Nana Patekar was the saving grace. Learn how to screw up a movie even after getting potentially explosive topic.Bland.
June 11, 2013
I found it interesting that western critics claim that 'a better film might have proved cathartic' or called this 'an explotitative docudrama' whilst Indian film critics generally praised the film as a powerful retelling of a horrific event.

It speaks to the degree of misunderstanding we have about horrific acts that can occur anywhere around the world. It is an accurate retelling of a terrible event, with powerful performances from Nana Patekar and Sanjeev Jaiswal.

This is a Indian film giving an Indian perspective on a horrific event that occured. Rather than castigate the accurate level of violence portrayed, lets try to appreciate the insight into the healing process that many are still going through.
½ June 2, 2013
Seeing the killing felt sad and disappointed. A movie to really watch at least once.
May 23, 2013
It could have been a more interesting story if they had more of a plot and given more of a background on the killers, instead of showing (in gory fashion) each kill. Some of the choreography of the attacks were ill-timed and led to unplanned laughter. Recommended only if you like bloodbaths.
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½ May 21, 2013
A typical RGV film that depicts the real life tragedy in a (cinematically) tragic way. He tries too hard to make the movie intense, but inadvertently gives it an opposite shape. The close-ups of Nana Patekar were irritating. When there's constant shooting (with blood all around, supposedly to create a shocking atmosphere) & no dialogues, I longed for some dialogues. But when the dialogues came, it didn't turn out to be any better either. The terrorist act was disaster, and so is the movie. Of course, most Indian critics hailed it.
May 8, 2013
disturbing, but cud've been far better.
½ April 28, 2013
it more like a documentary had so many stories to tell but the film gets stuck with the version of the police commissioner. In fact film stops mid way. Attacks in Taj and Oberoi Hotel which were cleared by NSG is not found at all. A film which could have been better
March 30, 2013
Day: Wednesday
Date: 27 Mar 2013
Time: 09.30 pm
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½ March 29, 2013
An awesome,well shot and directed movie by RGV (which is rare,mind you)..
The story is really touching since all the actual incidents get recalled upon watching.
The acting by the boy playing Kasab and the legend,Nana,was terrific.
March 28, 2013
Explosive, gripping, tragic, disturbing - brilliantly portrayed!!
½ March 24, 2013
The base story that is the attack on 26/11 itself was so strong that it created a lot of interest with the people of India or world. All that needed was to film to make it real. The start was superb and went on quite good till the intermission. Then the movie focused towards Kasab n the Police Officer. There was no mention of Nariman Point, Oberoi Hotel and the involvement of media which was crucial part of the 3-day attack. Again you can't know which attack happened when and went for how many hours. That should have mentioned. Instead, the movie sent a message for the terrorists, which is also good. But the movie could have been better in many ways like Zero Dark Thirty.
½ March 24, 2013
Ram Gopal Varma has intended to take the real subject and show more slo-mo drama with lot of gory violence and blood shed without any mercy. Nana Patekar as Rakesh maria, the Joint Commissioner narrates the story with lot of slow mo dialog delivery and RGV hits many faces, bodies with merciless bullets. A gory violent audacious feature film. The film's positives are only the last few minutes. But the whole film is shed with gory violence which is the main and ultimate drawback. RGV should have focused more on operational strategies and various ways to capture the terrorists red handed. Instead his theme and motto is violence and blood shed. No not convincing. A mediocre experience.
½ March 23, 2013
I just watched 'The Attacks of 26/11' on Eros Now... not sure why so called Critics are writing against this movie or debating about what is missed to show in the movie. Somehow I feel; this movie is not about what is shown and what is missed ... it's a depiction of those tragic and barbaric events where Indians suffered, Indian forces suffered, it was a situation in which nobody actually knew what was going on for first few hours ... everyone learned a lesson with the hardest way about security, lapses, proactive preparedness, faith and sad psychopaths trained in the name of God. Movie has it's heart in a right place and there is a message too - if someone really wants to understand it
½ March 20, 2013
pathetically directed
½ March 13, 2013
Its honest, shocking, thrilling, almost perfect movie with no non sense!! Excellent background score!! Nana's dialogues..after long time!! RGV Almost perfect once again...and with no hollywood stuff. must watch!!
½ March 12, 2013
captures the tragedy very well. could have been better if it had provided a complete story of what happened on that day rather than showing some of the attacks in detail.
March 9, 2013
worth once a watch and you will feel the pain of what really happened on that disastrous day. crisp script with thorough presentation of original incidents.
March 8, 2013
A strong & heart-touching emotional reality drama with Nana Patekar delivering one of his finest performances. If your too emotional, this film is not for you. Shows the real stupidity behind terrorism, and portrays an true story.

Recommended if your into reality cinema!
Verdict = Hit
March 8, 2013
Well done to filmmaker.

Went to see this last weekend was shocked and horrified. Nobody spoke during the interval. Shamefully this did happen in real life. Nana Patekar is on form. Sanjeev the newcomer makes an impact.
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