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July 25, 2017
It's rather a story like "The Social Network" in the fast food business than a portrait on an originated achievement that's very well known today. Usually it's framed as a cheerful story when rooting for the main figure that's the biopic's focus, and it later turned out it's a sympathizing portrait on the secondary characters being the decaying source of inspiration. When watching it, you just let it flow and enjoy the performances while witnessing the rising of a name. To sum it up, it's well-performed, and smart, and occasionally whimsical, on how it addresses the story in a different fashion that exposes a corruption later on. (B+)

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July 24, 2017
An absolutely fascinating story, even if it does turn out to be an unfortunate one.
½ July 23, 2017
The Founder is a showcase for Micheal Keaton, who plays a character that is portrayed much like a Daniel Plainview in There Will be Blood or Walter White in Breaking Bad, or Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. You agree with what they're saying, and even sympathize with them to some degree, but in the end, they are undeniably a huge dick. Keaton does a great job in his role, and the rest of the cast is almost as impressive, especially Nick Offerman and John Carol Lynch. Editing and cinematography are very well done, lots of bright vibrant colors give the era a nostalgic feel when combined with the impressive costume designs. I really don't have much wrong with the film, my only issue is that Kroc divorcing his wife was very underplayed and it seemed like not much depth was oven to that character at all, although the rest of the film is quite overlooked for some reason
July 22, 2017
It never should have flown under the radar.
Super Reviewer
July 22, 2017
Good movie, but about a hideous man. I didn't know the story of Macdonald's prior to watching this and I really felt sorry for the brothers who owned the original restaurant. That guy who took it over was a sleazy little weasel. I spent most of the movie wishing harm on him!
July 22, 2017
A very informative and entertaining look at the beginnings of McDonald's. Michael Keaton does a good job, but I saw a lot of your typical Michael Keaton mannerisms so not sure how true he was to Ray Kroc. The movie pretty much draws a straight line through the story with no real surprises. But it was a good watch, well acted all around, and very entertaining. I just wish McDonalds' hamburgers were really still as good as they supposedly used to be.
July 21, 2017
Michael Keaton's borderline eccentric portrayal of Ray Kroc is a beauty to watch. What a film. I wish more people would pay attention to this film. It truly is food for thought.
July 20, 2017
This biographical drama is an interesting and entertaining look at the history of the iconic restaurant chain. I enjoyed the retro feel of the film which was a trip back to 1950s middle-class America. I did feel that the screenplay and narrative could have been a little more complex and varied.
July 17, 2017
Great depiction of real events. This made me think about not patronizing this place again!!!
July 17, 2017
michael keaton is awesome!! G8 acting, g8 cast, g8 story.
July 17, 2017
the movie was good, but it brings me to rethink about whether to ever eat at McDonald's again.
July 16, 2017
I didn't have anything to watch one night so decided to give this a try. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this movie! It is a love-hate relationship with the main character--which makes this story so intriguing. Seriously, decided to go to McDonald's afterward as a tribute to the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc.
July 16, 2017
Michael Keaton dazzles as Kroc, the down-on-his-luck salesman, who sniffs a winning idea in the brilliant McDonald's brother's business model. It is Keaton's skill that allows the viewer to understand his frustration with those around him, whilst sympathising with the brothers when Kroc turns out to have more bite than bark. Beautifully shot (I loved the kitchen lay-out design scene) a perfect length - this film should be better known than it is. Nicely done.
July 16, 2017
Interesting, if slightly dramatic, story of Ray Kroc.
July 15, 2017
a little choppy in places, and the ending felt rushed, but in spite of that...good movie.
July 14, 2017
I hate McDonald's. Its gross and discusting
July 13, 2017
McDonalds as the new American Church. That pretty much sums of this film, based on the true story of McDonald's "true" founders.

The power of this film is the way that it uses the sentimentalism of the McDonald's brand to pull you in as a viewer, and then succinctly pulls open the curtains to show the back room corruption that led to its eventual franchising and fast food monopolizing. In the early goings I had a big smile on my face. In the final moments I was staring at the screen in horror. And I say this having already known the story. To see it dramatized on screen brings a whole other slew of emotions. Ray Kroc just might be one of the most realized on screen villains in a long time, and I say this understanding that every "true story" is an interpretation of a its particular characters. But this interpretation is a compelling and affective one.

There is a scene in this film where Ray Kroc sells the idea of McDonalds as a franchise by comparing it to the idea of Church. He calls it the new American Church. And we can see the MDonald brothers being drawn into this idea. For them, their restaurant is like a Church. It is their family. It is their community. It is something sacred, something to be protected and nurtured, not exploited. And as the film moves forward, these two ideas become the means by which Ray Kroc is villainized against his own suggestion. The way forward is through coopting a sacred brand, the sentimentalism of a name that can draw people in based on its promise of good old fashioned values of community and family and friendship. We see this as he brings in "couples", couples who represent a healthy partnership and a healthy relationship to lead and watch over his franchises. These couples stand as a reflection of the McDonalds brothers themselves. And yet in Kroc's own life we watch him living a life that is counter to these values. He abuses and gives away his own relationship. He puts his capitalists pursuit of power ahead of his investment in his family, his wife. He pursues power and fame. And out of it grows a "family" branded establishment that eventually takes over the world.

And yet in a compelling way, the film never lets us forget where the brand started from. The same opportunity, the same freedom that allowed the McDonalds brothers to start the first restaurant out of good intentions opened the door for the potential corruption. And for as much as Kroc believes he is the winner, the question of what it means to win lingers long into the credits. All we feel is loss.
July 12, 2017
Great acting and great story
July 12, 2017
Michael Keaton genial como siempre.
½ July 11, 2017
It's fine, but there's better movies you could watch.
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